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September 21, 2011

How to Change Your Blogger Background Image and Color

Designing your blog is a crucial factor and it will helps you to impress your readers at first sight. There are many options you can follow such as using a custom templates, customizing elements, use of effects on images and more if you consider attractive designing for your blog. However design itself not enough for your blog. So you should work on content to be qualitative too. When it comes to designing, how does your blog background aids in impressing readers? You may not care about it, but your blog background which spread over large amount of area could be able to convey what type of blog and what kind of personality you have. Would you like to give more color to your blog with different background image and colors?

August 11, 2011

How to Show Popular Social Buttons with Blogger Popular Posts Widget

You may remember that we have discussed how to add Facebook Like button, Twitter Tweet button and Google +1 button for Blogger posts. Adding those popular buttons let your readers to share posts and convey their likes and recommendations on posts for their friends. You may add the Blogger official Popular Posts widget/element to your blog to promote your popular content to recent visitors. But do you know you can show popular buttons mentioned above along with your popular posts shown in the popular posts element?

August 9, 2011

Customize Reactions Element in Blogger

Blogger launched Reactions as an alternative to the comment form to easily engage your readers to get feedback about posts. It includes simple annotations chosen by author and displayed on the post footer. Reactions element helps you retrieve more feedback as it needs few clicks to show readers' response. Blogger enables you to customize your annotations easily but I would like to go through it again and make this post fruitful for everyone. In addition, as my main consideration, I would like to share about how to move your reactions element away from the post footer and display elsewhere on your blog. Would you like to know how?

August 5, 2011

How to Customize Your Blogger Navbar

As a Blogger user, Navbar aka Navigation Bar is not a new feature you find on top of your blog. It has some interesting options such as it enables you to search blog, get back to your Blogger dashboard in a single click, let you share your content on social websites, shows your logged in email address and let you sign out and also you can navigate through recently updated Blogger blogs. As it has no much customization available, I would like to go through below criterais,

● How to Change Color of Your Navbar
● How to Hide Your Navbar

July 22, 2011

Customize the Attribution in Blogger

You love performing customizations on your blog, aren't you? Blogger is a free blogging platform to convey your ideas, information you have gathered and helps you to build a community around you too. It's completely free. You know what I mean? If you had to build it yourself, you will cost more than you imagine and due to the Blogger service, you just need to own a blog, create your content and publish only. Blogger doesn't ask you for anything in return, so you won't cost anything to use Blogger platform and to build your blog on it. But as you make use of Blogger platform, it's better if you can be grateful by mentioning or linking back to Blogger website. Well, actually if you own a blog on Blogger, it has been already mentioned on your blog footer. Do you have any idea of customizing blog footer element? It's actually called Attribution element. If so, you will notice that Blogger has been made it inaccessible. How about making it accessible and editable?

July 7, 2011

How to Move Comments Below the Embedded Comment Form in Blogger

Commenting is compulsory to communicate with your readers especially on a blog. As a communication tool, you can let them express ideas or contact you through the comment feature. Sometimes you would like to customize the formation of displaying comments. So if you display embedded comment form below each post on past pages, you may find that comments submitted by readers were appearing above the comment form. But what if you prefer displaying comments below the comment form?

July 6, 2011

How to Display a Comment Link with Post Title in Blogger

Do you think hiding post footer from your homepage is a worst case scenario? No it isn't if you feel it's bothersome and taking a lot of space from homepage. So you will show only snippet of post with a link to actual post page using jump breaks or just full post. But with the hidden post footer, you will hide most of elements related to posts which are crucial to the particular post such as published date and time, author name, related labels, number of comments. We discuss how you can show off author, labels, date and time via How to Display Post Author, Date/Time and Labels post. But comment link was missing there. You don't need to confuse your visitors without showing a way to comment on your blog. How you gonna show comment link then?

July 5, 2011

How to Customize the Page Title in Blogger

Did you ever noticed that how your blog on Blogger platform shows title of your blog pages? Obviously on  homepage, it shows your blog title you defined for your blog. On other pages such as post and static pages, you will see preceding blog title with the post or page title. Do you think it needs to be changed the way it appears? I mean, such as removing blog title from other pages, changing the order of title or including extra information to the title or whatever you may like to do with page title. Is it even possible in Blogger?

July 1, 2011

How to Add a Custom Header in Blogger

By default, Blogger offers you a default static blog header including title and description of your blog. Further you can display image or logo with your header too. Does it bugging you? The way how your header is. Do you think you could have done more to your header if you can use a custom header instead of default one? If you are not prefer the default header style, you will seek around a way to customize or add a custom header for your blog. As far as if you have tried it by yourself, you may have find that current blog header is cannot move a bit or remove it. So you might have wonder why you can't remove default Blogger header and add a new custom header to your blog. Still wondering?

June 22, 2011

Change "Links to this post" Text in Blogger

Have you seen a text or a label as "Links to this post" on your blog? Sometimes you may see some links listed below the label or no links at all. Did you find it confusing? Have no idea what it is? This feature is called as Backlink feature on Blogger. It indicates sources that mention or link back to your particular page online and you can find who are interested in your topics and read about them. It appears only if you have show backlink setting enabled. The use of this is that readers can find what others talking about your content and how interest they are. Enough about the feature. Would you like to come up with a different label or text instead of "Links to this post" text?

How to Edit "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" Feed Link and Message in Blogger

Did you notice the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link on your blog? You can find it near the blog pager at the bottom of your blog. It's a feed link in Blogger that enable users to subscribe for your blog posts via feed reader to notify updates about new posts. It sounds confusing for some readers who doesn't know about it. If you offer a way to subscribe for your posts via feed, then you might find it unnecessary too. Whatever your requirement is, I'm gonna help you edit this link. Do you need to hide or remove it from your blog? Or just need to change the text of that link? Let's figure out how to.

June 21, 2011

How to Edit Home, Older Posts and Newer Posts Links in Blogger

As a Blogger user, you may have seen Older Posts, Home and Newer Posts links at the bottom of your homepage. They help your readers to navigate through your posts and to go back to homepage if they need. Technically this whole element is known as Blog Pager and links called as navigation links. Without a clue you know where those links are heading to by their text labels. But except for default link view, you might wanna give more color to your navigation links by changing text or replacing relevant icons or images. But do you know how to edit its text or replace it by a relevant image as you prefer?

June 11, 2011

Easily Customize Your Favorites Icon in Blogger

Do you know what is the Favicon or Favorites Icon? Most probably you may have heard of it. Or may be you have seen it but don't know what it is exactly. Favorites icon is a simple icon represents a blog or website and you can see it on your browser tab, address bar or when you bookmark a website on your web browser. It's also known as shortcut icon or website icon too. Would you like to add your own custom favorite icon for your blog too? 

June 8, 2011

How to Show / Hide Elements on Different Pages in Blogger

How many of elements have you added to your blog? Most of time you add gadgets and widgets, images, advertisements or other elements to your blog except for posts to convey a message, attract visitors or for a specific purpose. But after adding some elements, you might encounter a problem of displaying them on appropriate pages. I mean sometimes you may just wanna display some widgets or elements only on specific pages but not on all pages. In such a scenario, do you know how to show off your elements only on a page where you wanna display them?

June 7, 2011

How to Position Elements on Blogger Post Pages

Mostly when you include gadgets or widgets on your blog, you will be confused how to place it as you prefer. Mostly you may follow instructions from another source and you will add widget to the place that article/post refers or suggests to. Sometimes it's difficult to know what's on readers' mind for a developer or writer. And it's not easy for article writer to specify each and every instruction that reader may like to add widgets on their blogs. Therefore you may find that they will mostly address the most possible or common way and let users to change positions later if they are know how. So what if you need to change the position of a widget by going through your template?

June 5, 2011

How to Display Post Author, Date / Time and Labels Below Post Title in Blogger

When you publish a post on your blog, you may see information related to your post such as Author, Time, Labels etc. on your post footer. But if you wanna get rid of post footer or make use of jump breaks, readers may not be able to find that particular information on your homepage or blog. So you would like to show them off out of post footer. Else if you just wanna customize the way that post specific information has been displayed on your blog, you would seek a way to do that too. So how about showing those information along with your post title to be differentiate and stylish?

How to Remove Post Date Header in Blogger

On the Blogger platform, you may have seen a header line with date above the posts on homepage. It's the date header and the posts published on that particular day will list under that date header. If you don't seems to like the way it is, you would try changing date header format with available options. You may satisfied by changing date format. But if not, you may prefer to show publication date with each of your posts or planning to show it anywhere else suitable for your blog theme or design. Therefore you would like to hide date headers from your blog as you are working on an alternative. Are you desperate to know that how to get rid of those date headers?

Customize Post Footer in Blogger

As you manage your blog, you have to be more specific in offering quality content for your readers. It should be relevant and unique. However content is not the only aspect you wanna consider when it comes to blogging. You have to think about look and feel of your blog, the services you are offering to your readers to feel them comfortable in reading your content and much more. When is comes to Blogger, specifically, they don't have huge number of plugins to play with. So you may prefer to customize available and make use of them to your blog. One of such element you should not forget about is post footer. Absolutely you know what it is and it appears right beneath your post. Would you mind customizing your post footer?

June 1, 2011

Hide Post Footer from Homepage in Blogger

How much do you care about your blog design? It matters, yeah. Your blog design matters as it represent your personality and no... no... don't ever think about copying someone else's design. Yeah, it's alright if it's available for you or you build similar with your own efforts. Else you just don't show off yourself. It's true that design doesn't matters mostly but some people identify when they see you are using someone else's design strategy. However try to be unique with designing and customize it as you need. When it comes to customization, you may have seen that Blogger show post footer end of each post. You may feel it's perfectly alright to show at post pages, but you may not like the fact that it's visible on your homepage. It depends on your choice. Wanna get rid of post footer from your blog homepage?

May 28, 2011

Remove Blogger Post Image Shadow and Border

Have you ever attached images in your posts? Most probably the answer would be 'Yes'. But after publishing your post, you may have seen that your image has a shadow and a thick border around it. Sometimes you may wonder how it appears after publishing the post, 'cause if you go back and edit your post again, you won't find any border or shadow there. So you have nothing to do at the Post Editor to remove border or shadow. You may find no clue about that. But that shadow and border appears around your images may still bugging you. Are you still wondering how to get rid of such shadow and border appears on your images in Blogger?