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March 2, 2014

Record and Share Your Screen Instantly with Screenr

Screen capturing can be fun and helpful. I'm not talking about still screenshots, but live in action. Imagine a friend of yours need a help on figuring out steps in a collaborative project. You can share your screen with him at that moment to show what needs to be done. But if you can produce a screencast, it is reusable and come in handy to many others having the same issue. "Fun and Helpful". Don't you think?

February 2, 2014

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website

Have you been working on the Social Media presence lately? If you are managing a blog or website, you probably have follow buttons in place, inviting everyone interested in to get connected and engage with you or your business on social platforms. You don't have any? You're missing the opportunity! Now you might wanna consider adding follow buttons on your site.

August 14, 2013

How to Download Your YouTube Videos

Do you watch videos online? Mmm... YouTube! You watch videos on YouTube and interact with them. Admit it! You love the YouTube experience, and the term "YouTube" pops up in your mind as we speak about online videos. Isn't it true? Except for enjoying videos, you might have uploaded your videos on YouTube too. You don't need to confess, but I know you have all your videos stored in your storage devices before you upload them onto YouTube. So, in case if your YouTube account got banned or removed, you have got backups of your videos too. BUT?!

November 12, 2012

How to Edit and Create Videos with YouTube Video Editor

Do you create videos? If you do, probably you upload them on YouTube and share with your subscribers and friends online. YouTube is a popular platform to share videos online and once you uploaded your videos there, sharing is nothing more than copying and pasting. But it doesn't offer video editing capabilities much. Is that what you have heard of it? Well, what if you wanna edit and remix your uploaded videos and produce a whole new video to for a change and share with your friends online? Ugh... YouTube allows that? Mmm... Have you heard of YouTube Video Editor?

October 29, 2012

Embedding a YouTube Video on Your Blog

Embedding YouTube Videos

When you are maintaining a blog, you know that 'a picture tells more than a thousand words'. Using pictures adds readability to your blog. It makes the whole reading experience better for your visitors. A video adds even more to the fun, provided it adds value to your posts subject.

October 14, 2012

How to Enable Autoplay for Your Embedded YouTube Videos

Nowadays YouTube is a popular term among Internet users as they speak of online video sharing. Everyone use Internet knows what is YouTube due to its popularity as a video sharing website. If you are seeking for online videos, YouTube is the first brand name comes in to your mind. Isn't it? Videos uploaded on YouTube are easy to share among users and the best use for bloggers and webmasters is that YouTube videos can be easily embedded on their pages. However as we embed a video on a page, we expect visitors to click on the play control to start watching. But there can be some occasions where we need videos to be auto-play without any user response as they land on our pages. Don't we?

September 21, 2012

How to Edit Uploaded Videos on YouTube

You already know that YouTube is a popular online video sharing website. You can upload and share your favorite and awesome videos with your friends and family in few seconds with the help of YouTube. Further, You can easily embed YouTube videos or playlist on your blog or website if you want to. Thereafter you will be notified for each response you get for your uploaded videos and you can track how many views getting for your videos too. However if you wanna edit an uploaded video for some reason, then you have to delete video from YouTube, edit it using a video editing software on your computer and re-upload it to YouTube. That's the traditional methodology. Isn't it?

May 29, 2012

Transform Your Facebook Profile or Page into a Movie with Timeline Movie Maker

Timeline Movie Maker has been shut down. It was really fun!

Facebook is a great way to get connected with your friends and family online to share and care. You can share photos, videos, events and quite like being in a party with everyone you love. Not only your friends and family members, but also you can engage with your customers and followers through Facebook Pages. Can you recall best memories you had on Facebook?

August 29, 2011

How to Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist on Your Site

Have you thought of strategies to keep your readers engaged with your content? You could have been using attention grabbing images / photos, slideshows, audio or video content. Talking about videos, they can definitely help increase the engagement and time they spend on your site too.