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May 26, 2012

Add Floating Vertical Share Bar for Blogger Posts with ShareThis

Sharing is caring. People love to share interesting content they find on the web as and when they find them. As a publisher, you have a responsibility to provide sharing options for users to share your content and else even if you have interesting content, sharing may not happen. I mean, some people will share but still there are people looking for sharing options to share content to multiple social networks. Else it is really time consuming activity for them. So you should consider about offering sharing options for your blog readers if you're think about convenience of your readers and getting more content shared. But you may not like to have whatever sharing option as it should be comply with your blog design and flow of your blog. Did you find a sharing tool for your blog par with your blog design?

April 7, 2012

How to Add Share Buttons for Your Blogger Posts with ShareThis

You may do a lot of researches and explore extra resources, integrate your experiences and perform different activities to result an informative and interesting posts on your blog. Blogging can be your passion, but on the other hand your expectation is to share knowledge with the audience who really interested in your content as they can make use of yours. Have you ever thought about a convenient solution for your readers to share your posts or articles with interested parties?

January 7, 2012

Add Floating Vertical Share Bar for Blogger Posts with AddThis

People always love to share interesting content with their friends and followers. Isn't it? I think you totally agree with it. As you and I are struggles with information madness, we may always find different kind of interesting information or content everywhere on the web. Once we find those, we may provide our feedback via available ways. Next we will try to find a way to share this piece of information. Copying and pasting links on our social profiles could somewhat an old methodology. So why don't you provide your readers an easy yet simple way to share your content across the web?

January 2, 2012

Add Share Buttons for Your Blogger Posts with AddThis

In blogging, people used to come visit your blog if they really worth what they are reading and some people might land on your blog after finding out your interesting blog posts via recommendations, web search or from wherever your content has been shared. Did you feel eventhough you have interesting posts, they have no readers as you expected?