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Who's Behind Mayura4Ever?

My name is Mayura De Silva, and I'm blogging from the island known as 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean'.

Mayura De SilvaMayura De Silva
I'm passionate about Information Technology, and especially love to solve problems and make things {simple} for everyone.

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The Story: Blogging

In 2011, I've come across the Blogger blogging platform and loved the idea of having a personalized space in cyberspace.

Having no idea about blogging or what it is capable of, my initial thought was to share information related to Technology or Blogging. Again, as I play with and learn about the Blogger platform, I thought what I've learnt might help other bloggers as well. Since then I've started covering Blogger tutorials as I learn myself how to.

Slowly, we are expanding the horizons. It isn't only about the Blogger platform now. It isn't only about blogging either.

Now Mayura4Ever aim to cover wide range of topics, and to deliver information useful to bloggers and other Internet users as well. Further, I'm fortunate enough to have wonderful bloggers on this weblog with their contributions too.

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed reading our content as we did composing them, and it's such a pleasure for us if you could use a help from our content too. We aim to help.

Thanks for coming over and interested in reading the story behind Mayura4Ever :)

Appreciate your unconditional love and support.