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March 10, 2012

Add Email Subscription Box on Your Website with Google FeedBurner

How your visitors get in touch with your latest updates happening on your site? Absolutely you can distribute your content via popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and ask them to join them. But still some users may wish to read your updates via news readers. So you can provide them subscription capability via feeds. But there also another portion of your readers love to receive your updates right into their inbox. So what you gonna do about them and feel them satisfactory with your subscription offerings?

December 14, 2011

How to Change Email Associated with Your Facebook Account

When you create or sign up for a Facebook account, you need to provide your email address in the sign up process. It is the unique identifier of your account and further Facebook uses your email address to communicate with you and to send you preferred notifications as when it happens on your profile. However once you signed up for a Facebook account with your current email, you won't be able to use same email address to create another account on Facebook. However creating two Facebook accounts for same person may seems unfair. In some scenarios you may wanna delete your current account permanently to build up another Facebook account. But still you have to wait 30 days more from request, until it gets deleted permanently. Apart from that you may just wanna get rid of old email or you may wanna associate new email account as you have no more access to your older one. In such situations you may wanna change existing email associated with your Facebook account. Isn't it?

November 14, 2011

How to Change Your Email Address in Twitter

When you setup a Twitter account you have to specify an email address to associate with your Twitter account. Your email address is vital when authenticate your account and it will use to send you notifications about messages, activities or updates on Twitter. Also it will use to communicate with you, if you lost or forgot your Twitter password. But you may need to change things later on. What if you have no access to your old email address or needed to redirect notifications to another email?

July 25, 2011

How to Offer Email Subscriptions in Blogger

How is your blog readers stay in touch with your latest blog updates? They might visit your blog regularly for new information and I hope you already using some channels such as Social Media and Feeds to keep them connected. They are really great ways to keep your audience engaged with new updates. What do you think about offering your latest updates for readers via email? There are many people among your reader who love to stay in touch via social networks and subscribing to feed. But some others may like to receive your content right into their inbox as they check their emails regularly. Haven't you thought about that?

June 15, 2011

Get Facebook Comment Notifications via Email in Blogger

Did you implement Facebook comment social plugin on your blog? We have already discussed about implementation via Add Facebook Comment Social Plugin to Blogger post. If you have implemented it on your blog, you may have find that you can moderate comments easily with Facebook comment moderation tool. But as you have more number of posts on your blog, you may find it buggy to keep an eye on Facebook comment moderation tool to see recent comments made on your blog. Sometimes you may have missed comments that needs more attention and users may have to wait for long hours until you reply for them. Therefore you will find it somewhat disturbing as no way of notifying new comments. Would you like to get notified whenever someone made a comment via Facebook comment plugin?