April 1, 2013

How to Spam Like a Rock Star

We all have ambitions in our lives. What's yours? I'm not gonna talk about HOW TO achieve your ambitions or sort of a topic. But a thought hit me when I was going through some spammy comments. Hmm... You already know the reasons why some comments may not get approved. We all talk about being non-spammy, ethical, earning respect and all that. But why don't we talk a little about hard working spammers? Don't we need spammers? Not for us, but for businesses.

Comment Spam

Today we are gonna talk about being a spammer, especially in blog commenting. If 1000s of people can be spammers, why can't you? I've learnt a lot by observing spammers and it's easy for you to follow too. Actually it's very FUNtastic. They stand out from rest of the people. Build an unique authority online. Get banned or blacklisted everywhere. It's another story, but obstacles are for those who are working. Isn't it?

You can just go spam and BAM!, it just go into thin air. Before start spamming (or I'd say promoting?), you need to find what actions help us to be recognized or awarded as a spammer. It's called SBA - Spammer Behavioral Analysis. Can you imagine being in the list of TOP 10 spammers in the World? What a feeling!

This post has been inspired by true spammers ;) I'm grateful enough to spammers for stopping by on my weblog and showing me their true colors without being hesitant.

Don't Use Your Personal Name

Just because you don't use your personal name, it doesn't mean everyone believes you are a spammer. But it's one step forward to hide your true identity online and be eligible to feel like a robot.

Never use your personal name in the name field when you engage in spamming. Bloggers expect commenters to be leave the true identity when commenting. Who cares? You don't need to play by rules as you just wanna promote your stuff. Using your real name will kill your true identity and you won't be able to use it later on. So start using a fake name. Using a fake name won't leave any clues and you can use another name if you got banned. Being a spammer means you need to be very good at faking and act like a robot.

Let's look into few names to be used when spamming.

If you are representing a company or brand, you can start with it. Use your company name and it might give some exposure for your company name too.

Here's few examples:

○ Best SEO Software in Pacific Ocean - PacificSEO

○ Batman Shoe Makers

○ Mayura4Ever

You can use a weird or catchy username,

○ TipToe44

○ HelloKitty17

○ Womanizer

○ InvisibleHulk

Use your blog or website address,

○ www.spamlove.com

○ drinkalchol.net

○ allSEOsolutions.com

Use some promotional phrases,

○ 60% Discount for Bananas - Monkey.com

○ FREE gift for you @ Pijamas.com

Leave a Link to Your Blog or Website

The best tip ever and you don't wanna miss this one. Have a look at below comment.

Brandon1978 - Hello Mayura, I have a problem with my comment form at my blog. I followed your steps and implemented comment plugin. But when I try to post a comment, I'm getting an error message. You can see at my blog - brandon1978.com. Thanks.

He's a spammer? Leaving the link to his blog is helpful to his query, else we don't know where to look at. He's not qualified to be a spammer and not intending either. Let's take a look at another,

Hamlotica - Hi Mayura, I've never come across such informative posts and beautiful writing as yours. Your blog rocks and I read it everyday since yesterday. http://www.fakemarketing.com

Ingenious, right? :) Isn't it makes author the best blogger in the World? Also shows how loyal Hamlotica is. Leaving the link will expose that site to everyone who reads that comment and readers might click to see what's it all about. You know what? More traffic to the site. Plus, may be some link juice. Now that's being a real spammer.

If you are lazy enough and feel overwhelmed, you can try a shorter version.

JCruze - Thank you so much, nice info wptips.wordpress.com

Short, sweet and rocking like a spammer :) Further, you can be a SMART spammer by writing comments relevant to the post or article to convince that you really read it. Who doesn't love compliments and more comments?

Dr. Who - Hi Mayura, Your writing inspired me to start blogging again. I followed your instructions and added facebook like button to my blog posts and pages. Thank you. http://drwhoisn0t.blogspot.com

Wanna be even more SMARTER?

Mr. Buddy - Hello Mayura, Your Facebook comment box worked like a charm to me. But when I explore online, I found that Facebook comments are not being crawled by Google. No SEO advantage. You can use this script <object data='http://www.myblog.com' type='text/html' width='450 px'> to see if it can help. It worked for me. Thanks for your generous instruction.

Feels like an interesting and a caring reader :) Even such a comment can comes from a person who doesn't wanna spam at all. AND mostly bloggers might not think it's about spamming either.

Don't worry. As I know, bloggers never take few seconds to google for such a comment to see if you have been spamming on other blogs with the same comment too. So you are safe ;) But BEWARE!, some SMART bloggers out there too.

Be Irrelevant

Being irrelevant is another characteristic of spammers. Not smarter ones though. You can post same message over and over in similar type of blogs to earn more rewarding points to your spammy profile.

How about a comment like below for a personal blog?

Lissy - You have wonderful piece of information all over your site and why don't you turn it into a goldmine? To earn easy money with 99.9% commissions, visit nocommissionatall.com

Oops... Lissy has no idea what she's talking about. AND that's one of characteristics of spammers. Haven't thought about it, eh? ;)

Use Hidden Links

Now you can be 2x SMARTER and beat Level-01 spammers by using hidden links. You have a long way to go.

BubbleWoof - Hey Mayura, I have installed Pinterest pin it button successfully and pinned few of my images to Pinterest too. Please let me know how to pin images with pin it button.

Did you notice? Using an anchor text at the end of the comment and still it feels like a general and relevant comment. How ingenious a spammer can be? This is a very smart technique to be a smart spammer. Still finding? Click on underlined pin it button text ;)

Get Inspired

Have you heard of bloggers inspiring bloggers? But ever heard of spammers inspiring spammers? You might never look into it but if you analyze some spammy comments, you will be amazed.

Eventhough you don't tell me, I'm sure you noticed that I can't write creatively like a spammer ;) So I thought  of including a real spammy comment. Time for some inspiration.

Work from Home - Without Spending a Dime Make Money Online

EZ internet payday system is a system that gathered up all Fortune 500 companies that are in need of new clients, these Fortune 500 companies have a massive marketing budget and they know that internet marketing is the way to go.

These Fortune 500 companies are willing to pay people like you and I big commissions to find new clients and refer them to try their free trial products. Now please understand I'm not saying that you're going to get rich overnight, which would be too good to be true, EZ internet payday system is a system that is created to bring you some Extra Income$$. You are your own Boss, you could work at anytime, day, night, part time, full time it is totally up to you once you join you are a member for life. Obviously the more committed you are the bigger your cash flow will be.

EZ internet payday system is 100 % Free to join and includes a free internet back office automated system, free videos with step by step instructions, also provide you with training tools on how to market on Craiglist, YouTube, Blogging, Article submission, a Turn Key Marketing system and much much more.

There's NO start up cost, NO monthly fees and no hidden cost and you don't have to buy anything, it's simple, you Join our team for free you start making money the team makes money and the system gets a small percentage, all paid by these fortune 500 company.

For more information and video presentation visit our website at (Link is visible only for real spammers)

We are looking forward to having you as part of our team. !!!!

To All Spammers and Wannabes

Now you have been through some common characteristics of spammers and there's more to learn if you really wanna master it. Ah... You may expecting me to say "Please don't do any of spammy activities and be a good chap avoiding bad habits in the blogosphere.". I just said.

To Bloggers - Think about what matters most for you ~ Number of Comments or Blog Security?

Do you know of some spammy tricks? Or bedtime spammer stories? C'mon, I know you do. Further, I'd like to know what is your message for spammers.

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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PibblesNMe said...

This is fabulous Mayura! Some spammers can be very tricky. I have to look twice and then sometimes even check their link in my CommentLuv plugin. However, if it takes me to some retail marketing blog, I'll trash it. The comment can come across very genuine when in fact, they are merely looking for others to click that link to their site.

Great info as always Mayura!

Harleena Singh said...

Awesome post Mayura!

I was just about thinking what the post would contain, but you've surely nailed this one. I love the examples you have given, and creating these itself would have taken you time, or perhaps they are real examples of commenters on your blog! I doubt that because I know you care a lot about blog security and have your blog well protected.

Oh yes...there's just no end to what spammers can do in blog commenting. I get a mixture of a lot of these, though sometimes when I try using a plugin for stopping spam comments, even the other normal readers can't see to leave a comment, due to which I had to remove it. I do have Askimet and another one, but wonder if that's enough.

Some spammers are so-so tricky when they leave their keywords or links within their comments, or as you mentioned - their company name is what they use in their name! They sound so very real and genuine. I spam them at once, even though their comments were meaningful ones. Who wants more comments (not me, as I have to answer them!!), and having your blog secure is what we all need.

Speaking of myself, because I have CommentLuv on my blog, and have moderated the comments, I do make sure to visit the site of the blogger and check if their name is mentioned there and they are the owners. If not, then I just trash their comments, or remove their links and let the comment come through, depending on the person and comment, which is rare though. But other than these incidences, I don't get many spammers as such, and a few that do some are manageable this way.

Thanks for sharing this much needed post with us. I'm sure everyone would love reading and sharing their views about this one. :) Have a nice week ahead :)

JB said...

Hey Mayura,
Ah a post to my liking. There's a thin line between promoting and spamming. I believe it's more about why one spams.
It's a policy of mine to not allow any links in my comments and my spam filters keep my account pretty clean.
But on the other hand... There are a lot of links on a website, like the commenters links with their avatars. Some set up a range of fake websites just for spamming their product or services.
Spamming to much can harm a site though. I am just a bit disappointed about the fact I'm not in the top 10 spam list... ;)

Lisa Buben said...

Great post Mayura. I still question a few of the comments I get in, not sure if they are spammers or not. I've been siding more with caution and deleting them. You really have some humorous ones here.

Sangram Nandkhile said...

That's a perfect guide to be a COMMENT SPAMMER...

I personally get so many comments everyday and instantly delete 1. names having keywords 2. names with site name 3. comment with links in it.

Good job +1

Corina Ramos said...

This was a fun post to read Mayura. I think we've all experienced these types of comments. I for one was fooled by them. I was just so happy that I was getting comments that I approved a couple. :) It wasn't until Sicorra of Tackling Our Debt told me about spam comments that I became aware of what they're up to.

Now, like Lisa, I'm very careful about the comments I approve and look out for those characteristics you just explained.

Have a great week and thanks for sharing these characteristics to keep in mind when looking through our comments.

Dan Black said...

What a cool post! I have encountered several rookie and professional spammers in my life. If your going to spam why not go pro with it:)

What about the one liners like "great post." Those might frustrated me the most because I know they did not spend anytime reading the content or answering the question. They just wanted to comment.

Angela McCall said...

Hi Mayura,

When I first started blogging it was "Health Matters" then and I was spammed like 2,700 in 3 days!!! I thought I was doing really good but lo and behold...stupid spammers said the same thing over and over. Some of the spammers have gravatar too...but the moment I see the LINK they leave me on that CommentLuv thingy promoting a product WITHOUT a blog, I do not approve of it. I will answer it but they get DELETED afterwards. Anyhoo, this is a GREAT post. I tweeted it.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Brenda,

Gosh... Spammers are tricky indeed ;) I used to allow such comments in first days without knowing what is it all about. Removed 'em all again when I got to know about comment spam though.

Checking on links would be time consuming, but from the aspect of security, it's a very good approach dear :) You are aware of the security. I've heard that blog owners using CommentLuv Premium can remove unnecessary links from comments in few clicks too.

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts and experiences on dealing with spam Brenda :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

Title alone won't be enough to gauge the content, no? ;) I've used only one real example, the last one, and others coming from my imagination with the help of spammy comments I've got here. I think they are not close enough to real spammy comments though :D lol...

Akismet is a very powerful plugin and I'm using here with Disqus too dear :) I think using multiple plugins won't be necessary as they may occur conflicts. Anyway if they are working seamlessly, nothing to worry about :) To help the plugin, I've added trusted commenters to whitelist too. However we always need to aware of what we approve as tools can be wrong sometimes. Why not, we can be wrong too ;)

Once I've come across a blog that has many of spammy comments approved Harleena :) That blogger approves comments that sounds genuine, but spammers were tricky enough. I used to allow at first. You know, if we are not aware of spammers, we find that they are interested in our content :)

A very good approach to check for spammers and it proves that blogging is not only about writing. I've heard that CommenLuv allowing bloggers to remove links and told Brenda too :) That's easy, no? Anyway the link would be still there when you click on the name of commenter at comments Harleena. Or not clickable at all? :) I'm not sure though.

Thanks for coming by and adding more value to this post with your views and tips on dealing with comment spam Harleena :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Jan,

You're right there mate :) Some folks just come and leave a comment with link to their blog. Not for spamming but for promoting. But I don't think allowing 'em to continue so is not the best way to teach what's right, nah?

Here mine is not allowing links unless they can be helpful to the conversation too :) AND I've always found that someone who really interested in content, won't tend to promote anything either mate. Isn't it true?

Yeah, spamming can 'cause bad reputation for the site and commenter too :)

lol :D I hope you will make it in few years Jan. Gotta spam more and more ;)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your views and thoughts on spamming Jan :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

You have a point there ;) Sometimes we might be confused on allowing some comments, but it's better to safe than sorry.

Once I've approved a comment that marked as spam by Disqus, but later got to know it's all about spamming. Search engine helped me there on spotting it :)

Spammy comments can make us laugh Lisa ;) They did for me. I'm sure you had such comments too :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts and experiences on comment spam Lisa :)


Harleena Singh said...

Yes Mayura - the comments in CommentLuv if they are spam ones, you can remove the link, the dofollow option, and also remove the link in the name. I do that sometimes if I find that the person's name isn't mentioned on the blog, even though their comments are good enough.

Thanks once again for a great post. :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sangram,

lol :D Spammers are hard working personalities, nah? Not acceptable though.

I'm sure now you can spot comments like an anti-spam filter ;) As we expose more, we get to know 'em well. Keep blockin' spammers mate, they don't like to give up on it ;)

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts and experiences on this topic Sangram :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Corina,

I can relate to your story dear ;) I was allowing such comment in first days and thought they are really interested in my content. They are like genuine comments, but seeking promotion and exposure to their stuff. Ugh... Had to remove so many of 'em when I got to know about spammers.

I'm really glad you got to know about 'em from Sicorra :) Else you would be approving 'em. Now we gotta be careful on approval and we value our blogs, nah?

Keep in mind and keep catching Corina :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts and experiences on dealing with spammers on your blog dear :)

You have a wonderful week there too :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Dan,

Ha ha... Spam like a PRO ;) Of course, it's about being smarter to cross the spam filters and get it approved.

I agree there 'cause just a one line won't feel like a real comment ;) I know many bloggers would agree too.

But I used to be a one liner Dan :) I was afraid of commenting and didn't know what's the real meaning of it either. No comment of mine was disapproved that time and it encouraged me to comment more. I've learnt about commenting over time and it's rare I just leave one line now.

So I'm just giving a chance here for commenters and inspect their activity :) But no room for links and if I find it's not about commenting though.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on comment spamming Dan :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Angela,

Really?! Gosh... That's a lots and lots of 'em. Flooding is the best term. I can't think how someone go through all of 'em :)

Of course, they can be tracked easily by repetitive comments dear :) There's more to aware of 'cause smarter spammers are out there. Thanks to spam filters, we don't need to worry all the time.

Ha ha... I'm sure they have read a post about Gravatar ;)

Promoting is a good thing and much needed to spread the word, but doing it in a bad way is not acceptable. Isn't it dear? :) Also we care the security most.

Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts and experiences on spamming Angela :) Appreciate tweeting with your followers too dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

That's really cool Harleena :) I wasn't sure is it only the link beneath comment or both. More flexible then :)

Thanks for letting me know about those features dear ;) See, I've learnt 'em from you.


Neamat Tawadrous said...

Hi Mayura,

You really caught me with the title of your post. Amazing post and your sense of humor is just popping up here.

Yes, I received several comments from spammers but I didn't know about all these spamming comments and that spammers just want exposure to their websites and I just used to approve them until I read a post in one of the blogs I visit and it warned against approving comments with links other than a blog and also those comments without a gravatar and since then I started to pay attention. Your post even made it more clear.

Thanks Mayura for sharing these information and for the examples you used from real spammers.

Be Blessed,


Praveen Rajarao said...

Oh I have seen them a lot Mayura. During my initial days, I thought they were all valid and used to not only approve them, but also try to interact by leaving a reply :-)

I think they are more clever than us, and if so, why not put it to a proper use!!!

They do come in all colors, sizes and other various forms, with CommentLuv plugin, most of them are categorized and spammed up. I still have some who appear to be regular ones, with valid comments, I have to still dig further and see if they are valid.

Thanks for this light-article.

RobG said...

Hello Mayura, Great post that's for sure. Most of the time you can tell when a spam comment have been posted on your blog because the comment will not relate to your blog post.

Most of the time I will not allow a comment to hit my blog if they don't display a profile picture, second if I see a comment that's the same as another I will just add it to my spam box for deletion.

Thanks so much for a great read my friend.

Sapna said...

HI Mayura,


I really like the sense of humor here, you've really put in great effort in arranging all of these for us.

In my case I've seen at times these spammers are doing a great job, they are pushing me to reply back to their comments and when I do try to visit their blog it is sometimes an SEO site or something very much unrelated and couldn't identify the owner or admin of the website, I comeback to my admin page and mark the comment as spam or trash it.

But I think to certain extent commentluv is playing an important role in preventing the deluge of spam, but few still pass through.

Thanks Mayura for this great share.


Amy Hagerup said...

Mayura, I loved this "tongue in cheek" post. I have gotten this comment more than once "I just wrote a long response to your blog but somehow deleted it so I am not going to write it out again....blah, blah, blah." Anyway, totally loved this. Amy

Tim Bonner said...

Hey Mayura

I've been getting some really weird comments from a few spammers for a while. Their comments immediately get deleted.

I get some people who comment and leave links to sales pages and I'm not keen on that either.

At least with CommentLuv Premium, you can remove just the DoFollow or the entire link if you want to.

I have let some comments through that seem really relevant but then they leave a questionable link. It's frustrating.

I'm also very wary of people who don't have a Gravatar, or who have a Gravatar that has a female image but their name suggests they're male and vice versa.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Neamat,

Ha ha... Now title alone won't emphasis what is it all about ;)

Spammers can be a pain in the neck dear :) Sometimes it's just about promotion and looking for some link love. But there are some types of spammers that can be threat to your blog security and try to break into. Gotta aware of 'em all the time and glad you paying attention on spammy clues :)

I'm glad to hear it's been helpful to aware of more tactics of spammers :)

Thanks for coming over and contributing your thoughts and experiences on this topic Neamat :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Praveen,

Well, for me, I've seen 'em a lot initially too but got to know true colors after some time mate ;) Like you, I've replied 'em and interacted assuming they really loved my content. Gosh... I was wrong :D lol...

Absolutely they are clever enough and sometimes so much tricky mate :) I wish if they use it for something good too.

Now we can use a BIG help of spam filters and still they are trying to evade 'em too :) However still we need to aware of what we approve, isn't it true Praveen? I'm glad you already follow what's best and keep yours secure :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your experiences and views on spammers Praveen :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hello Rob,

lol :D Absolutely. When I start with blogging, I remember I was confused about a comment I've got and replied asking what is it all about. I thought that person is seeking for help on something, but when I got to know about spammers, I lol'd at myself :D

I think we are already familiar with spammy activities and do best to avoid 'em :) But yet some comments are very smart indeed mate. Like genuine and caring but spam all the way.

Thanks for coming by and sharing how you deal with spammers Rob :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Amy,

Ha ha... Glad you enjoyed the post dear :) Indeed, their actual spammy comments can be very humorous. Aren't they? ;)

lol :D You remember all that? That's funny too. I'm glad if they use their effort and time for something good though.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your experiences on spammers Amy :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Tim,

Weird enough to delete rightaway? ;) Aha... Now you are being a spam filter yourself.

Sometimes it's alright leaving a link to their website in Website field, but not for spamming though. Promotion is a good thing, but in right way.

I've got to know about the capabilities of CommentLuv from Harleena here too Tim :) That's fabulous as it allows you to take control of links as you need.

Confusing gravatars is a great point too mate :) I've come across such comments too, but once I was totally wrong. Real names can be confusing in some countries ;)

Thanks for coming over and adding more value through more tips and experiences you had when dealing with spammers Tim :)


Sylviane Nuccio said...

Hi Mayura,

Well, I'm glad I've finally made it here that was a fun post!

I think that we can say that blog spammers are like a bad disease hard to get rid of. Sometimes, even with commentluv I do notice one or two sneaking in, but of course I never approve them and they go right to trash.

Some of the samples you are giving here are hilarious. I like the one that says "I read your blog everyday since yesterday". Oops a spammer who forgot his brain :)

Thanks for sharing this Mayura with lot of sense of humor.

Mosam Gor said...

Hi Mayura

Great Share and Post!

I like you way of seeing the concept of spam comments.. Thanks For Sharing this informative Post!.. (y) :)


Donna Merrill said...


This is too good! You had me actually believing you were teaching me how to spam he he. I kept waiting for the "punch line" and there you have it at the end of the blog without even saying it. Your sense of humor is fantastic...

I have Commentluv Premium and it works very well. However, new people coming to my blog get put into either the spam list or the waiting for approval list. Many are obvious.

Due to backlinks to someone's comment, if it is a sales page, I just remove commentluv. Or, if they are really trying to be tricky, they won't put a link to their blog but have it in their title (when you press their name) and I can remove that too if I choose to.

Overall, many people don't get into my blog. So much so, that I had a few spammers go the extra mile and actually email me asking me why I don't accept their comments. They tell me all nasty things. It is so much fun to delete and block them!

Thanks for this entertaining post,

Frank Woodman Jr said...

Ah... the spammer. Natures great unwanted part of the internet's evolution. Spammers work and work hard to mess with us. And they do so love to play with our minds and even our hearts and all for some usually impossible to understand reason. And of course their schemes and goals are always so messed up that they are doomed to failure even in the short term. But that detours a spammer not one bit! So crazy and infuriating as they are spammers will always be with us like the trash we see along the side of the highways we drive each day. We as good stewards just have to find a way to keep our blogs, sites, and pins as clean as possible so we don't become part of the problem. So as they say "Rock on" you spammers but don't expect me to join in the jam session. And since I know Mayura will check this comment out I'll not bother to link to my latest spammy site... :-) and thanks for a smile and a laugh at some spammers expense they don't come too often.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sylviane,

Yeah, it's kinda fun post conveying some trickies of spammers :) Actually, they are non-stoppable like a disease and thanks to spam filters, we can keep 'em away. However still they are tools and as you mentioned, we gotta keep eye on what we approve dear :)

lol :D I'm glad you love 'em Sylviane. Sometimes they are acting like brainless indeed. Aren't they? ;)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on this post and spammers Sylviane :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Mosam,

Glad to hear it has been enjoyable mate :) Nothing much, but showing off some trickies they have been following. Genuine spam comments are most hilarious though ;)

Thanks for coming by and commenting on this topic Mosam :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

lol :D Shall we?

This time I didn't wanna let readers guess what's it all about from the title itself dear ;) Writing can be of different forms, eh? I thought sense of humor can contribute a lot here while being informative. I'm really glad you enjoyed the sense of humor integrated here :)

I've already got votes on CommentLuv and that's keeping you on safe side for sure Donna :) Sometimes one or two can slip out, but that's nothing compared to what it does.

Oh yeah... Very good point. I was asking from Halreena what if someone left it in Website field, but CommentLuv allows you to remove it too. That's a pretty good job :)

Ha ha... I agree there Donna :) That's so much fun to deal with spammers and it's for good too. Once I remember someone asking if they can't leave a link, how they can promote their blog. Ugh... Still learning about promotion I guess.

Thanks for coming over and adding more value with your thoughts and experiences on dealing with spammers Donna :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Damayanthi,

I'm really happy to hear it's been helpful to check your comments for spam dear :) See, they almost there and already blocked. Gotta keep our eyes open on what we approve :)

That's very nice Damayanthi :) It will give you some clues on how to spot them and what are the similarities of 'em. Better than just deleting :)

Actually, we gotta think what we care most, isn't it dear? :) I've seen a blog with spammy comments approved. Comment count was impressive but lots of spammy ones.

Ohw no :) Akismet is a plugin I use here too. You can count on it and I recommend you have it too. But having more of 'em can occur conflicts, so better keep up with ones suites to your blog dear.

Thanks for coming over and enjoying FUNtastic post Damayanthi :) Also for adding your thoughts after reviewing spam comments you have got.


Dan Black said...

At least you had a good excuse too being a one liner:) Keep writing great posts.

ps. sorry for the late reply.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Frank,

Ha ha... Spammers sounds familiar, nah? ;) Now they are like natural bugs, but evolve in online World as you said mate. They love to mess with us. OR is that WE?

Of course, they try to get attention and get something done for sure Frank. Reason could be money after all, no? You got a lot of humor right here right now :D They are indeed deserve the trash directory. But Spam directory has been dedicated already.

You are right mate. Not only blog comments, and we can go beyond and keep doing things right to not to be a part of the spammy community. lol :D You could have done that and but I know you don't mate. We value ourselves more than that and do what's right. Else yours gotta wait along with other spammy ones in Spam directory ;)

I'm glad the humor played well here Frank :) I really do and finally hope some spammers might use some help here. Just to be a good chap ;)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts and views on comment spammers Frank :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Joyce,

Ha ha... I'm glad you enjoyed it and humor is always applicable for comments that spammers trying to leave on blogs. Don't you agree dear? ;)

Gosh... Sometimes they are picky on where to comment to grab more attention ;) Mmm... Since it's all about selling stuff, you can easily take 'em down without a look, eh?

lol :D Not so clever indeed and now you can teach 'em how to do it better I guess Joyce ;)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts and experiences on comment spamming dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Oh no Dan... I'm the one late here and working on catch up mate ;) You are never late.

I've been through that myself, so I believe in offering a chance Dan :) But not for spammers. We all were novices.


Atish Ranjan said...

Waow! What a post! A post about how to do spam in a better way. really great. I get so many comments on my blog with these kind of weird name. I simply trash them.

really enjoyed the post Mayura.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Viola,

lol :D Absolutely, you don't need to follow spammers. Do you? :O

Now I hope it will helps you aware of some tricky spammers :) Well, I'm sure you would know most about 'em too.

There are lot of spammay and hilarious comments in my spam directory Viola :) I just trying to show off common characteristics of spammers and I know, spammers are much better in this ;)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on this topic Viola :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Atish,

Now would you like to join with the team mate? ;) Ha ha... I know you are doing much better as a blogger.

Spammers are in a never ending loop mate. They just keep spamming, 'cause they have a chance of approval too. I'm glad you track 'em and trash 'em rightaway mate. Actually marking 'em as spam helps spam filter to learn better about such spammers too ;)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing how you deal with spammers Atish :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

Very true dear :) When we start with blogging, we had no idea about spamming. They were like greetings embracing newbies, but now we know how the system works ;)

I'm sure any blogger can relate in this matter Adrienne :) Spam filters trying to keep us out of troubles but yet human spammers are pain in the neck. Sometimes it may few but still repetitive using different kind of techniques and approval of spammy comments can lead to a critical security issue too.

I'm glad you take care of spammers at your place Adrienne :) Now spammers have quite a humor to add for bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and views on comment spamming Adrienne :)


Chiranjeev said...

Hi Mayura,
Really interesting post to read. No doubt Spamming too is an art. The all point you have shared on the post above is really nice.
So far as my view on comments are concerned, For me number of comments never matters. Spamming is just one of the big reason, I use Disqus on my blog rather than using CommentLuv.
Great post, Worth reading. Thanks.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Chiranjeev,

Of course mate ;) We can always see how smart spammers can be and creative indeed sometimes. However finally, they are tricky.

That's a very good attitude mate :) I believe on top of everything, we need to care security of our blogs and if it's filled with quality posts and feedback, again it's a big advantage for a blogger.

Aha... It could be Disqus or CommentLuv or any comment plugin, but spammers always love whenever they find a place to leave a comment ;) CommentLuv can attract more spammers too, but finally it's about the choice.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your interesting thoughts about spammers Chiranjeev :)