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January 19, 2014

Search Smarter and Faster with Google Quick Scroll

Google Quick Scroll extension has been depreciated.

Are you a Googler? Google Search has been very popular among many online users to find relevant information. Neither I can recollect a day spent without using Google Search to find information online. The next most adored feature Google Search had for me was discovering content using images. However, have you ever come across a Google search result, which you couldn't find what you were looking for after landing on a suggested web page?

August 21, 2012

10 Web Browser Applications to Improve Your Privacy Online

Privacy is one of your main concerns in your life to be more secure and safe. Security is a need of our lives and privacy comes under security. It may applies to many activities that you are depend on. As you are online, surfing web is a regular activity you almost do everyday. You click on an interesting link on the web and navigate to a page you may never been to. Most of sites are using one or more tracking mechanisms to track you and your behavior. It's not an unusual in the sense of tracking visitors. But what if the information stored could helps in abusing your privacy?

May 6, 2012

Capture, Annotate and Share Screenshots of a Web Page with Awesome Screenshot

Have you ever wanted to use or share a screenshot of a web page? Yeah, I know you are thinking about it in this moment. There could be lot of reasons you might wanna use or share a screenshot of a web page. I've got few reasons for you right now. You can use screenshots in presentations, blog posts, documents, just to show interesting stuff to your friends or for the purpose of troubleshooting such as if you can't figure out something on a web page where others cannot see publicly or wanna point out specific error visually to someone else not with you.