November 23, 2011

How to Integrate Your Google+ Profile with Blogger

Google+ is the social network of the current search giant Google, now evolving on the web and integrating across the other Google products and services as well. Google+ recently introduced Google+ Brand Pages to promote businesses, brands and organizations too. For bloggers, it's a wonderful feature as you can keep your followers interconnected and up-to-date on Google+ as well. Further, now you can integrate your Google+ profile into Blogger too. Excited?

Along with the revamp of Blogger, now it started integrating Google's social platform - Google+, to socialize bloggers and readers more too. Now Blogger users can experience the Google+ social experience within their blogs and it can predict that there could be a lot of changes coming for Blogger with Google+ integration.

If I simply elaborate, if you manage to integrate Google+ profile to your blog, Google+ profile will take over your old Blogger profile and some handy Google+ features will be available to you. You can share your posts directly to Google+ as you publish and it also activates the Google Authorship as well. But if you are still a fan of Blogger profile, you will have to think of what you about to gain with the switch.

Though I've mentioned some of the advantages of this switch, let me list down the changes as depicted by Blogger,

● Your public Google+ profile will replace your Blogger profile

● Your profile gadget will show information, including your common name, from your public Google+ profile instead of your Blogger profile

● Your posts and comments will link to your public Google+ profile

● This change will affect to all your blogs

Are you ready for the profile switch?

Before You Go:

* Make sure you have a Google+ profile. If you haven't got one yet, sign in to Google+ with your existing Google account.

* This switch will replace your Blogger profile entirely and won't transfer information on your Blogger profile to Google+ profile. In case if you need those information, you will have copy or take notes prior to the switch.

* In order to use Google+ profile on Blogger, your Google+ profile should have set to Public.


1. Navigate to Blogger Switch Profile page.

2. Now you will find information on switching to Google+ profile.

Read the information provided carefully and if you are certain you should proceed with the switch, check the option I've read the above and fully understand...

3. Click Switch Now button.

4. Now you may ask to enter your Google account credentials to confirm your identity. Enter your password and click Sign in button.

Note: After switching, Blogger will display your Google+ profile name and profile picture whenever you comment on Blogger blogs. But it won't affect for comments you made previously.

5. You will prompt to add your contributing blogs to your Google+ profile. Select your preferred blogs to be added and click Add button. Else you can Skip this.

More Information:

* In case if you wanna revert back to your old Blogger profile, you can follow the steps below.

i. Navigate to Switch to Blogger profile page.

ii. Click Switch to a limited Blogger profile button to proceed with the switch.

iii. Now provide the name for your Blogger profile and click Continue to Blogger button to proceed.

iv. You will find a confirmation message on your Blogger Dashboard.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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ArtaGene said...

Nice Mayura,

I have a nice blog...the first thing I ever did on the internet besides check an email account.
Set it up to encourage my sister to handle her diabetes,..called and is rather casual, haven't changed the style of it much since set up...just let it do its own thing!
Will have to remember to copy the details in the profile before going and activating google +

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi ArtaGene,

Really sorry for keep you waiting for a reply dear!

Ah... You can do lot of things to customize the blog as you need it to be dear :) If you head onto Template Designer, you will find how easy it is too.

You are right! As you connect Google+ profile, it's best to note down the details added in your Blogger profile :) You can add them again in your Google+ profile too.

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts on this topic ArtaGene :)