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March 20, 2015

How to Secure Your Twitter Account

Are you aware of the power of tweeting? If you are, I believe you have been tweeting like it's second nature. Even you may have come a long way to a point where you don't even wanna think about a day without Twitter too. Either if it's a primary social hub, a marketing tool or tweeting for fun, how would you feel to learn your Twitter account has been compromised?

March 16, 2014

Protect Your Facebook Account with Bitdefender Safego

If you are on Facebook, you do know you can expose to different kind of threats which may even compromise your account. Even you have taken all the Internet security precautions and secured your Facebook account through available settings, you are still exposed to the content shared by your friends and followers. Hence, still one single click can ruin all your efforts and vulnerable the security of your account.

November 17, 2013

How to Set Up Trusted Contacts to Recover Your Facebook Account

Did you ever had trouble logging into your Facebook account? Mhm... It's very frustrating when you find you can't be on Facebook for a while. May be it can extend to few days or more than a week. Yet, the fact remains true that it's for your own safety. Facebook is responsible and takes necessary precautions when your account is at a risk. You don't expect to find your Facebook account end up being compromised. Do you? I know you don't.

June 10, 2013

Ensure Security of Your Google Account with Google Account Activity

Do you have a Google account? I presume you have. Would you mind allowing me to access your Google account. Yeah, you can trust me. Any problem with that?! Well, I'm just asking. Personally, I'd be nervous enough to give away my login credentials for someone ;) To be honest, I'd say NO! There could be scenarios where you would share login information with your best friend, spouse, co-worker etc. But, what if someone accessing your Google account without your knowledge?

August 21, 2012

10 Web Browser Applications to Improve Your Privacy Online

Privacy is one of your main concerns in your life to be more secure and safe. Security is a need of our lives and privacy comes under security. It may applies to many activities that you are depend on. As you are online, surfing web is a regular activity you almost do everyday. You click on an interesting link on the web and navigate to a page you may never been to. Most of sites are using one or more tracking mechanisms to track you and your behavior. It's not an unusual in the sense of tracking visitors. But what if the information stored could helps in abusing your privacy?

August 16, 2012

Notify When Someone Else Access Your Facebook Account

Isn't it true that you are always aware of your security? It doesn't matter it's your life or your data. Security matters everywhere. So when it comes to social profiles like Facebook, you are much considerate about your information you have fetched into your profile. Would you like if someone hacks your Facebook account and reveal your personal information to the public?

August 6, 2012

Are You Scaring Away Commenters?

“What? Scaring them away? What do you mean?”

What I mean is, are your readers able to comment on your blog with NO ISSUES?

I find this on more Blogger/Blogspot blogs than anything. I read a great post, I want to add a comment, and yet I can’t!

July 6, 2012

How to Disable Text Selection on Your Website

At some point, have you ever thought about disabling text selection on your blog or website? Yeah, to prevent selecting text on your pages. Not just for fun though. Hmm... It may be your whole content, or just few pages which you need to make sure your visitors can't select and copy specific texts. You content is already being copied by content scrappers and wanna figure out how to stop them?

July 3, 2012

How to Disable Right Click Menu on Your Website

Have you ever thought you wanna get rid of right click menu on your blog / website to secure the content? It is not a compulsory action, but mostly the reason would be preventing content scrappers from copying your content. Were you fortunate enough to keep away from content scrappers?

May 27, 2012

How to Control Who Can See Your Application Activities on Facebook

Don't you love to have some privacy? Everyone does. Even on Facebook, you have settings to take control over the information you share and whom you wanna share with. Talking about Facebook, you can find many applications to use with and can be very helpful. For example, to enhance the security. But if you don't know how to set up privacy controls for your applications, some information can go into wrong hands. Were you aware of that?

May 16, 2012

How to Filter Inappropriate Web Content with OpenDNS

You and I both know Internet is not a safe place even we spend most time on it everyday. Some of us just use Internet to pass time with friends and family, another may research and make use it for study purposes and most of people today define it as their livelihood. What else can you think of? I can't imagine or count how many opportunities it has made for people. It's amazing. Now it's just not a resource for people as it has already embedded with human lives. However as you surf through Internet you have to concern about your privacy and security. We have already discussed about web browser applications that helps you to improve privacy. Internet is consist of different types of websites. As you surf Internet, you might never wanna land on what you call "crappy" websites or wanna get rid of them as much as possible. However you don't have authority to remove such websites exist on the web. But would you like to filter or block them to prevent landing on them even mistakenly?

April 10, 2012

How to Report Copyright Violations on Blogger

Do you have any idea about how worthy the content you publish on your blog? When it comes to blogging, you might find an interesting topic on your choice and share the information matters to your readers while being aligned to the objectives of your blog. Simply, with the relevance. It could be a niche topic or a broad topic. Whatever it is, when it comes to writing you may have to research, read online / offline content and thoroughly study the subject with your experiences before you publish them for public.

April 6, 2012

How to Block Users on Twitter

Did you ever find someone annoying on Twitter? Mmmm... It could be a spammy account which survives on Twitter just to spam around. However we have already discussed how to report and block spammy accounts on Twitter. But it's not what I wanna talk about. I mean, did you find someone that always nagging around you or feels like boring always? If you find such a user on Twitter, you will glad to get rid of such users on Twitter. Don't you? But do you know how to block them and prevent from interaction with your Twitter account?

March 29, 2012

How to Report Spam Accounts on Twitter

Do you tweet regularly? Or a fan of Twitter? Twitter is a great way to communicate with your friends and followers instantly eventhough it limits your messages to 140 characters. However as a Twitter user, no one needs invitation to follow or see your tweets as long as your tweets not protected. Therefore some people may try to abuse on Twitter in available room. Mostly some people will send you harmful links or try to get attention of yours by using @reply or @mention functions. It means either they will reply your tweets with harmful links which directs to malware websites or send you unwanted messages with the mention of your account name to get attention. It will be buggy as you regularly use Twitter and you may want to get rid of them. We can identify this behavior as spamming on Twitter. Would you like to get rid of spammers on Twitter?

February 2, 2012

How to Secure Your Hacked Facebook Account

Did you find any unknown or spammy activities happening on your Facebook profile recently? Sometimes your account may have posted a new status message, but without your knowledge. So it's not you. It may happening due to someone else taking over your Facebook account. Generally it means, your account has been hacked. Oh... Sometimes you may never seen it. But your friends might have seen you sending spammy links, messages, comments or creating spammy events and pages. If they find it suspicious, they will promptly mark it as a spam and notify you about this activities. Right after that you may try changing your password, email or adjusting security settings regarding your account. But it may never work out. So what's your plan B?

November 24, 2011

How to Verify Your Facebook Account

Have you ever heard of Facebook? Am I kidding? Yeah... Now more than 800 million people including you knows Facebook. What about before 2004? At that time people didn't know about Facebook and how it's gonna be. Now Facebook is the most popular social media platform active on the Web. It has gained huge success since Mark Zuckerberg founded it on 2004. Facebook now integrates all over the web including websites/blogs, web applications and more. You know all about creating Facebook account and all that. But do you know how to verify a Facebook account?