January 7, 2013

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Have you been pinning around on Pinterest? I bet you know what Pinterest is already. Pinterest is ___________. Please fill in the blank for me ;) As you having pinteresting moments on the Pinterest platform, have you ever thought about taking a look at Pinterest settings for a moment? No it's not about a privacy change or something, but you might have seen that you can add your blog or website address there and link from your Pinterest account. It's wonderful if you can get traffic from Pinterest, not only via the stuff you pin from your blog or website but also from your profile. Isn't it?

Err... I Knew It

I know... I know... Most probably you have seen it and added your blog or website URL rightaway expecting more traffic from Pinterest. If you have added it, you might probably see a small globe below your profile description which take users to your blog or website.

Now do you think it's gonna drive Pinterest users like a crazy? You can find the answer. Alright, what if you can establish a link to blog or website as below instead of a small icon representing your site?

Website Verification

As you just seen, the complete website URL is being shown to people visit your Pinterest profile. Isn't it much exposed instead of the small globe icon? Pinterest have added website verification process as a way for users to confirm their ownership of their blog or website, else anyone can type in any website URL and show as their website on the profile. It applies for both Pinterest personal and business accounts. Once you completed the verification process, the little red check mark and your blog or website address start to appear on your profile. The little red check mark emphasis you have confirmed the ownership of your blog or website on Pinterest. Further, the URL will shows off again when your profile is listed in the people or pinner search results too. You can see it yourself below.

It's all happen through Pinterest and the verified link can act as a backlink to your site too. Well, it's not a breaking news but a quality backlink will be on your side from the SEO point of view. Would you rather miss it or have it done?

Pinterest claims it doesn't allows you to have same URL mentioned in two accounts. But for whatever reason, when the time I write this post, I've been trying it on my both personal and business accounts. It worked for both. Now I have same verified URL on both of my Pinterest accounts. If you got multiple accounts, try it out too. But Shhh... Don't tell Pinterest team ;)

How's That Possible?

You can verify your blog or website by uploading a HTML page onto your hosting server and letting Pinterest to find and verify. But I'm not gonna take the route of placing a HTML file in your server. It's not possible for every blogger or webmaster to follow and there's a problem if your blog or website is not self-hosted. So the next methodology of Pinterest is verification via a HTML Meta tag which is applicable for most of blogs and websites out there. It's quite easy copy and paste scenario. Let's learn how you can add a HTML meta tag to verify your log or website on Pinterest personal or business account for more exposure on Pinterest.


1. Go to Pinterest Account Settings.

2. Now scroll down and find Website field.

3. Make sure you have already listed your blog or website address in the given field. Else enter it there now.

Note: Currently it accepts top level domains only. i.e: www.mayura4ever.com

4. Now click Verify Website button next to the Website field.

5. You will be directed to the Website Verification page. Find Instructions section on that page and click Verify with a meta tag link to continue.

6. Now you will get a HTML meta tag for verification process and place that meta tag just after the <head> tag in your blog template or website's index page.

Note: If you are a Blogger user and don't know how to edit your template, read How to Edit Your Blogger Template.

7. Once you done with adding meta tag in your site, click Click here link below the given meta tag for Pinterest to check for meta tag and complete verification. Once it successfully completed, you will see the verified URL on your profile.

8. Now you can safely remove the HTML meta tag from your blog or website.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Margarita Slavkova said...

Hey, Mayura, I just verified my site wit Pinterest. Pretty cool! If it was not for you, I won't be up to date in so many areas. Thank you for the valuable nuggets I always get. By the way, is it better to remove the code after the verification. Does it matter?

Donna Merrill said...

Another lesson well done Mayura.

I think you should re-name your post Mayura's University! Really....I am always learning something and you seem to be the best teacher around!

As far as Pinterest, this is an awesome step by step guide. I thank you Mayura for teaching this. Although I don't use Pinterest anymore (had to shave down on some social media platforms - cannot be everywhere!) I want to pass this on to my followers.

This is so beneficial....as always!


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Margarita,

Yeah, that's pretty cool enough dear :) Glad you able to made it already and now you are successfully verified. Aha... I can see your web address glowing over there in redish ;) Why features for us if we don't make use of 'em, no?

Ah... After verification you don't need it anymore dear :) You can remove it now.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts after verification process dear :)

Have a wonderful week Margarita :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

lol :D Mmm... Let me consider your suggestion dear. Well, then we all are from different online universities, no?

I can totally get it Donna :) As I think Social Media is where we spend lot of time doing nothing sometimes. If it has no effect on you, then perfectly alrighty to focus on what works, no? However for me I'm dealing with personal level there as I love photos and they can do wonders sometimes :) Not addicted though.

Well, I hope your Pinteresting friends and followers will find it helpful Donna :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on this tutorial dear :)

You have a fabulous week Donna :)


Anant said...

Good article Mayura,

It helped a lot.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Anant,

Glad to hear you found it helpful and hope yours verified now :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)


Debbie Doglady said...

Doesn't work with Wordpress.com. Wonder why not? (Or does it? Any suggestions?)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Debbie,

I think there's a problem as you can't edit your theme on WordPress.com. Mmm... How did you try adding the meta tag dear?


Mayura De Silva said...

I did some search dear, but seems this one doesn't help you for WordPress.com users, as it's need to be added to the head section and even Text widget may not help out though it allows codings. But you can try.

Anyway I think you have to wait for Pinterest to offer another methodology :)


Viola Tam said...

Hi Mayura,

Thank you for another great article. I first heard about Pinterest and found that fascinating. However, as a new online explorer, I had not had the time and encourage to get started. You have explained things so clearly here that when the time comes, I will definitely return here!

I have recently been looking into ways to increase backlinks to my blog. Seems like Pinterest is a GREAT one. Is that right?

Could I ask you how much time do you spend on Pinterest once you have it set ups?
Thanks, Mayura!

Viola The Business Mum

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks for sharing Mayura, I had done mine and am glad that Pinterest has these new options. I'm sure many folks haven't done there's yet.

Selvam Muniyandi said...

hey mayura i love this blog post, can i post this to my social blog (www.sozialpapier.com) with your permission

sapna said...

HI Mayura

This is again a great knowledge shared. I think Donna rightly pointed out that you are tech university in yourself. Keep on rolling out the great courses.


Debbie Doglady said...

I actually couldn't figure out how to do it. It only allows meta tags for Bing and Google and you can't upload anything. You CAN edit themes via CSS, but, I'm only just learning that and don't know how to do it. As you said, I guess I'll have to wait for Pinterest to offer another option, OR, make that leap to self-hosted Wordpress, (that is part of my future plan.)

Mayura De Silva said...

Yeah Debbie, I've search for a temporary solution as it's just need to verify but couldn't find for WordPress.com.

Self-hosting will allow you more freedom to interact and it's just easy to verify there too. However, it will add some cost with hosting though :) I hope you will go for what's best for you.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Viola,

Same goes for me at the first too dear :) It's just we who needs to decide and take action. Isn't it? :)

Yeah, with the verification Pinterest will act as a source of a backlink. I assume so as there's no nofollow attribute attached :)

Anyway as I indicated, obsession of SEO won't get anything though. As other social platforms, you need to enagage with others and slowly folks will return to your blog too :)

Anyway I'm using Pinterest as in the personal level and I just love discovering amazing photos there dear. However for my blog I manage a business account and I'm not getting most of traffic from there though. I'm not expecting a lot from there and it's for Pinterest folks who wanna keep up with blog updates.

If you thinking about getting traffic, as I believe, engagement is necessary dear. May be everyday or so. That's how my friends getting traffic for their blogs while others devote that time on other social platforms by avoiding Pinterest as it didn't work for 'em. I can't agree no more, 'cause we need to focus on what works for us, no? :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views on Pinterest and this post dear :)

Have a wonderful week over there :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

Ah I know dear :) You have made it with the HTML file method and as you are on self-hosted blog, that works for you. The reason I didn't wanna write about it 'cause Pinterest said other verification methods are coming soon and now meta tag is easy and peacy, isn't it? :) Especially for Blogger users.

Yeah, still I've seen some folks are with small globe instead of the verified link. Hope they will go verify theirs too dear :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views on Pinterest verification dear :)

You have a wonderful week Lisa :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sapna,

lol :D You are too? ;) Ha ha... Aren't we all, in that case? :) I believe every blog with good intentions, authors and content accounts for that dear.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts about the content dear :)

Have a fabulous week there Sapna :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Selvam,

Sorry mate :) But it's not for distribution and reposting is not encouraged though some copying content here and I have to chase and take their sites down.

But I encourage you to learn here and come up with your own post with own writing and images mate :) That'd give more authority and attention for you online.

Thanks for asking and have a GREAT day mate :)


Brenda Lee said...

Great tutorial Mayura! Mines been verified! :)

Harleena Singh said...

Informative indeed Mayura!

I am so glad that for once I knew something before you shared it :)

I had already verified my account when I learnt about it sometime back ( I think it was 1-2 months back when this information came out - not sure!)

But I agree with Donna that you should re-name your blog to Mayura's University or Learn with/from Mayura - now with the wonderful posts you share that help many like us. :)

Thanks once again for sharing. And yes, wishing you lots of joy and success on your special day today and always. (Happy Birthday!)

Adrienne said...

Another great step-by-step tutorial for us Mayura! Great job.

I did this I think back in November when I found out that I could switch my account over to a business one. Verifying my site was of course one of those steps I had to take. Thank goodness it wasn't too hard for me to figure out or I would have gone hunting on your blog for instructions. lol...

Thanks Mayura, great job!


Life, for instance said...

Thanks so much Carolyn! I just yesterday decided to take the Pinterest plunge! Now I've verified my url!
Missed you at the last LFI Hangout - are you coming on the 16th?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Brenda,

That's GREAT to hear you have it already verified dear :) Now gotta enjoy pinning there.

Thanks for coming by and commenting dear :)

You have a fabulous week there Brenda :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

lol :D Glad you had it verified dear. Now you are being alert of changes. I wanted until meta tag verification as blogs including Blogger can't verify with HTML file dear.

Rename? You too? ;) Ah... Well, I guess I'm not eligible for University though I share what I know here. Else University Grant Commission would be surprised. Well, it's already learning with me, isn't it Harleena? ;) Learning from each other by knowledge being shared.

Ha Ha... You already knew ;) Owkies Harleena... Thank you for your wonderful b'day wishes again and yes I'm happy with all the wishes coming from my friends online and offline :) Of course, this one is with more friends than last year.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views on this post about verification dear :)

You have a wonderful week dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Adrienne,

Ah... As you are on self-hosted platform, you might have done with HTML file method :) lol :D I guess you are right there too. Glad to know you are done with it already dear. That's very nice to keep up with social changes :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views and experience on verfification dear :)

Have a wonderful week there Adrienne :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lori,

Oops... Mayura here dear :) Anyway glad to hear you verified...

Thanks for coming by and commenting :)

Have a GREAT week there :)


Carolyn Nicander Mohr said...

Lol, so glad this helped but it was all Mayura's wonderful coaching! ;-)

Carolyn Nicander Mohr said...

Hey Mayura, here's a compliment for you: I was pretty sure I took care of this a while ago, but just to be sure, after I read your article I headed over to Pinterest to double check that all was good. It was, my link to The Wonder of Tech was there, no problem. But, instead of spending an hour on Pinterest, which I normally do because that site just sucks me in, I came back here to your site. That's right, Mayura, I came back here because your site is even better than Pinterest!!!

Thanks so much for your awesome instructions that are so easy to follow and important for us to know. Okay, back to Pinterest so I can pin this helpful instruction!

Neamat Tawadrous said...

Hi Mayura,

Another great post. I was trying to verify my blog site with pinterest but for some reason I failed. I am using WordPress. Do you know where I should do it in the Dashboard of WordPress?

Thanks Mayura! You are doing great here. Keep it coming my friend!!!

Be Blessed,


Mayura De Silva said...

Ah... She must be come over here via your shared link Carolyn ;) Anyway glad to know she made it after all :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Carolyn,

Woopies... Really?! I thought Pinterest is yet easy to follow though. That's a wonderful compliment dear :) Glad to hear about that from you and it's nice how one can find a post helpful enough for him/her. It really makes me happy and glad to know the steps are really easy to follow too :)

Thanks for coming by, and sharing your personal experience here with me and I really appreciate that dear :) Thanks again for your wonderful compliments too Carolyn.

You have a wonderful day there dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Neamat,

Well, when it comes to self-hosted WordPress site, you need to access the header file dear :) Follow the steps below and find header file,

Appearance > Editor > Header (header.php)

Then as in the steps, you just need to place HTML meta tag just after starting head tag and follow steps as it is to be verified :) That's all.

Thanks for coming by and commenting here with your thoughts dear :) Hope you will be able to verify it easily now :)

Have a fabulous day there Neamat :)


Praveen Rajarao said...

Nice share Mayura. Glad you wrote about this and made it so simple for everyone to quickly verify their website. I just did mine :-)

Creativebloggers said...

Hello Mayura, thanks so much for the tutorial, I've been trying to complete mine but not having much luck for some reason, It’s saying something about can’t complete it at this time.

If you have any tips that might help me please let me know. Have a wonderful day and I hope to talk to you soon.

Khaja Moin said...

It`s really easy to understand Mayura! Thanks for letting us know about it.

I already verified with WP blog.

And it`s really good to see my profile with verified symbol. :)


Daniel Sumner said...

Hey Mayura, hope you are well buddy. Pinterest is something I will ve looking into this year for increased traffic, so in advance thanks for the tips :-) For now though I guess I'm at still in the research stages and don't want it to affect my plans for 2013. I need more time lol.

Thanks for the tutorial man.


Jess Brown said...

Hi Mayura,

I have a self-hosted website so I did the pain in the butt way of getting the verification set up by uploading the HTML page onto my hosting server. It only took me two tries! haha. :D

Either way, I enjoyed your pinteresting post and I know the great tutorial you gave will help your readers who still haven't gone through the verification process.

I also like your playful writing style, always an enjoyable read on your site, Mayura! :)

Thank you!!


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Debbie,

WordPress made things easy to end your sorrows here :) Now you can verify Pinterest on WordPress.com blogs too.

BIG shout out to Carolyn for letting me know about the new update and check out instructions here ~ WordPress.com Pinterest Verification :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Praveen,

Woohoo... Glad to hear you did verified yours too mate :) That's cool and let's see how Pinterest gonna make it work with verified website there.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views about the post Praveen :)

Have a wonderful week there mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Rob,

Oops... I was busy here these day mate.

I hope you have been using root domain name, right? :) Yet Pinterest doesn't support subdomains mate. Gotta wait if yours on a subdomain. If it's the root domain, then you just need to place it in header file (Generally header.php) in self-hosted WordPress site.

Ah... What happen to your name mate? RobG was stylish though. Isn't it? ;)

Hope you will be able to work out or find the reason for the 'cause mate :) Let's see.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views on tutorial Rob :)

Have a wonderful week for you too mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Khaja,

Glad to know you already verified yours and now you are ready to go mate ;) Hope Pinterest will help you on blogging for you. Ha ha... I know ;) I've got excited a bit when I see mine with berified symbol too mate :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts here on verification Khaja :)

Have a fabulous week there mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Daniel,

lol :D January gonna be usy for me with learning how to drive a vehical mate ;) You were busy too, nah?

Ha ha... Take your time Daniel ;) But verification wouldn't hurt you though as it takes few minutes, but only if you are already on Pinterest. Hope you will be stick with plans for 2013 and let's make it the best mate.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts here Dan :)

Have a wonderful week over there :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jess,

Ah... Self-hosted blogs got the priority dear ;) So glad to know that you are not un-verified Pinterest memeber :D lol... Welcome to verified World. Especially, glad you did it your own, so that's another step ahead ;) Now you don't wanna worry about such stuff.

Yeah, I'm getting more personal in writing style as I did in comments dear :) That's another goal in this year and we all gonna make it BEST. Remember? ;)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your pinteresting views about this post dear ;)

You have a fantastic week over there Jess ;)


Blogs Daddy said...

Mind blowing :).....

Mayura De Silva said...

Thanks for your compliments mate :)


Meghna Negi said...

Hi...i did verification for one of my website, but is it possible to add one more website to pinterest for verification? If yes then how is it possible?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Meghna,

You can verify only one blog or website per Pinterest account :)


Jack Foolman said...

I have 2 blogs. Do I need to upgrade to a business level account?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jack,

Business accounts let you go with your business or brand, instead of personal name.

Still you can verify only one blog or website in business accounts :) No room for multiple websites though.

Hope it helps :)