April 19, 2012

Create a Custom Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page with Static HTML

Facebook is a place where millions of people connect virtually to share their interests or activities with interested or relevant parties. How do you use Facebook to gain more exposure to your business, brand or organization? Most probably you may have make use of opportunity offered by Facebook - Facebook fan pages. Facebook pages help your businesses or organizations to promote your products or services and it's really effective as millions of people lies on Facebook. Also for Facebook fan pages, there are many of applications created to be used with. As it is such a effective web solution to stay connect with interested people, what if you need to show off promotions or such customized information on your fan page for users?

As Facebook fan page starts to revolutionize businesses and marketing concepts, applications related to fan pages become more and more popular. Adding a custom tab is made popular as it offers you to promote your product or service in a creative and in a fresh motive to your visitors. Rather than showing basic information on your timeline, a custom tab could be able to attract users and change perception by implying the advantage of using your product or service. So customization of Facebook fan page is much more concerned. If you are willing to conduct a contest, organize a giveaway, show off interesting promotions or such thing, you can't always make use of predefined applications created for Facebook fan pages. In such a scenario, you have to create your own application to display customized information.

Now it has been much more easier. Here I'm gonna share about creating a custom tab which is based on iframe and with the capability of FBML usage and additional enhancements. With this application, you just need to customize your tab with standard mark-up languages such as HTML. Static HTML enables you to use markup languages generally used in web pages such as HTML, CSS and Java Script. Further it has capability of showing different custom tabs for fans and non-fans. As additional features it has Google Analytics integration capability to track tab viewers, allows to use custom icon for tab and FBML capability. So if you are willing to create a custom tab for your page, now it's time to make use of Static HTML: iframe tabs to experience additional unique features on your tab.


1. Navigate to Static HTML: iframe Tabs application page.

2. Click Add Static HTML to a Page button.

3. Select the page you wanna add iframe tab from the drop down menu.

4. Click Add Static HTML: iframe tabs button.

5. You will navigate to your page and click on new custom tab appears on the page.

6. Now you can customize your welcome page with images, text, links and whatever possible by using HTML, Java Script and CSS. Just add your mark-up content in content area.

Note: You can use Get image uploads... button if you need to upload images from your computer. It may needs to authorize your Facebook account too.

7. Further you can show off content on the tab only for your fans by adding content to Fans-only content area. It means the content you add up here won't display for non-fans.

8. Click Preview button above to preview your public and fans-only content.

9. If you are done with customization of landing page, click Save Changes button.

More Information:

* Click on Magic button displayed after clicking on custom tab, if you wanna change settings relevant to iframe tab. It includes features such as FBML mode, Integration with Google Analytics, Custom icons for tab.

* If you need to add more than one custom tab for your Facebook page, Static HTML provides you more applications for each tab. Click on corresponding link and steps are same as above.

Create Second TabStatic HTML... [Second Tab]

Create Third TabStatic HTML... [Third Tab]

Create Fourth TabStatic HTML... [Fourth Tab]

Create Fifth TabStatic HTML... [Fifth Tab]

Create Sixth TabStatic HTML... [Sixth Tab]

Create Seventh TabStatic HTML... [Seventh Tab]

Create Eighth TabStatic HTML... [Eighth Tab]

Create Nineth TabStatic HTML... [Ninth Tab]

Create Tenth TabStatic HTML... [Tenth Tab]

Create Eleventh TabStatic HTML... [Eleventh Tab]

Create Twelfth TabStatic HTML... [Twelfth Tab]

* If you wanna change custom iframe tab name or image, read How to Change Custom Tab Image and Name on Your Facebook Page.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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