October 22, 2012

How to Get Your Comments Approved

Wait... Let me guess, you are either a blogger or an online reader, orrrrr both. Aren’t you? Anyway, as you go through a weblog, you can see a comment form beneath blog posts. The comment form is the best way for blog visitors to interact with the author and to share their opinions. You are always welcome to share your opinions on mine ;) Eventhough you can write anything on a comment form, it doesn't mean you should write anything and submit. There is a reason why you see comment forms beneath the blog posts, not somewhere above the post. Wondering why?

Content + Comments = Valuable Information

Your contribution is expecting after reading through the blog post or hearing what author(s) has to say. Not looking at title, niche, blog, reputation or other factors. If you wanna be a trustworthy commenter, be genuine. Genuine commenters are always good commenters. If there is no way to contact blog author, then you have a point there. Else, comment form is for you to generate a valid personal or official response to the content published over there. We tend to believe that the content generated by authors are the valuable piece of information. But, we were misguided. It's not only place where interaction and socialization happens, but also comments are part of the story. Sometimes you can find answers to your questions, useful advice, inspiring stories in comments, not in blog posts.

Your Comments Disapproved

Did any of your comments never made visible on a blog, including mine? Generally, blog authors don't filter out comments if they are offensive to their personal opinions. Anyone can express their opinions in blogsphere as a blogger or commenter. No... It's not your ethnicity, religion, personal attributes or whatever you call it need to be satisfied to get your comment approved. Don't be mad. Let me explain why I don't approve comments on my blog.


Isn't it obvious? If your comment has no relevancy to the topic I'm talking about, I'm not gonna approve it.  Simple as that. The priority always goes for relevant comments, so anyone has questions related to that topic can make use of comments.

Personally, I have experienced such incidents many times, where readers found answers to their questions, not in my blog post but at comment section as I answered that same question earlier in response to another commenter. See what I meant, relevancy always matters.

Leave Links

Oh boy, this is the best reason I tend to disapprove comments. It's not that if I see a link, I'm gonna cut it down. But if your link doesn't support your opinion or helpful to topic I'm referring to, you are endangering your comment. If comment has a validity, I may moderate comment by removing link. But it's not possible in every comment system. So, your comments may never get approved if you leave links.

Don't ever leave your personal or promotional links including hidden links in comments, expecting someone gonna visit you. Even if your comment got approval, people tend to think you are a spammer try to promote something. It's very visual.

Abusive Words

You have a right to express your opinions, but I'm not tolerating abusive words or personal attacks on my blog. I don't think neither bloggers who would like to maintain quality of their blogs would appreciate abusive words either. If you highly criticize opinions mentioned in a blog, still you can criticize without using abusive words.

No Avatar

Avatar is something to reflect your identity online. I advice you not to use logos or cartoon characters as your personal avatar, if you wanna go out and meet new people online to build long-term relationships. Don't blame yourself. Once I did it too. I didn't know that time. You don't go hangout with friends having a mask on your face. Do you? In another way, using a real picture of yours as avatar helps you to brand yourself online.

On most blog platforms and commenting systems, the service Gravatar is being used to populate your avatar whenever you comment on them. My friend Barry Wells has been discussing about how to set up Gravatar. I never knew about this service in first days of blogging, until I read an article about this. If you haven't done this already, now it's your time.

Different Language

You could be excellent in many different languages. But I always assume, you comment, because you understand what I have shared in my blog post. I do use English on my blog as I believe it could help me reach more people. If you use any other language I can't understand, it's gibberish to me. Long ago, I've got a comment in Vietnamese language expressing gratitude. I was able to translate it and replied in English though. But it's not a good practice and your comment may never get approved assuming you never being through the content.

Too Short

This is a crucial factor. Comments can be too short, such as "Very good", "Nice article", "Thank you". You may think instead of comment nothing, at least you expressed your gratitude or appreciation. I'm with you on this. I used to comment like that back in my first days of blogging and before that and got approved. Someone told me to write long comments? Nope. If I feel you are truly expressing your gratitude or inspired, your comment will be approved.

In my point of view, "Too short" itself not a reason to moderate a comment if you are not engaged in promoting or spamming. But remember, your comments will define you online. As spammers are tricky and love to write "Too short" comments, you will be fall into that category if you keep writing too short comments and same thing over and over which seems like you are not adding any value for the blog with your comment.

Filtered as Spam

It's not a reason for disapproval, but it happen sometimes. A reason not to visible the comment you have made. Your comments may stuck in moderation panel as it flagged as a spam by automated spam filter. Usually bloggers take their time to go through moderation panel and approve comments unpublished in such occasions. If you can contact author, you can just ask about it. If you weren't suppose to spam or promote anything, and your comment was genuine, most possible reason not to visible your comment is it's being waiting for moderation. 

Ask Bloggers "Why?"

If you can understand above factors and change your perspectives on commenting, most probably your comment will get approved. But, they are not the only reasons relates to disapproval of comments. Can you think of more? Rather than making assumptions, why don't we ask bloggers, why they actually disapprove comments on their blogs. So, I asked my fellow blogging friends ~ "What are the best 3 reasons for you to disapprove comments on your blog?". You know what, they have different type of reasons too. Now, I will let you go through their responses, as in order I've got 'em. Take time to read them and visit their blogs to see what kind of bloggers they are, 'cause I'm not gonna reveal here. I'm really grateful for my friends on sharing their perspectives with me.

Vanita Cyril

● If the commented was insulting to myself, anyone mentioned or anyone who commented.

● If the comment was a shallow attempt at a backlink

● If the person's comment had nothing to do with the post but was just an attempt to attract attention to themselves

Lisa Buben

● If they look spammer

● If I have never seen them before on the web

● If they are totally unrelated to the topic

Harleena Singh

● If they are spammy links, which you can make out because the comment makes no sense and they look so automated.

● If the person leaving the comment has left a link to a site where his or her name doesn't exist - like some company name or when they are trying to sell some product or affiliate site and link. As a rule I approve only those comments where links are given to people who have their own blogs or sites - where their names are clearly mentioned.

● When they don't have a Gravatar - here I don't disapprove the link - I approve the link if it makes sense, but I remove all the links from such people and email them as to why I did what I did. Still if they don't follow, they keep commenting and I approve their comments without any links. Some known people also don't have Gravatars, so can't make a rule to not approve their comments - can I?

● Another reason is when the comments are just 2-3 words - they are totally deleted. But I don't get such comments any longer. I guess people see the looooong comments, wonderful bloggers like you leave, and the loooong replies I give and run off.

Jan Bierens

● When it gets picked up by my comment spam filter.

● When it has commercial links in them.

● When I feel it does not really contribute to the topic.

● When it's offensive.

Sylviane Nuccio

● They are obvious spam, full of links and no avatar.

● They are totally NOT relevant with the post.

● They are very short and just obvious "want to get backlinks" type of comment that bring nothing to the discussion.

Vidya Sury

● I generally don't disapprove comments - except when they are by Anonymous and include a totally irrelevant link. In fact, of late I have been getting of anonymous comments, including links to cigarettes and other crazy websites.

Lynn Brown

● Self promotion - when someone just wants to 'sell their stuff', so they will leave a 'good post' but then the rest of the comment is about their product with a link.

● Commenter provides link to unrelated site or topic and you can tell they are just spammers.

● I will not approve a lot of my trackbacks because they go to topics that are unrelated. But if the link relates to the topic or my site, I will approve those.

Donna Merrill

● No Gravatar - Unless I know the person well and know that they are changing things. It is imperative that we have a picture of ourselves, otherwise it could be just anything.

● A comment that shows me that the person didn't read the blog like "good job" or something that is not congruent with the post. That could be a sign that my spam didn't catch it or the person is just out for themselves.

● Since Google put into motion their bots to check backlinks, I don't like to accept a comment that goes to a sales page

Barry Wells

● Links lead to spammy looking site, with hardly any comments or posts on.

● Comment could relate to any post on any site. i.e: Learnt from your post thanks or great blog i'll be back... that kind of stuff.

● Self promoting comments that include links to sales pages, squeeze pages etc. If comment is ok but contains links I remove links and tell person off in my reply (unless I've asked for links to be included).

Adrienne Smith

● They are only commenting for backlinks.

● The comment left has nothing to do with the blog post.

● They're linking to their company’s product.

Brenda Lee

● Spammy

● Commenting just to leave a link to their own blog.

● If it is too rude or obnoxious and I feel it may offend my readers.

I Believe

Hopefully, now you have a good understanding about commenting, especially after reading through different opinions of my blogging friends. This is an attempt to guide commenters who has no idea why their comments being disapproved, including spammers. I don't care if you were a spammer or doing it wrong earlier. From now on keep the idea of commenting in your mind and interact well in blogs you comment. Be genuine. Do it right. No commenting rule will be on your way.

If you are a commenter, let me know what you weren't aware of when you commenting. If you are a blogger, let me know what other commenting rules you have imposed on your blog. If you can relate to both of them... What are you waiting for? Scroll the page and you can find the comment form below ;)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Harleena Singh said...

Wow Mayura! This is a wonderful source of information about why one doesn't approve comment on blogs!

Now I understand why you had wanted our little write ups about it. Thanks so much for including my points among so many other wonderful bloggers. :)

How could I forget the point about irrelevancy, which is so important. Yes indeed, if the comment itself is not related to the post, it surely will be deleted by all means. However, unlike a few others, I don't really delete all comments that go into the spam folder because sometimes the first time commentators have their comments landing up in the spam filter, which needs to be checked daily and fished out. And often times there are good comments from people you might be knowing too, so one needs to be careful about just deleting anything and everything that comes in our spam filter too.

Also, because all my comments remain in moderation, I really don't have any problem regarding checking out which comments needs be approved or not as it's all scanned before approval. :)

I agree with the points about abusive words or different languages used too, though I've never had either of the two ever on my blog, so wouldn't know about them, but if such comments do show up, it would be deleted.

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful reasons with all of us, which I'm sure is going to help commentators as well as bloggers. :)

Vidya Sury said...

You make some very valid points. When you asked me, I was just thinking about how I've been deleting several comments on a daily basis - from "Anonymous" The comment is utter nonsense, like a jumble of words with a link to some cigarette or youtube video. I changed the settings to disallow anonymous comments, but found that by doing that, the Name/URL option disappears too. So I've resigned myself to approving all comments before they get published. I find it funny how this "Anonymous" targets the same posts on all my three blogs!

My pet peeve is "great post" - and with many people, it is obvious they didn't bother to read the post and are there only for linking.

Normally, when I have nothing to contribute in the comments, I simply show my appreciation by sharing the post across social media.

Great post, Mayura :D Cheers!

Brenda Lee said...

Absolutely fabulous post! I can totally agree with all the bloggers comments there. It's truly a shame that people can't be original with the comments and share something of substance. Great post!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

First off, thank you so much for contributing your perspectives on approving comments on your blog dear :)

Ha ha ;) I just wanted to show that bloggers don't impose commenting rules unnecessarily but to maintain quality of their blogs. There was a myth that bloggers try to control conversations. Also a commenter once asked me why I don't let 'em promote their products with comments ;)

Oh it happens dear :) Spam filter may catch up and hold some comments for explicit approval though they are not spammy. We can't rely totally on tools, can we? :)

Usually I go through comment moderation queue as and when I get notifications of new comments. I agree with you there, "One Click - Delete All" method is very dangerous. Disqus + Akismet was doing great job so far in filtering out spammers for me, though sometimes I had to approve good ones.

Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your views and experiences on this topic dear :) And I appreciate your compliments too.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Vidya,

Yippy :) And thanks for being part of it and adding value to this post with your voice dear. I really appreciate it :)

It happens here too dear ;) Anonymous, who I think addicted to smoking, mobile reviews, cooking and web development; never forget to contribute for my blog with their inspiring wordings though they don't have time to read and response. BUT they are bots controlled by humans. I can think of what you are going through Vidya. What are the interests of Anonymous over there? ;)

Really a good point. I was wondering why Blogger just don't let us disallow anonymous comments. Name/URL option is essential for non-Blogger users. Don't they get that? Once I sent feedback on this for Blogger product team too. Hope a solution will come up someday after numerous reminders. Until we have to deal with it and bots will get a chance.

I'm sure, we would be so grateful for 'em if they share our posts on Social Media rather than fooling around with hilarious comments ;) I wish 'em to read that line of yours :D

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughtful comment mixed with experiences on this topic Vidya :) Appreciate your compliments dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Brenda,

Thank you very much for contributing this post with your views on approving comments on your blog dear :)

For a newbie, it may take time to understand what is the true meaning of comments as there are many different lessons to convince leaving links as a MUST in link building. I'll let him/her learn.

But people do this intentionally and know it's wrong too. How can I believe their content, if they are not genuine with comments? It's truly a shame that such people have an excellent brain and don't use it ;)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughtful comment Brenda :)


JB said...

It's nice to see, most of the bloggers won't post anything 'offensive' that's a good thing. Other that that i count a lot of thumbs down for 'commercial links'.
There's a thin line tho... Commercial link as in 'Buy your thongs at...' followed by a link or the (also) commercial link by a friend linking back to her / his site...
I know, it's different. ;)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jan,

First off, Thank you so much on contributing with your views on commenting Jan ;) Without all of 'em, it couldn't be much better.

Anyone can be "offensive" for opinions, but not "abusive". Right Jan? :) The voices can be differentiated according to different personas. I can yell at something or kill it silently, nah? ;)

I get you there mate :) It's a very good point. I believe leaving links itself not being spammy. Sometimes loyal reader comments tend to get approved, but not of other users with same kind of link. That's what you implying, right? :)

My view is, if a link is not related or supporting the argument, no matter what, the commenting rules should be applied, no? For me, yet no such thing happened and commenters familiar with how to deal with commenting. That's a relief ;)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment while pointing out a sensitive factor Jan :)


Lynn Brown said...

This is good research Mayura! Glad to see that many of us are the same page when it comes to good blog comments. This helps to keep the internet a much more valuable resource and experience while online. Thank you Mayura for your good work here!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for contributing your perspectives on comment approval at your blog and adding value to this post dear :)

I know we all appreciate quality over quantity, so we managed to preserve quality always on our blogs. As you said, it helps keep Internet as a valuable resource. But we need to keep in mind that there are many of 'em trying to break in and mess with. I hope some of 'em would able to make use of our opinions here to do it right next time when they comment :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughtful comment on the topic dear :)


Lisa Buben said...

Hi Mayura, Great topic. I am guilty of being too short at times. Sometimes I may look through previous comments like Harleena's or your own and think how can I compete with that? I'm not a very wordy person to begin with. I would not accept any comments that are full of promotional links, totally unrelated to the post or use crass language. I don't mind ones without gravatars because sometimes newbies don't make them up. (like myself in the beginning). When there are a few comments I'm not sure of I will then visit their site or blog to check it out. Sometimes you can never be sure Mayura.

Barry Wells said...

Hi Mayura,

First off, thank you for including the link to my Gravatar post. I really appreciate that and hope that people will take note of some peoples comment rules and go and get their Gravatar sorted.

It's really good to see other peoples views on comments and those that they won't approve. I think mine are pretty much the same as the majority here so that's nice to know :)

Some new bloggers fear leaving comments, especially when they see people like us leaving long ones. Many of them wonder how they can do likewise and whether they're of any value.... Being new to blogging.

To those people I'd say just jump in and share your thoughts on the post you don't have to write an essay but do need to make it more than one liner comments. Remember we were all new once and had the same thoughts and feelings so just do it!!

Mayura you've really hit on a subject that people need to know about. I don't like marking comments as spam but I have to protect my blog and that's my first priority.

If people follow your advice then there's no reason why their comments shouldn't be approved. After all it's in their own interest ;)

Thanks again for including me in your post Mayura.


Praveen Rajarao said...

Mayura - I completely agree with you 100% on the whole topic of commenting and the relevancy of the comment to the article. I do recieve a lot of spams and i delete them without a second thought. However, I did realize that many of the valuable bloggers comments were treated as spam by akismet and that made my extra 2mins job of scanning the spams and seeing if any of them are actually valid.

Yes, comments with links are always undesirable, it is quite obvious that the blogger wants to promote his/her article with the comment. I sometimes allow that if it comes from a friend whom I have known for a while.

It is nice to read through the awesome bloggers views on the rules of commenting. Nicely composed and written article.

Good read.

Jeevan Jacob John said...

The only time I don't approve a comment is when it isn't relevant (As with abusive comments, I haven't had any of those, so it's all good).

Others, I let them pass by as long as the comment adds value (short comments are also acceptable, if you manage to add value through your short comment). But, I personally believe it is better for you - as a first time commentator - to leave longer comments at first.

Great post, Mayura!

Noir Hussen said...

I do not always comment here although I must admit your articles have benefitted me greatly. When I see clever comments already made I become unsure if my comments will add value to your articles.

For my blog, I preach that everything is connected so some off topic comments and non-avatar ones are fine but I hate those leaving links and abusive kinds.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

First off, thank you so much for sharing your views on approving comments at your blog to add value to this post dear :)

It's nothing to feel guilty as your comments are valid for posts. Isn't it? :) For me, words come out naturally when I start to write and it takes some time for me too dear. I think I have enough time to write 'em and no hurry ;) But you can practice it if you need to.
Yeah, I agree with you on Gravatar Lisa :) Once I was with no gravatar too. And sometimes eventhough there are no links, spammers can send fake traffic for blogs to overload bandwidth. I have experienced it personally. But spam filters are smart enough to catch 'em up. Anyway, as you said, we can never be sure about it :) But we have to responsible for our blogs.
Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughtful comment on this topic dear :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much for contributing this post by sharing your commenting rules on your blog :)

Ohw... I thought your Gravatar video would be helpful for commenters as it has easy to follow instructions mate. I think we all have pretty similar perspectives on approving comments :) But priorities are different.

That's really a great point Barry. I remember I was afraid of leaving comments before I start blogging. Actually I didn't know why someone leave comments first place until I start my blog. A great advice from you for newbies. I think it doesn't matter how long the comment is, as long as it adds value to the post :) Therefore yet I approve too short comments that make sense.

I think people needs to know why this battle continues Barry :) Spamming vs Approval. Spammers have a second chance too. I hope this will encourage users to start off with commenting and improve 'em if they have done it wrong previously. If they come out clean, our doors are always open for 'em, no? :)

It's pleasure to include you Barry :) I just wanna let people know that we have reasons on disapproving, not we hating 'em.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts with a great advice for newbies Barry :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Praveen,

Absolutely mate :) We can't depend on tools always. So, I go through comments marked as spam, time to time to make sure that good comments are not flagged as spam. But yet, they are doing great job on catching up spammy comments, as some comments are tricky though they seems not spammy.

See, you value relevancy too :) It's obvious. We put more weight on quality than quantity. But I have seen some bloggers approving 'em. May be to show off numbers? Well, that's their perspective on it.

Whenever I see links, I feel 'em like spammy at first place. But I go through 'em. Mostly they are spammy. Usually I don't accept promotional links eventhough from a friend mate. I let him/her know about it if it happens. I think it's about verifying integrity of rules imposed on a blog rather than being inflexible. Well, that's how I think ;)

I thought of asking for comment rules from fellow bloggers to add more value to this post and show off what actually they are expecting from 'em. I could able to ask only from bloggers who were friended with me on Facebook :) I thought of you too, but couldn't find your Facebook profile.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views on approving comments at your blog with your comment mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jeevan,

Relevancy always matters, right? :) Whoops... You let in comments with promotional links? How you feel about it then? :) Hmm... There are different kind of perspectives. I glad I did this post as I can get to know of 'em.

I always remember what I did Jeevan :) I think being short is not a factor to disapprove unless we see a spammy pattern of commenting as a whole. Mmm... First time long comment may impress the blogger and create positive picture of commenter as I feel. That's a good tip for commenters mate :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your valuable thoughts on this topic with a useful tip mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Noir,

I agree :) Usually people leave links if they wanna promote somethings. The intention is getting traffic for their web pages. May be someone told 'em to do so. Yet, their comments will be disapproved. Abusive? Oh no...

I know you are a loyal reader of this blog for so long :) Ohw no mate. Don't worry about commenting here. Just express what you feel and I always appreciate each and every comment on my blog. Else I don't wanna spend time on replying and expressing gratitude for each and every comment made here.

If your intentions are pure, you always adding value here :) Further, commenting will gives you more exposure too. People find you as a trustworthy person by looking at your comments :)

So, if you ready to comment, comment section is always open for you. See, you left a comment which wasn't disapproved. You are doing it right. If you can set up Gravatar, that would be perfect and people will identify you by just looking at your profile picture.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views on approving comments on your blog mate :)


Adrienne said...

So sorry I'm late in commenting on your post Mayura. What a great subject and thank you for including my thoughts on this topic.

You know how I feel about blog commenting and I know for myself I was taught the wrong way to do this. Sure, a lot of times it's just plain old common sense but then again I know that in the online world we're taught to do things a little different. Not that it's right.

I'm glad you pointed all of these reasons out as well as included reasons most bloggers won't accept comments. I hope this helps everyone with a better understanding of how to properly comment. You'll definitely get your content seen more times and you'll start building some relationships if you do this right.

Thank for sharing this with us and you enjoy your week.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

Ohw... No problemo dear :)

Let me thank you for contributing this post with your perspectives on commenting dear :)

Absolutely I do Adrienne and I witnessed how you have been building relationships with commenting. It's true that people have been misguided by some so called successful people and when we think what they have been taught to us is right, no matter what we feels it's the best way to do it. But as we get to know more, things will change.

When we disapprove a comment, the commenter may not able to find a reason for it unless we let know the reason. Also he/she thinks his/her way is the right way to do it. Then commenter may imagine the blogger doesn't like the comment. So instead of this confusion, I thought this kind of a post would help 'em to understand what we are actually doing :)

The views of my fellow blogging friends will confirm that they are not only rules of a blogger, but also other bloggers were doing it to maintain quality of their blogs. I hope this would help people to start commenting in right way dear :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable thoughts on this topic Adrienne :)


Sylviane Nuccio said...

Excellent post, Mayura, and I wanted to comment earlier, but your blog doesn't allow comments on any browser :)

This are fantastically well explained reasons why good blogs would not to approve your comments and I hope it can help many.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sylviane,

Thank you very much for contributing this post with your views on approving comments on your blog dear :)

Oops... Really? Haven't reported a such. Thanks for lettin' me know :)

I think sometimes people taught to spam around to get attention dear :) And we disapprove everytime. If they get to know why we do that, they might learn to do it right :) Hope this will help some learn to do commenting right dear.

Thanks for coming over and commenting dear :)


Praveen Rajarao said...

Of course I care more about being relevant and do not encourage spammy comments in my blog. In my initial days I couldnt differentiate and just approved whatever comments I got. Later I got more careful and thus filtered out most of them.

I would have loved to give my views on this subject, hope you had got hold of my FB page, well, better late than never - www.facebook.com/dmcoffee.

Have a great day ahead.

Mayura De Silva said...

lol :D You just left one. I know it's not about spamming mate ;)

As I get to know you in that days, I was thinking of adding you too mate. But missed few including you as I couldn't find 'em.

I did allow few comments with links first days, but hate when I see promotional stuff. So I disapproved again later. Yeah, sometimes they get tricky too. Glad we know HTML ;)

Have a GREAT week too Praveen :)


Donna Merrill said...

Hey Mayura,
So this is why you asked me that question lol! Thanks for including me in this post.

I like the way you put this all together to enlighten people how important commenting is on their blogs.

It has to be relevant to the blog post itself. The person that posts a comment has to also have a good back link, not a sales page. When it comes to that, I remove the CommentLuv and may let them come in.
People do read comments on a blog and that may "attract" them to your blog. It is all about reciprocity!

My motto is quality not quantity! I like my readers because they do have so much to put into the blog.

Thanks for posting this!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

First off, Thank you so much for contributing this post with your views on approving comments dear :)

Of course dear ;) Why shouldn't I ask my blogging friends about it, right?

I know it's nothing personal or something like that we don't approve comments and once I've heard from a guy that bloggers approve comments only from the one they know. It is one incident for this post dear :)

Relevancy totally matters, isn't it? I think comment section is the tea table where we talk about anything relates our piece. Sometimes I let comments in even it's shorter, 'cause I did it first time too. Else they never gonna feel good about commenting.

I follow you Donna :) Quality always matters. The post itself is not the valuable part, but surely comments too. That's why I enjoy reading comments :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views on this topic Donna :)


Shivam garg said...

Really you type good information

Thanks for the information

for the disapprove of comments

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Shivam,

You're welcome mate :) Mostly blogger do care about their blogs, so the approval of comments too. I hope you have found 'em helpful :)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comment :)


Faith Epp said...

Hi Mayura, You have a wonderful blog and I the 2 posts that I have read are very helpful to me as a blogger. I don't get much comments on my blog and when I do, I always respond. Lately, my responses have not been showing up and I don't know why. I found you in trying to figure out why my responses are not showing up on my blog. All the check points are correct, so something is preventing my response from displaying. Any advice? I was thinking of disabling my comments and just asking people to email me direct, would that be a good thing to do? Thank you so much for your time and advice.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Faith,

Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad to hear you found this blog very helpful :)

Responding comments mean you do care 'em :) That's very nice of you and some folks just don't bother sometimes. Well, I haven't had many comments on my posts earlier, but as you keep blogging and build relationships with your readers and other bloggers, more readers will be attracted and start commenting :)

Comments not showing up on your own blog? May be they were marked as spam and you need to approve to show up on your blog. Check out your comments page and moderation settings Faith :) Probably you can find your comments stuck in there.

Well, the points I have mentioned in the post are actually not the prerequisites to show up comments :) I mean, not technical hurdles. But the comment rules that many bloggers have and they reject comments manually, which are not comply with 'em.

As you have a blog, I don't recommend disabling comments at all Faith :) Commenting is the best way for readers to share their opinions and a blog without a comment form is quite a turn off for readers. Emaling is best if they don't wanna share their comments publicly.

You can allow comments and even let them email you via contact page too :) So, you won't miss anything. Isn't it great? :) Just make sure that anyone can comment or email you easily. However, don't share your personal email addresses public too. Hackers watching us all the time.

Hope you got an idea what to follow Faith :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your comment practises too :)