February 12, 2012

How to Delete Your Google+ Profile

How much do you engage in social media? Facebook, Twitter could be your all time favorites. As latest additions you may experience Google+, Pinterest social platforms too. But let me get it straight. What do you think about Google+? Do you make use of it to spread your news, content or share with friends? If you are managing brands or would like to promote your content, you will find Google+ more SEO friendly as it enables to find you and your content via Google web search. However still some of you may wanna get rid of your Google+ profile due to different kind of reasons. But without affecting to other Google services. Do you?

Why did you opt in to Google+? Simplest answer would be just to try it out. Or if you creating new Google accounts, you will opt in to Google+ automatically. But why would you opt out? I can't be specific about that. Some of you find it really interesting and wonder about Google+ features. But some of you may not wanna try them out or get bored already. Simply one of my friend wanted to delete his Google+ profile because he just wanted to have his friends in his Google+ profile, not new faces. But Google+ allows users to circle anyone without sending a request or something. Eventhough Google+ let users create circles for separate groups, he didn't wanted to be in other user profiles. That's how individual perception goes. However if you wanna get rid of your Google+ profile, let's find out how to.

Before You Go:

This tutorial intend to delete your Google+ profile and it's associated features only. It doesn't delete your Google account and not affected to other Google services such as Gmail, Blogger. Deleting your Google+ profile will affect on you as follows:

* All your circles, private profile information, data or posts including comments related to your Google+ profile will be deleted.

* Contacts of the people in your circles will be preserved in Google Contacts and photos will be left alone in Picasa Web Albums.

* Your recommendations or +1s will be deleted permanently.

* If you manage Google+ pages and the owner of them, their content will be deleted unless you have transferred ownership of your pages. You might like to read How to Transfer Ownership of Your Google+ Page.

* Google+ features will be unavailable for you in external websites.


1. Sign in to your Google+ profile.

2. Navigate to Google+ Settings page.

3. Jump to Account Overview tab.

4. Scroll down and find setting Delete profile and Google+ features under Services heading.

5. Now click on Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features link next to that setting.

6. Select Delete Google+ content option.

7. Now confirm deletion by checking the Required option.

8. Click Remove selected services button to delete your profile.

9. Now you will direct to post deletion feedback page. Leave feedback if you want or just click Submit button.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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