October 3, 2011

Review Online Ranking for Your Site via SEO.com Instant Website Report

It doesn't matter you are managing a blog or website. You would be like to offer quality and unique content for your readers. One factor to assess your site progress is analyzing your site traffic data. And yeah, you may use web analytics services to see rich insights of your site traffic and marketing effectiveness. However you would be more prefer to optimize your site and ranking on the web for more readers to reach your site easily. As you care about the progress of your site, you may follow SEO and marketing tips to optimize your site. But yeah, you would be more delightful if you can assess your online ranking or standing of your site. So what if you can review your site ranking and find areas still need to be improved?

SEO.com Instant Website Analysis Report let you see your competition on the web with related competitors and display your standing with aggregation of related data. It will show your,

 Google Page Rank

 Alexa Rank

 Number of Inbound Links for Your Site

 Number of Pages Indexed in Popular Search Engines

 Related Keywords

 Site Matrices

With above stated information, you can assess how you are doing with your website or blog. You can make use of this information to improve your site rankings and to build a competition among you and yourself rather than trying to copy or knock off your related competitors to gain more visibility. If you are not familiar with the information on the report or don't know how to make use of the information to improve your site ranking, then a simple web search on related area or discussing results with a search marketing specialist will do it for you. As you progress towards, you can compare ranking with your previous reports to assess progress yourself and to be more confident. But however its better you keep your report as a source of information rather being solely depend on it and remember the analysis has no sense of how quality and creative your content is.


1. Go to SEO.com Website Report page.

2. Fill out the given form with your details including your blog or website address.

3. Click Get Free Report button and wait for loading report.

4. Now you can see what you have been waiting for. Go through the report to assess your rankings and find areas need more improvements.

Enjoy :-)

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Aditya Subawa said...

thank you for sharing this topic, I do not understand the scores given seo.com, maybe you can explain it well.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Aditya,

Glad you found it helpful and had it run on your site too mate :) Well, don't count on the score much. Yeah, it's a measurement. But it's better to focus on statistics it offers and if you see any negative feedback on your site there, fix 'em. So you can improve your site standings more in terms of SEO ;)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment mate :)