April 10, 2012

How to Report Copyright Violations on Blogger

Do you have any idea about how worthy the content you publish on your blog? When it comes to blogging, you might find an interesting topic on your choice and share the information matters to your readers while being aligned to the objectives of your blog. Simply, with the relevance. It could be a niche topic or a broad topic. Whatever it is, when it comes to writing you may have to research, read online / offline content and thoroughly study the subject with your experiences before you publish them for public.

Eventhough you may not expecting any indirect commercial value out of it, the content you publish can really matters to you as you know how much your valuable time and knowledge were devoted for that informative and interesting blog post or article. So what if you find someone copying your content and publish them on their blog without getting any explicit permission of yours?

Everything is FREE?

There are quite free blogging platforms out there such as Blogger, WordPress and so on. But haing your own blog doesn't mean you are free to publish whatever content you may find on the web or through other materials.

When publishing content online, publishers need to be responsible about what they use and share. You don't always need rules and guidelines to be ethical. As long as you write about what you know, experienced or attribute where necessary, you appreciate the work of yours and others at the same time. However, in case if you need to republish content from another author or content generator, you should get appropriate permissions and attribute whenever you use them, unless mentioned they are free to use.

If you are valuing others' work and treat them the way they should be teated, you don't need to worry about copyright violations at all. Anyway, content scrappers need rules and guidelines as they might have no idea about ethical behaviors.

"Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. So, think about what you've done in your life and write about that."

Jackie Collins


Just copying ideas, research findings, creative works and experiences from someone else and filling your blog with bunch of posts doesn't means you are waving to the success. Stealing on web is just a matter of few clicks and key presses. Yet you can take preventative actions like disabling right click menu or preventing text selection on your blog. Anyway, stealing is STEALING. Even you are copying or stealing content from others unwittingly, the fact remains true.

Once after an author generates his original content, automatically it's protected with his authorship and subject to copyrights with the reservation of all rights eventhough there is no such written copyright statement. That leaves the original author aka the copyright owner is responsible for reserving or allowing rights for his work via a copyright statement.

Generally, if you see "All Rights Reserved" statement on blogs or websites, it means legally no one can reproduce, copy or distribute, perform, display publicly or build upon it without a permission of original copyright holder. But legally, if you wanna allow some rights of your content to be make use by others, you can go for solutions such as Creative Commons to refine your copyrights.

As you are the copyright holder of your own work, and if you find witness that someone violating your copyrights, you are authorized to take action for it.

Blogger Respects Copyright Holders

Even Blogger respects the rights of copyright holders and responsible to help out in a situation of copyright infringement as they depicts in their Copyright Policy.

"Blogger respects the rights of copyright holders and complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other applicable copyright laws. When we receive proper notice as required by the DMCA, we will work to promptly remove content that has been identified as copyright infringement. Repeat infringers' blogs are removed, and in appropriate instances Blogger accounts will be terminated."

As they state in their copyright policy, if someone infringing your copyright using Blogger blogging service, Blogger will promptly remove such content from their service after they have been confirmed. Also if Blogger found future copyright complaints applicable for the same blog, they will remove that blog, or terminate associated Blogger account(s) too. Hence, eventhough Blogger is a free blogging service, original content providers are concerned and safe with their policies too.

Remember that Blogger can only take action on content available on Blogger blogs, but none other platforms.

My Experience

Recently, I had to deal with a lot of copyright infringements and it's a pain to think about wasting time to remove unauthorized content published on someone else's blog spending our time. However as we generate content, we should be liable to protect our own copyrights too.

The usual formal procedure on taking off unauthorized content is far more complicated and consume your time and money. It's better if you can afford an attorney and willing to have some court sessions. But you don't need that at all.

With my recent experiences, Blogger was really helpful for me in removing copied content found on other blogs and they just took care of infringement complaints soon after the submission. Even if they found missing information within my request, they were polite enough to contact me for further clarifications too.

So if you found any content of yours published on another Blogger blog which infringe your copyrights, it's time to take action. It's rather simple than you might have ever thought.

Before You Go:

* Make sure the copied content you gonna claim were reproduced on a Blogger blog, Else Blogger won't be able to take further actions as they are able to access content only exist on their servers and you have to contact offending hosting provider for further assistance.

* You should login to your Google account before you submit your copyright complaint.

Here you don't have to go through lot of steps with a step-by-step wizard. If you found someone violating your copyrights using Blogger service, just report them via Blogger Online DCMA form.

More Information:

* You should be the copyright owner of the content has been infringed or an authorized person to report copyright violations.

* If you knowingly misrepresent the material or activity infringing, you may be subject to liability for damages. So make sure you are referring to the original work of yours.

* When you submit Online DCMA form, you have to provide URLs of your original work and URLs of content which infringe your copyrights or needed to be removed.

* Once after processing your infringement complaint, Blogger will notify you via email.

Enjoy :-)

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