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March 9, 2012

How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest no longer delete accounts permanently, but still you can deactivate.

How are you getting on with Pinterest? Pinterest is an awesome service to organize interesting stuff you find when surfing the web. Or you can discover interesting stuff at Pinterest too. However statistics say women are much preferred in pinning content. I hope it may due to its visual appeal. Have you got an impressive collection of interesting stuff on Pinterest too? So you may still wanna get on with it. By the way, if you are a one who figured out Pinterest is not useful and end up with being idle on Pinterest, now you may seeking a way around to get rid of it. Or you may wanna take down your account due to suspection of copyright infringement happening around Pinterest. Do you wanna figure out how to get rid of Pinterest?

February 14, 2012

How to Change Your Username on Pinterest

Have you been pinning lately on Pinterest? Users prefer getting on with this new social experience as it helps users to organize content easily and it's becoming more and more popular nowadays. So if you have already signed up for a Pinterest account, you may have already started pinning images and content found on the web. Doesn't have a Pinterest account yet? Then you can request an invitation. However as you create a new Pinterest account, you can grab a username for your account. But if you are not happy with your selected username, do you know you can switch to another?

February 12, 2012

How to Delete Your Google+ Profile

How much do you engage in social media? Facebook, Twitter could be your all time favorites. As latest additions you may experience Google+, Pinterest social platforms too. But let me get it straight. What do you think about Google+? Do you make use of it to spread your news, content or share with friends? If you are managing brands or would like to promote your content, you will find Google+ more SEO friendly as it enables to find you and your content via Google web search. However still some of you may wanna get rid of your Google+ profile due to different kind of reasons. But without affecting to other Google services. Do you?

February 9, 2012

How to Transfer Ownership of Your Google+ Page

If you are responsible in managing brands, you may already engage in Google+ to manage your brand via Google+ pages. There you will find many advantages such as being search engine friendly by having a Google+ page. But it may differ from brand to brand and according to the percentage of people who gathered around Google+ to provide feedback and notify your updates. However it's not my major consideration here. If you are the only one who manage Google+ page of your company or organization, sometimes you may not able to post updates in some situations. You can prevent such obstacles by adding managers to your page and let them post on your page. But what if you wanna transfer ownership of your page?

February 2, 2012

How to Secure Your Hacked Facebook Account

Did you find any unknown or spammy activities happening on your Facebook profile recently? Sometimes your account may have posted a new status message, but without your knowledge. So it's not you. It may happening due to someone else taking over your Facebook account. Generally it means, your account has been hacked. Oh... Sometimes you may never seen it. But your friends might have seen you sending spammy links, messages, comments or creating spammy events and pages. If they find it suspicious, they will promptly mark it as a spam and notify you about this activities. Right after that you may try changing your password, email or adjusting security settings regarding your account. But it may never work out. So what's your plan B?

January 27, 2012

How to Embed a Tweet on Your Website

How do you use Twitter to promote your content or interesting tweets? You can share your interesting stories online via Twitter. Further you can display your Twitter activity on your own website using Twitter widget too. But there may be some occasions you may wanna embed a single tweet or @reply on your site or post, just to promote or help your readers to find it interesting.

January 20, 2012

How to Post Tweets on a Facebook Fan Page

Do you manage a Facebook fan page and communicate with your fans? But seems you addicted to Twitter. Hmmm... I hope you may love to tweet all day around. isn't it? Twitter is an effective media to grab more attention and to engage with your friends and followers, and yet it's simple and easy. When it comes to your brand, business, organization or even to your blog, you might wanna keep your followers up-to-date with the latest news happening around. You may always prefer to update them with relevant tweets. But what about your Facebook fan page? You go and post it all again in Facebook page? Alright... Don't think about it. Let me ask you - Would you prefer if you can synchronize your tweets with your Facebook fan page?

January 17, 2012

How to Delete Your Facebook Fan Page

You may have created a Facebook fan page to promote your businesses and brands. Facebook can act as a vital role to bring out more customers and followers. Yet it's an effective and reliable solution to meet up your customers and followers easily to get feedback too. I presume most probably you may administering a Facebook fan page and looking forward to get rid of it. isn't it? There could be several reasons such as further you don't wanna manage and proceed with your Facebook fan page, having a duplicate page, mistakenly selected a wrong username for your page and can't change anymore. So if you are already made up your mind to delete your page, do you know how to?

January 15, 2012

How to Unpublish Your Facebook Fan Page

Are you managing a Facebook fan page? Yeah your Facebook fans gather around your Facebook page and see what's new happening over there. Sometimes you may wanna make few changes to your page, such as editing basic information, changing page name or adding applications to your page. In such scenario, you may need Facebook users out from your Facebook page or just wanna make sure it's inaccessible until you done with a process on it. Hmm.... If you need you can post a message that your page is going through a maintenance in such period of time. But still they can access your page. Wouldn't it better if you can make your Facebook page inaccessible from public when you are working on it?

January 1, 2012

How to Change Your Twitter Background Image and Colors

As you know Twitter is a powerful social media platform to gain users' attention and to build up powerful and interesting connections around you. It can be used as a personal profile or else you can use it for business purposes to promote your brand, business or organization. Either you use it for personal or business use, you have to impress your Twitter profile visitors in their first sight. Have you ever felt tasteless whenever you look upon your Twitter profile? Still stuck in default profile background and colors? Now it's time. Why don't you customize it with your creativity and mixing magical colors available for you?

December 23, 2011

How to Add Managers to Your Google+ Page

Recently we have been expecting to experience the real life social experience with Google+ and I do hope you may experiencing it right now. Google+ bring you out some unique features in addition to common and popular features we find in other popular social networks. However it's not much long that we have been heard of Google+ brand pages. I hope you might have already get on with it and integrated Google+ to promote your businesses, organizations and brands. But if you are busy with your work or couldn't access or manage your page for sometime, would you like to give your Google account username or password for someone else to take care of your Google+ page?

December 16, 2011

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Would you like to delete your Facebook account? Alright, don't be confused... I'm not gonna encourage you to delete your Facebook account right now. But deletion of your Facebook account is obvious if you may have encountered problems in your Facebook account or there could be some rare occasions that you may wanted to delete your account such as creating another Facebook account mistakenly. However Facebook never wanted to leave you and miss your friends and family on Facebook. So they don't let you delete your account in a single click. Let's assume something has gone wrong with your Facebook account and you wanna get rid of it completely. So do you wanna delete your Facebook account?

December 14, 2011

How to Change Email Associated with Your Facebook Account

When you create or sign up for a Facebook account, you need to provide your email address in the sign up process. It is the unique identifier of your account and further Facebook uses your email address to communicate with you and to send you preferred notifications as when it happens on your profile. However once you signed up for a Facebook account with your current email, you won't be able to use same email address to create another account on Facebook. However creating two Facebook accounts for same person may seems unfair. In some scenarios you may wanna delete your current account permanently to build up another Facebook account. But still you have to wait 30 days more from request, until it gets deleted permanently. Apart from that you may just wanna get rid of old email or you may wanna associate new email account as you have no more access to your older one. In such situations you may wanna change existing email associated with your Facebook account. Isn't it?

December 2, 2011

How to Set Up a Facebook Email Address

Facebook is a well-known social network with over 800 million users. People use Facebook to connect and share with their friends, family and followers from any part of the world. Most probably now you may familiar with Facebook and it's most of unique functionalities. Facebook is giving out and adding more and more user friendly features to improve user experience of their members. So you may find that Facebook is a great place to find and connect with your friends online. However what if a non-Facebook member wants to reach you quickly? Absolutely they can send you an email. But do you always awaiting for emails or check emails right after you got them? I hope you would say 'No'. But what if you can receive or respond to email while you are on Facebook?

November 30, 2011

How to Claim a Username in Facebook

Do you administering a Facebook fan page for your brand or business? Mmm... may be not. But at least you may have a Facebook profile. Isn't it? How do you direct your friends to your profile? Finding them and sending requests? Yeah it works. Also when it comes to Facebook pages, you can invite your friends too. Most probably you may send your profile URL to your friends and family if you can't find them on Facebook too. But unless you can't copy and paste URL, how can you let them know what is exact profile or page of yours? In that scenario, wouldn't it better if profile or page URL can be easy to remember?

November 29, 2011

How to Post and Comment as Your Page in Google+

You have learnt to create a Google+ Page already. I hope it would help your brand, business or organization to engage with interested Google+ users and customers to convey your up-to-date information of your business, brand or organization. It will also enables you to find interested people in your niche and it is an opportunity to reach more users too. But after creating a Google+ page, did you try posting or commenting on your Google+ page as itself? Or did you ever wanted to comment on another Google+ profile as your page?

November 26, 2011

Notify People About Your Posts in Google+

This post has been depreciated as you don't see notify about this post option on Google+ anymore.
for users.

Do you share content on Google+? Most probably now you may make use of Google+ social platform to spread or promote your content. Or else you may share messages, links, photos, videos or game updates with your friends, families and followers there. Google+ is a quite interesting social platform with several unique features. However if you share a post with friends by adding them individually, they will get notifications via Google+ bar or email right away. But if you share your post with a circle, do you think they will get notified immediately? Nope. By default, if you share a post with a circle, they won't get any notification about your post. Would you like to notify people in your circles right after you share your post?

November 24, 2011

How to Create a Facebook Application for Your Site

Nowadays Facebook is a renowned social media platform with unique set of features evolving on the Web. Facebook has given the opportunity to use their native functionality to improve user experience on websites and blogs. As it has more simplified, convenient and personalized social experience, more and more users started to integrate Facebook social platform in to their websites. Basically Facebook offers social plugins to use with their sites to embed social features on their sites. But if wish to integrate Facebook platform more deeper into your site, then you need to create a Facebook application for your site. Oops... But do you know how to create an application for your site?

How to Verify Your Facebook Account

Have you ever heard of Facebook? Am I kidding? Yeah... Now more than 800 million people including you knows Facebook. What about before 2004? At that time people didn't know about Facebook and how it's gonna be. Now Facebook is the most popular social media platform active on the Web. It has gained huge success since Mark Zuckerberg founded it on 2004. Facebook now integrates all over the web including websites/blogs, web applications and more. You know all about creating Facebook account and all that. But do you know how to verify a Facebook account?

November 20, 2011

How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging and social media platform to communicate with your friends and to distribute your updates. Many of users make use of Twitter account to notify their updates to their friends and followers. Also it's a simple way to contact or get feedback from followers and to make new friends with similar interests. However there could be different reasons for you to grab a Twitter account. Once you signed up for a new account and after using it for certain period of time, if you found no reason to keep your account, you may wanted to get rid of your Twitter account. In addition, there could be number of reasons for you to move on to another account or to deactivate your current Twitter account. But do you know how to deactivate your Twitter account?