March 29, 2012

How to Report Spam Accounts on Twitter

Do you tweet regularly? Or a fan of Twitter? Twitter is a great way to communicate with your friends and followers instantly eventhough it limits your messages to 140 characters. However as a Twitter user, no one needs invitation to follow or see your tweets as long as your tweets not protected. Therefore some people may try to abuse on Twitter in available room. Mostly some people will send you harmful links or try to get attention of yours by using @reply or @mention functions. It means either they will reply your tweets with harmful links which directs to malware websites or send you unwanted messages with the mention of your account name to get attention. It will be buggy as you regularly use Twitter and you may want to get rid of them. We can identify this behavior as spamming on Twitter. Would you like to get rid of spammers on Twitter?

As a service and a social network, Twitter needs to think about their users safety and privacy. Therefore due to this involvement of spammers, Twitter let you report spam account directly from the respective spam profile. The Twitter Rules has defined specific rules for users to identify spammy behaviors. So if you suspect an user spamming or you have no idea why they are doing this, you can report it to Twitter instantly. Once after reporting a spam profile, you will no longer get replies or mentions from the reported account and will block interaction with your account automatically. Further it will queue up for Twitter's Trust and Safety team to review and take necessary actions for that account. After the review of team, if it proved as a spam account, the respective account will be suspended.


1. Sign in to your Twitter account and locate suspected spam account.

Note: If you come across a spammy tweet, click on respective account name shown on the tweet.

2. Now click on person icon displayed on spam profile.

3. Select Report @username for spam from drop down menu.

Note: Here @username reflects spam account or profile username.

4. Now the suspected spam account will be blocked automatically and report to further review.

Enjoy :-)

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Unknown said...

Been doing a lot of that lately - I wonder what the reason is - must be a way they are making money off those that don't know they are spammers?

Mayura De Silva said...

I've came across few spammers too Lisa :) But, practically, I can create a new Twitter account and go spam around. Spammers always seeking for accounts with high user activity to grab more attention and to reach more users or get more impressions. Incentives for clicks or hack into accounts to grab user data. Data leads to money. Yeah, eventually it's all about money :)