Mayura4Ever is in the process of helping people in need of information, and offering services for individuals and businesses to be successful and evolve online confidently.

Our mission is to form a qualitative online resource for bloggers and Internet users to improve their blogging and the Web experience.

Who's Behind Mayura4Ever?

My name is Mayura De Silva, the founder of Mayura4Ever and I'm living in the beautiful island Sri Lanka.

Mayura De SilvaMayura De Silva
I'm passionate about Information Technology, and especially love to solve problems and make things {simple} for everyone.

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The Story: Blogging

I've started blogging in 2011, with the expectation of forming a helpful source for everyone by sharing my knowledge and experiences. Mind you, I like to instill my opinions too.

I loved the idea of having a small space and ability to broadcast with more control over it. Especially, as I can personalize it the way I want it to be. After trying out few more popular and free blogging platforms, I decided to stick with Blogger.

Now, it's not just about my contribution, but I'm fortunate enough to have more contribution from some wonderful bloggers too.

Thank You

I hope you are enjoying content being published here and I'm really glad if you have found them helpful to figure out something in your life.

Thank you for being here and taking your time to read the story behind this weblog :)

I always admire your unconditional love and support...