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January 2, 2012

Add Share Buttons for Your Blogger Posts with AddThis

In blogging, people used to come visit your blog if they really worth what they are reading and some people might land on your blog after finding out your interesting blog posts via recommendations, web search or from wherever your content has been shared. Did you feel eventhough you have interesting posts, they have no readers as you expected?

November 10, 2011

Add Google+ Page Badge to Your Website

Recently we have had a article about how to enable Google+ Direct Connect for your pages by linking your Google+ page to your site. Google proclaimed you need to link your site to your Google+ page to eligible for Google+ Direct Connect which simply means searching your business or brand page via Google search. Google offered you two alternatives in linking pages, either manually or adding a badge to your site. However you have learnt how to link your site manually. And now Google has been introduced you a self-called Google+ page badge to increase user engagement and to grow more audience on Google+ platform. You might have Facebook Like Box, Twitter Follow button already on your blog. In addition as an alternative, still you may using 3rd party Google+ widget on your website. But did you implement official Google+ badge on your blog or website?

October 29, 2011

Add Twitter Follow Button to Your Website

You may have engaged in many social networks to reach more users to stay connected and share interesting updates. Are you managing a blog or website? As you engage in social media and willing reach more users, promoting your content on social media is another way to gain more exposure to your content. Your readers will be much preferable to receive updates on social networks they are on and it helps them to stay connected with your site. When we talk about social media, Twitter is a popular social network and a place where users follow interesting fellows to receive updates. So if you have Twitter profile where you share updates, you can add link back to your Twitter profile on your site. So readers can view your profile and follow you after navigating to your profile. But isn't it nice if you can let interested users to follow you on Twitter without leaving your blog or website?

October 28, 2011

How to Show Off Popular Posts on Blogger

Do you regularly publish posts or any other media on your blog? As time goes, what happens to your interesting posts? They may bury with the time and fresh content get more exposure. Sometimes people will find them after googling on the web. But do you think its enough? What happen to them after being moved from your homepage? People may visit your blog regularly, but those who are not, may miss the interesting stories. And people those who are visiting your blog first time may unable to read your most engaging and interesting posts. The reason is once they land on your homepage, there is a limited chance that people will explore your older content. So would you mind if you can give more exposure to your archived content?

October 16, 2011

Show Off Your Photos using a Slideshow in Blogger

Depending on your blog theme and content, you might add images to represent the ideology of your blog. Or you would like to add images on your blog sidebars to make your blog more colorful and grab attention of your visitors. It may be a personal blog, you may write about travelling, you have a team blog or it may any type of blog. However sometimes you will find that its hard to display collection of images on your blog in a row. You can add standstill images on your posts or even wherever on your blog using HTML image tags. But what if you have large collection of images and how would you show off without spoiling the design?

September 28, 2011

Add Facebook Recommendations Box to Your Website

Did you integrate Facebook plugins on your blog or website? The truth is nowadays Facebook social platform is integrated with our lives. Everyone knows Facebook. Most of us had no idea about social media before this milestone in 2004 - Birth of Facebook. But now it's the place where we used to meet our friends and family to share everything in digitized format.

September 8, 2011

Add LinkedIn Share Button for Your Blogger Posts

You may have already connected with LinkedIn social network. It's a type of site where millions of professionals meet together and empower their business opportunities. There you can exchange interesting content such as tips, articles and many more with the people, as you do on other popular social media platforms. So it's another useful platform to reach wider audience and you might wanna try out. People who would enjoy your blog might also like to share your content with their own connections on LinkedIn. So wouldn't you like to let your readers share your content on LinkedIn while they enjoying it?

September 6, 2011

How to Add Facebook Like Box to Your Website

You would be prefer to engage with social networks and broadcast your blog or website updates for your fans and follower to keep them up-to-date with your latest content. There are different kind of social channels you can think of nowadays. If we narrow down to Facebook, usually bloggers and webmasters create a Facebook fan page to send new updates of their site content and to engage with fans. The visitors can easily subscribe for new updates by just liking the Facebook page. But for that purpose, you have to redirect your blog or website visitors to your Facebook page. What if you can let your visitors easily subscribe or like your Facebook page while they are on your site?

August 27, 2011

How to Customize Google +1 Button Snippet in Blogger

Google +1 button was introduced for webmasters to use it on their sites to being recommended across the web and become more transparent in the search results. As it involves with the Google+ social network, it has been adding more social features to improve the usage of +1 button for almost all users in addition to webmasters. We have discussed their previous addition Friend Annotations and HTML5 syntax in Add Google +1 Button for Blogger Posts. Now Google +1 button has got its new addition +Snippets and sharing capability. Let's find out how to deal and customize +Snippet.

August 11, 2011

How to Show Popular Social Buttons with Blogger Popular Posts Widget

You may remember that we have discussed how to add Facebook Like button, Twitter Tweet button and Google +1 button for Blogger posts. Adding those popular buttons let your readers to share posts and convey their likes and recommendations on posts for their friends. You may add the Blogger official Popular Posts widget/element to your blog to promote your popular content to recent visitors. But do you know you can show popular buttons mentioned above along with your popular posts shown in the popular posts element?

August 7, 2011

How to Remove Google +1 Button from Blogger Share Buttons

Standard Blogger share buttons let your readers to share your post with their friends and interested parties. As Google +1 platform evolves on the web, Blogger also added Google +1 button with their share buttons to let readers to recommend your posts. Now you may need not to add Google +1 button for your blog posts explicitly if you are enabled to show share buttons on your post footer. But if you already wanna show Google +1 button elsewhere on your post pages, you would like to get rid of +1 button appears with Blogger share buttons. But how do you remove only +1 button while having other share buttons?

July 25, 2011

How to Offer Email Subscriptions in Blogger

How is your blog readers stay in touch with your latest blog updates? They might visit your blog regularly for new information and I hope you already using some channels such as Social Media and Feeds to keep them connected. They are really great ways to keep your audience engaged with new updates. What do you think about offering your latest updates for readers via email? There are many people among your reader who love to stay in touch via social networks and subscribing to feed. But some others may like to receive your content right into their inbox as they check their emails regularly. Haven't you thought about that?

June 6, 2011

Add Google +1 Button for Blogger Posts

Google, the search giant, has introduced their own social platform Google+ and it has a peculiar feature known as +1 button. Now it's more popular among most blogs/websites as it affects organic Google search results. Google +1 button is a way to recommend content for your friends and followers. Once you recommend a content appears on the web with +1 button, your friends will be able to see it with your recommendation across the web. As it enables your site to get recommended on search, most of webmasters was eager to implement +1 button on their respective websites and blogs. As a blogger, I don't think you gonna say NO for it. Would you like to implement Google +1 button for your posts too?

June 4, 2011

Add Facebook Comment Social Plugin to Blogger

Blogger offers you a default comment form for your blog to get feedback from your readers. It has moderation and threaded commenting feature too. Mostly comment form is vital as it allows your visitors to ask questions and provide their ideas and thoughts on your content. It's where conversation begins. However default comment form is not the only way you can make use of. If you need you can add third party commenting platforms on your blog. So what do you think, beyond default comment form, if you can add stylish comment plugin to your blog easily? Also what if your comment form can give more exposure to your content in addition to commenting?

June 2, 2011

Add Twitter Tweet Button for Blogger Posts

Sharing your content over social media is better way to publicize you blog or to grab more exposure to your content. Twitter is a popular social network and micro blogging site where most users publish their updates. Once users interested in your content, they can copy and paste your post URL to share and recommend your post to their followers and friends. However it may take some time for that process and sometimes user may forget to share your URL too. But rather than playing with copying and pasting page URLs, what if you can let your readers share your content among their followers and friends while they reading your content?

Add a Google +1 Button for Your Website

Google has introduced +1 Button for webmasters with their introduction of Google+ social platform. It has introduced to increase the engagement of sites on the web via organic search results. People can recommend pages they are reading or using and all the recommendations or +1s will count to that page. Then users can see their friends' names if they have +1d or recommended an specific page. So people who see their friends' recommendations will tend to check out that site. For webmasters, it's a great opportunity to see who love or recommend their content across the web. However Google is now trying to hit upon most popular Facebook Like button by implementing this feature. Do you like to get recommended on web?

May 20, 2011

Add a Customized Search Engine for Your Website

Do you provide search functionality on your blog or website? Search is a vital function you should have in every blog or website where content matters. It helps visitors to search content for specific topic or criteria without going through all pages. It saves time of visitors and they will be thankful for that feature. In some platforms, search is an in-build feature. But you may find it's not customizable. Or you may have no search for your site at all. In such a scenario, still you have to find another way to implement a search bar into your blog or website. Seems you have to learn coding. isn't it? But what if you can customize and add a search bar easily without being a code genic?

May 17, 2011

Add Facebook Like Button for Blogger Posts

While you blogging with your own blog, you may interest in enabling your viewers to share your blog content through social media to their profiles or friends. It enables your blogger friends to share information easily and help to increase your blogger traffic through sharing content over social media. Such a way is Facebook Like button. It interpret you, how many Facebook users interest in particular post in your blog and sharing it over their Facebook profile. Now Facebook Like plugin includes a Share button along with it. So while your friends sharing your blog contents over their profile, they may able to share your posts with their Facebook friends too.

March 6, 2011

Embed an Audio Clip or Streaming Media with Windows Media Player on Your Website

Are you seeking a way around to embed an audio clip or streaming media on your site? In this process you can find many embeddable widgets. Often, you will have to follow through different procedures to set it up. But if you are a Microsoft Windows user and your audience is using Windows operating system, you are eligible to embed official Windows Media Player on your blog or website. Would you like to know how?

February 24, 2011

Blogumus: Animated Label Cloud for Blogger

Did you label or categorize your posts? Labeling or categorizing your posts under common topics will help your readers to find more specific stories related to your posts. Mostly readers may tend to find your posts through organic web search or just stop by on your blog via referral. After being navigated to your posts if they find your article interesting to them, they would like to find out what are most relevant articles on your blog too. If they jump to homepage, they will find recent posts published on your blog. But labels under your posts helps them to see what similar posts you have got. However all those labels would be displayed on post footer. But would you like to make it more interactive and eye catching for your readers?