March 15, 2013

How to Remove View Styles from Blogger Dynamic Views

Have you been using Dynamic Views on your Blogger blog? :) I'm sure you are attracted to those elegant templates developed with modern web technologies. Easy to use and manage, but unlike the usual layout templates, customization and gadget support is still limited. But don't lose your hopes, 'cause Blogger team is working on it. Now, it's not about upcoming features I wanna talk about. How do you feel about allowing visitors to switch among other dynamic views?

Cool or Weird?

Dynamic Views are awesome. Allowing visitors to switch among available dynamic views might improve the user experience as they can view a blog as they would like to. How convenient! But hey, sometimes it doesn't applicable for every blog and bloggers might like to have the default dynamic view instead of allowing users to switch among other views. Are you one of them?

If you would like to go with the default dynamic view you have selected, a simple CSS code snippet will help you to make it work. May be you have already noticed that the view styles are being displayed either on the the header bar or as a drop down menu. Didn't you?

Blogger shows dynamic view styles on header bar, if your blog has no static pages.

If your blog has static pages, view styles will be displayed as a drop down menu.

Make sure to take a look at your blog using dynamic view, if you are not sure how it looks like. Ready to get rid of them? Follow relevant instructions below. That's way too easy to implement.

No Static Pages

If you have no static pages created on your blog, you will find views being displayed just below your header title as below.

Once you removed the views, your header bar looks similar to below.

Don't have static pages? Add following CSS code snippet to your template and the dynamic views will be gone.

Note: If you don't know how to add custom CSS to your template, read Easily Add Custom CSS to Your Template in Blogger.

#header .header-drawer {
display: none;

With Static Pages

If you have static pages created on your blog, the views will be accessible via a drop down menu on the left.

After removing the views drop down menu, you will find only static pages on the bar as below.

Do you have static pages created on your blog? Simply add following CSS code snippet to your template.

Note: If you don't know how to add custom CSS to your template, read Easily Add Custom CSS to Your Template in Blogger.

#header #views {
display: none;

#header #pages:before {
border-left: 0px;

#header #pages {
margin-left: 14px;

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Mosam Gor said...

Hi Mayura,

Very nice post buddy. you have done a wonderful job for Blogger beginners. Thanks for the Share!! :)


Harleena Singh said...

Nice way to teach newbies Mayura!

Those who are just starting off on Bloggers would love this information, and even those who don't know about it. :)

As I've mentioned earlier, there are so many things I didn't know when I was on Bloggers, and wish I had met you way back then, before I switched to Wordpress - so many of my problems would have been solved :)

Thanks once again for sharing this, and as always - I would be sharing it all over just for my friends who are on Bloggers. :)

PibblesNMe said...

Sweet Mayura! I'm sure a lot of bloggers can use this tutorial so I'm definitely sharing the love! You never cease to amaze me. Have an awesome weekend!

RobG said...

Hello Mayura, Thanks for sharing these helpful tips I'm sure they will come in handy. When I first started my blog I was using blogger for a few months, But one day I was having trouble with their widgets and could not edit or change them for over a week, well you know how the tech support is for Google there's never a real person you can talk to so I just moved on to WordPress.

Thanks so much for another great tutorial my friend.

Amy Hagerup said...

Mayura, You have a gift for making something crystal clear. Thanks so much for this. I know a lot of people benefit from your teaching! Me included.

Sapna said...

HI Mayura,

Great share!

The explanation is remarkable for the ones who are on blogger. Now after reading this I feel I could've remained on blogger, it really shows my herd mentality.

Have a great weekend.


Angela McCall said...

Hi Mayura,

I didn't even know I have Blogger til one day I couldn't comment on some of the bloggers on Google+. I always had it just never start blogging there. I thought for awhile Bloggers converted to Google+ coz everytime I click my Blogger profile it would lead me to Google+.

Anyway, these are good tips for my G+ friends who used Blogger in this community and so I will post your POST there. :)

Have a great Saturday!


JB said...

Hi Mayura,
Blogger has come a long way now. When I stopped using it, it was just starting to introduce the dynamics view.
Since it's Google owned, do you know if Google is planning on something new as a blogging platform?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Mosam,

Glad you enjoyed it mate :) I hope it has been helpful to you. Well, if you use Dynamic Views.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts about this post :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

Now that's gonna helpful bloggers using Dynamic Views :) Sometimes we need customization to our template or theme, no? However this is a very easy trick to implement.

I can see Blogger getting more attention Harleena :) Hmm... Way to go compared to WordPress though. Will see what it has to offer in future :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts on this topic Harleena :) Really appreciate sharing everywhere with your friends too dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Brenda,

I think Blogger users using Dynamic Views would like it dear :) Search insights brought me the clue for this post and now it's on. AND it's very easy, nah?

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts to the conversation Brenda :) Appreciate sharing this post with your friends too.

You have an awesome weekend too dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Rob,

Ah... That's bad. I can recall few incidents that my friends told me. Such incidents of yours made 'em to switch over to WordPress :)

I know, Blogger needs to improve more :) It's improving as never before and the support it has is now awesome if you ask me.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your experience with Blogger along with your thoughts Rob :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Amy,

I believe so too dear :) I've got to know that folks searching about it and I thought of writing about it.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on it Amy :) Appreciate your compliments too dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sapna,

Ha ha... Blogger is improving dear :) If you go to early 2011, these view styles were not there. Hmm... I hope in future it will be not about what's best blogging platform, but more about blogging and content.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views about Blogger Sapna :)

Have an awesome weekend too dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Angela,

Blogger is a product of Google and now Blogger profiles can be replaced by Google+ for more social experience dear :) Blogger getting more improved features lately.

Well, I hope your community members will like to try out this trick if they are using Dynamic Views Angela :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts to the conversation :) Appreciate sharing with your friends too dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jan,

lol :D Since Blogger introduced Dynamic Views, it's getting some cool features mate.

Now source code being converted to HTML5 and Google's SEO features implementing automatically. You don't wanna worry about SEO much now ;) Well, it should as it's of Google, right?

There were rumors that the product name "Blogger" might get a new name, but it didn't happen. Nothing new reported as a new blogging platform, but though there are no official responses, I can see Blogger's source code being changed a lot integrating new web technologies mate :)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your views to the conversation Jan :)


Donna Merrill said...

Hi Mayura,
I have a Wordpress Blog, but the more I read about Blogger, the more captivated I am. Hey If it is owned by Google, that is a good thing. Whenever you write about Blogger, it seems to be easy to use (for me anyway lol)

So, If I want to have a second blog, I think I'll go with Blogger. It would be nice to see the difference between the two.
Thanks again for yet another lesson!


Adrienne Smith said...

Ah Mayura,

All those Blogger users are loving you about now. It's come a very long way since the last time I used it. I'm not anxious to give it a go again though but great tutorial you shared. We all love the way you explain things Mayura. Great job.


Sylviane Nuccio said...

Hi Mayura,

Well, I don't use Blogger but I wanted to see what you were up to and thought you'd had a new post today.

I hope you're well ;)

Zurie said...

Heloo Mayura,

I tried adding the CSS snippets and nothing happened. Have you tried it yet?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

Personally I find Blogger is easy to use than WordPress too dear :) But WordPress has lot to offer and can't forget about number of plugins it has too. You can try Blogger anytime, as it's FREE ;)

Gosh... Second blog? I don't know how folks manage multiple blogs. Sometimes they have 5 or more too. See, I'm still on catch up :D lol...

Glad to hear that posts about Blogger helping you to find the difference Donna :)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on this topic :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

We do love some customization. Don't we dear? :) Ha ha... I'm sure you have read Donna's comment. She's excited to try it out. I know you are on WordPress and it's delivering the value you are seeking for.

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts about the topic on Blogger Adrienne :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sylviane,

Ah... I know dear. You are using WordPress and I'm sure you are pretty satisfied with the blogging platform.

I was offline last couple of days and right now catching up with missed posts dear :) Owh yes... I'll see you there.

Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts here eventhough you are not using Blogger Sylviane :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Zurie,

Woopies... Sometimes templates don't accept CSS styles due to complications or errors in the template mate. Did you make changes to your dynamic view template?

Owh yeah, I've posted after trying it out on dynamic views mate :)


Neamat Tawadrous said...

Hi Mayura,

Great Lesson Mayura as always and I am sure many bloggers who are using Blogger will benefit from it. I don't use Blogger, I use WordPress but it is good to know about other platforms as well.

Thanks for the Share Mayura. You are a great teacher and you have a wonderful heart of giving and sharing your knowledge.

Be Blessed,


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Neamat,

Ha ha... Most of commenters here are on WordPress platform ;) I'm sure you are enjoying it very well.

I think it will help Blogger users on customizing their template dear :) As I've got to know some users are interested in knowing how to, I hope others can benefit through this.

Very true Neamat :) Knowing about other platforms help us explore out of our scope and can be beneficial sometimes. Learning is not a waste of time :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your views and thoughts on this topic dear :) I appreciate your wonderful compliments too.


Jon Whiting said...

Hi Mayura, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this tip. I used the Dynamic Views Template for my blog for a while, I really liked the clean and professional look of the template. I ended up switching back to a more standard template though.

There were a couple reasons for that decision, one of them being the switchable views. The blog looked great in a couple of the views, but in others pictures or text didn't show up the way I had intended them to, and it made the blog look sloppy and unprofessional in those views. I could pick my default view, but i didn't even want people to see it in some of the other views because it looked so bad, however there was no resolution to that problem until I read this article.

I am pretty happy with the way my blog looks now, and I will probably keep it the way it is for a while, but a blog is an evolution, constantly changing. And I won't leave it the way it is forever. If I start a new blog, or change the one I write now, I might be interested to try the Dynamic Views Template again with this new tip.

Thanks for the great info Mayura, I'll be seeing you around my friend...

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jon,

I wish if view style selection was an optional in Blogger where we can enable or disable from settings mate :) Not everyone gonna switch to among views and see how they looks like. But still they CAN.

Sill layout templates let us do more customization as we wish and support custom gadgets and widgets too. However we know how Dynamic Views evolved since they have been introduced. Hopefully we can count on more compatibility issues will be resolved and support in future.

Ha ha... You can't resist changes ;) I hope when you will try Dynamic Views, view styles won't bother you again mate.

Thanks for coming over and adding more value here through your experience and thoughts on Dynamic Views Jon :)


Lana Maria said...

Thank you so much! It worked :D

Mayura De Silva said...

You're welcome Lana :) Glad you could use a help here.


You Wang said...

Hi, I registered to thank you for sharing these tips.

I've been bothered by the header drawer for a long time, and your article helps me get rid of it.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi You,

I'm glad to hear you could use a help to get rid of view styles from your blog mate :) Personally, I find it kinda non-related feature too and hence I've thought this tutorial can be helpful.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on this tutorial mate :) I appreciate it.


Saurabh said...

Hi lately I am having a problem with my Dynamic view blogger is that sometimes my static pages such "contact", "Privacy policy" etc wont appear also all the widgets except the subscribe is gone....
I dont know what kind of mess is this... Any help??

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Saurabh,

I just showed up at your blog and seem everything is alright for me mate :) May be, Blogger team was updating source code of Dynamic Views at the time you find issues.

If you ever come across such issues again, go ahead and report them at Blogger Product Forum. They will look into it :)


chicago schlager said...

I pasted the CSS code into the template as you suggested and it didn't change anything at all - with static pages

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Tom,

Did you add the code snippet via Template Editor or by directly editing your template?


Lara said...

thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!!!
done & done!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Lara,

You're very welcome dear :) Glad to hear you could make use of this post for your blog!


Pony PostGrad said...

Thanks so much! I was having trouble sifting through the code to decipher what to disable. I added the CSS to the CSS injector in the template designer, is there a cleaner way to do this? Like adding it in line in the actual HTML itself? I couldn't seem to find a place it belonged

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Paige,

You're welcome dear :)

Adding custom CSS through the Template Designer is the safest and recommended way, and it appends the CSS code to the core template (actual HTML) without messing up other styles. Further, you can easily change or remove 'em too :)

Anyway, you can do the same manually by editing your template :) In your template, you can find template styles within and tags. Just add, change or remove CSS there, unless you wanna use Template Designer. But, always backup your template prior to make any changes.

Hope it helps to decide what's best for you :)


Pedro said...

Hi, Thanks for this tutorial, it worked jusr fine. I just wanted to know if wen can switch view before hide he menu. When hide the menu it's set to classic by default. I wish I coulf change it to "magazin" and the hide the menu forever. Thanks again

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Pedro,

You're welcome mate :) Glad to hear you got it working on yours.

You can select the default Dynamic View for your blog, so it will be rendered for anyone land on your blog mate. Just go over to Template tab and apply the Dynamic View you prefer as the default. As you mentioned, to "Magazine" :)

If you are not clear about steps, you may find this tutorial helpful ~ How to Change Your Blog Template in Blogger :)


theodore said...


Great article! But I was wondering. Is there a way to completely remove some views? Because by just adding this CSS code, if you type /?view=magazine after the url, the view will change. Any solutions?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Theodore,

Thanks mate :) Unfortunately, we can't completely turn off accessing other Dynamic Views though. It's a feature in-built. The CSS only responsible for eliminating the View Styles menu.

I don't think readers may try to change the views manually, but it would be nicer if there was a setting to restrict that too. Anyway, if you like, you can send your suggestion to Blogger team to review and implement it in future ~ Blogger Product Forum.


Juniarta Rahman said...

Great and thanks.

Mayura De Silva said...

You're welcome, Juniarta :)

Derek said...

Just used the code and it worked great! Had to insert it manually in the CSS, but thanks for posting this!

Mayura De Silva said...

You're welcome, Derek :) Glad it worked and thanks for sharing your workaround on inserting CSS mate. May help others who can't seem to get it work.