March 4, 2013

How to Add Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a blogger or webmaster managing a site, you might be interested in getting traffic to your site. Don't you? One of the best ways you can count on is web search. Nowadays it's not a secret that people search for information online via search engines. Simply, a search engine indexes information we generate on our sites and serve relevant matches for online searchers. Search engines are responsible for displaying our content for searchers, but content generators need to be supportive in this process too. You can optimize your content for search engines via SEO practices. Further, would you like to help Google to know about your site and see how well your site doing on Google search?


I just spelled Google. What is the meaning of "Google"? Mmm... I have no idea, but I know you need it. There are many popular search engines available, but shall we start with Google first? I know, you wouldn't mind.

First thing is first. Let's me take you through a video explaining how Google search works. You may ask "What?! How it gonna help me out?". Just be patient and you gonna get familiar with Google search.

Did you enjoy it? Alright... Now go to and enter following query in the search bar and hit search. Ohw wait, replace by your domain name.

If Google already knows about your site, you will see search results originated from your blog or website. AHA... Google has eyes on you and index your web pages with no invitation. Don't see any search results from your site? Don't worry, we gonna say Hi to Google in few minutes.

Webmaster Tools

Google offers a way for webmasters to see how well their sites doing on Google Search ~ Google Webmaster Tools. Do you think Google is smart enough to know all about your site? Not always. Webmaster tools allows you to monitor status of sites and let you specify how your sites need to be treated or understood by Google search. You can see if Google has problems when crawling pages on your site and make sure it's Google friendly. Why not, it also checks your site for security threats and offer search related data too.

Mmm... I won't take you through all the details about webmaster tools. Not today. Proceed with below steps and list your blogs and websites in Google Webmaster Tools. Go through available search related data, tools and services for your sites and see how you can make use of them. Sooner we will be talking about how you can manage your blog or website in Google Webmaster Tools with available tools and services. Today, it's about the INITIATION. Shall we?

Before You Go:

* You need to have a Google account, in order to sign in to Google Webmaster Tools. If you don't have one, create a new Google account.

* If you are a Blogger user, you don't need to follow steps below. Just sign in to Google Webmaster Tools using the Google account you used to sign in to Blogger and your blog will be verified automatically and listed there.


1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools website.

2. Now click Add a Site button.

3. Enter your blog or website URL in the given text field.

Note: Make sure to enter your site URL correctly. i.e:,

4. Click Continue.

5. Now it's time to verify your blog or website before starting to manage. You can upload a HTML file to your site to verify it by following the given instructions.

But if you are uncomfortable with uploading files to your site, you can switch to Alternate methods and use one of options available there. The easiest way is HTML tag option as you need to insert a HTML meta tag to your blog or website just before </head> tag.

6. Once you successfully verified your site, you can start managing settings and monitoring how your site doing on Google search.

Note: You won't see data for your sites just after adding your blog or website to webmaster tools. It may take few days to populate relevant data.

More Information:

* If you have added  www ( or non-www ( version of your blog or website, make sure to add other version (www or non-www) in Google Webmaster Tools too.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Harleena Singh said...

Ah...I knew that one Mayura!

I sure feel thrilled when I know something before you share it because you know I'm not all that tech savvy, though certain things - thanks to wonderful friends like you and so many others, I have learnt along the way with time :)

Oh yes...just as that lovely video discussed - Google loves to crawl your site in the real sense. I really had no idea about this earlier till I read a whole write up about how it's done, which was an eye opener. One wouldn't imagine how detailed it can go - isn't it? Literally scanning things right through. :)

Your tip in the end is so very useful and much needed about adding the www or non-www - whatever you add once is what will work and no other. I again didn't know this till I tried out a few times to see the difference.

Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us .:) Have a nice week ahead :)

PibblesNMe said...

Fabulous tutorial Mayura! I've shared along so others might learn. :)

Debbie Doglady said...

Hi Mayura;
I actually did this a few months ago, using the trial and error method, which is my normal way of learning things on the computer. LOL So much easier to have the proper instructions! I didn't know about adding the www in addition to the non www. You provide a wonderful service here and I am learning a lot. Thank you! :-)

Corina Ramos said...

This is a wonderful tutorial Mayura! I just went through the steps and viola I was able to see my stats...the funny thing is it's not jiving with what my provider's stats show, not off my much but there is a difference...what do you think is the reason for this?

Rob said...

Hello Mayura, I have been using this for some time now my friend it's a great tools to be listed in. It's great to monitor the performance of your website or blog.

Thanks for sharing this help tips.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

Ha ha... You might be thinking you are not tech savvy but there's a tech savvy part in you too ;) You are indeed a learner and apply instead of ignoring.

Yeah dear, crawling is a complex process but I think we don't need to know every bit of it. Even the simplest idea is enough for us as publishers. With the Google Webmaster Tools, you can find any errors Google found in related to your site and you can fix it and move on. Nice, right? :)

This post is just very simple one as few folks had no idea what is Google Webmaster Tools Harleena :) Having www and non-www version is important to as if we come across critical crawling errors or malware problem, we can find more information about it.

However settings should be applied to the version (www or non-www) you are using not other :)

Thanks for coming over and really appreciate contributing your thoughts and experiences on GWMT Harleena :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Brenda,

Aha... I hope you have added both versions at GWMT dear :)

Thanks for adding your thoughts to the conversation and sharing with your friends...


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Debbie,

Glad to hear you have made it dear :) That's cool. You have nothing to worry about trying it, so I was thinking about not explaining all the stuff in one post and giving some room to explore too.

Adding www can help you out in some situations when you wanna track errors :) So have it added, but you don't wanna change settings for it though. It's just to view data :)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your views and experiences here Debbie :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Corina,

That's wonderful :) Now you get started and will look into stuff available there sooner.

Well, it's to show how well your site doing on Google search dear :) It's the best place we can find accurate information related to Google and they are not available for 3rd party providers, but only to site owners.

So it's possible to see difference between both. Keep up with both stats but Google Webmaster Tools is where you should refer when it comes to Google search impact on your blog.

I hope it makes sense ;) lol...

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts after trying it out Corina :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Rob,

You are right mate :) It allows us to access data related to Google search and we can verify whether our site is doing good or bad there. As it's coming from Google, we can depend on the data and measure performance, no? :)

Thanks for coming and adding your views on GWMT Rob :)


Claudia Carbis said...

wonderful article to learn how to use Google webmaster tool but I wanna know it is same process to use Google webmaster tool for blogger.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Claudia,

You don't need to add your blog to GWMT manually if you are on Blogger dear.

As I've mentioned in the post, you just need to log in with your Google account that use for Blogger and voila, you will see your blog listed there automatically.


Sapna said...

HI Mayura,

Great share from the University!

I think this is really helpful to everyone and especially to one's who are starting fresh and are unaware of the crawling and indexing fundamentals.

Thanks a lot for this great share. Your university rocks.


Romy Singh said...

Hello Mayura,

Thanks for the guide.

I've been using Google webmaster for awhile, and it's good tool to keep track on our website how it's performing in SERP's, even we can do lots of maintenance work using webmaster tool like sitemap, robots file, crawling, broken link, and sitelinks.

In short its one of must have blogging tool, if you are a blogger. :)

Adrienne Smith said...

Another great step-by-step guide Mayura that I know a lot of people will find helpful. This freaks some people out and they have no idea they even need to do this.

Now the only issue I've ever run across is I have to upload the file to my server in order for it to verify. For some reason the alternative options never work. It's so much easier to upload the file anyway but when I'm doing this for others I don't have access to their server.

Great job Mayura and I hope everyone who doesn't have this in place will.


Donna Merrill said...

Hi Mayura!
This was great! I went to Google did the site: with my address and found out so much information.

Then I tried to do the second part, but I screwed it up. I was rushing it. So I will do it again because I find that this is a great way for Google to see who I am.
I must say the video you put in this post was so helpful. I had an obscure understanding of how Google works, but seeing the visual gave me better knowledge of it. I loved it except for the spiders that made me itch he he.
Once again, Many thanks my friend.

Amy Hagerup said...

Hello Mayura, This is really cool. I've been using google analytics but not google webmaster tools. Thanks for your ever-needed wisdom. Blessings, Amy

JB said...

Hi mayura!
Google webmaster tools rock big time. I use it to scan for site problems and some keyword research.
Maybe a little tip: IF you gor a Microsoft (i.e. hotmail) account laying around somewhere, try BING webmaster tools too.
I bet you would like it, although you're a Google adept, like me... LOL

Sylviane Nuccio said...

Hi Mayura,

Indeed it's important to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools. One thing that I was thinking about again today for the zillion times, is why my personal development blog won't show under my name.

When I type my first and last name my writing blog comes first and soon after my travel blog, but for the life of me I can't make my personal development blog show no matter what I do. It' not even on the three first pages at all.

I was wondering if you might know what the problem may be.

Thanks for another instructive post.

rupali said...

Hi Mayura,

Thnx for Sharing Such usefull information, Nice tool to know the performance of your sites and keep updated. i personally used google webmaster and google analytics.


Claudia Carbis said...

oh wow that's really amazing.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sapna,

Absolutely dear :) You got it. This is much focused on people who didn't started with GWMT as the next phase is coming along. I hope you already there checking your statistics for your blog too.

Thanks for coming and contributing your thoughts to the conversation Sapna :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hello Romy,

Of course, that's the main purpose of using GWMT mate :)

Well, I didn't wanna start from there as I've got requests to help some folks on getting started. So at least I know this gonna help 'em. I'll come to next phase sooner :)

Thanks for visiting and adding your thoughts on GWMT Romy :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

When it comes to self-hosted WordPress you can install a plugin and insert meta tag value there for verification and remove plugin when you are done with it dear :)

Free blogs have in-built function to make that process much easier. Glad if it was available on self-hosted sites.

I agree that instead of inserting meta tag, uploading file would be easier for ones who know how to access control panel. Else you know, they will prefer not to access control panel to upload :)

Thanks for coming by and adding your experience on verification Adrienne :) I hope it will help anyone thinking about what to select on WordPress.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

lol :D Google spiders are everywhere Donna. Cool... You have seen the pages crawled by Google, no? :)

As you are using Yoast SEO plugin, it makes this process very easy Donna :)

i. Get your verification meta tag from Alternate methods tab.

ii. Just copy value in content attribute (Without quotes). It is something similar to below,


iii. Jump to Yoast SEO settings at WordPress and add the verification code in Google Webmaster Tools field. I've added screenshot for you to identify easily.

iv. Now verify ;)

I hope you will able to make it work smoothly and if you have questions, just let me know Donna :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts and experiences in verification dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hello Amy,

Now I hope you will get started with it dear :) You can start seeing how your sites perform at Google search. You would like to know how well it does, right? ;)

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts to the conversation Amy :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jan,

That's where it helps a lot mate ;) I use it almost everyday to check errors with mine and explore backlinks too.

I can't forget about Bing and Yahoo :D lol... I've been using it since I started with GWMT about year ago and that will be the tool I'll touch next Jan. I'm sure you are rocking both ;)

Thanks for coming over and adding more value with your suggestions and thoughts mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sylviane,

That's where you find errors regarding to your blogs on Google search dear :) GWMT is MUST have tool if you need to see how Google treats your sites.

Well, Google search reveals results according to keywords, but to find authored blogs, you need Google Authorship implemented.

Mmm... Seems you haven't implemented authorship, so I have few suggestions for you Sylviane :)

* Add all your blog links to Contributor to section instead of Links section in Google+ profile.

* Search for Google Plus Authorship plugin in WordPress plugin directory and add to your blogs. Then you just need to enter your Google+ Profile URL and save.

Let me know when you are done with it, so I'll check your blogs again for authorship :)

However it will take some time for Google to crawl and show your blogs under your name.

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts about GWMT dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Rupali,

Woah... So you are already using it :) That's cool. That reveals how your blogs doing in Google search and the tools and information allows you to find what you need to work on too.

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts here :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Kelly,

Seems your site blocking Technorati from accessing pages. Can you drop me your site URL here? :)


Neamat Tawadrous said...

Hi Mayura,

Another great and useful tutorial Mayura. You are so good at this. I really appreciate it.

I will definitely use this step-by-step tutorial and add my blog url to Google Webmaster Tools.

Thanks for another great post Mayura. Keep 'em coming my friend.

Be Blessed,


Sue Neal said...

Hi Mayura,

I have my site on Webmaster tools, but only recently, thanks to a post on another blog, realised that I hadn't linked my sitemap - that's sorted now, after a bit of a tussle - as you know, I'm not great at all this stuff in the engine room. When I come to have to do it again with another site I know I'll have forgotten how to do it (and I'll come searching for this post with your lovely step-by-step instructions!)

So, I've got my site registered and site map submitted, but that's about it - I don't really understand how to use GWT, so I'll look forward to your forthcoming posts.

I must admit, this is an aspect of blogging I don't enjoy and would really rather ignore, so I'm grateful to you for this prompt :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Neamat,

First off, very sorry about your Mother-in-Law and hope everything is going fine over there dear...

If you are uncomfortable with above verification options, there's more alternatives available on WordPress :) Let me know if you need to know dear.

GWMT let you see how your blog performs on Google. As it's about Google, we can rely on the product of Google, no? :) Of course, it will give more insights and reports if there any errors.

Add your blog and start exploring dear :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your views and thoughts Neamat :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sue,

Really cool :) You already know. So aren't you a techie? ;)

I think bit of a tussle is perfectly alright dear :) That's learning in my opinion. I remember when I first stop by on GWMT, I was lost.

Sitemap helps Google a lot and make indexing easy Sue :) And I hope you have added both www and non-www version to GWMT too. I'll let you know why it matters in next post :) You don't wanna submit sitemap for other version though.

Ha ha... Don't worry Sue :) Believe me, you will enjoy when you get to know what is it all about.

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts and experiences on GWMT Sue :)


Sue Neal said...

No I'm NOT a techie!!!! No idea if I've added www and non-www version and don't know how to check - will await further instructions in your next post, Mayura!


Mayura De Silva said...

Owkies Sue, Not YET then ;)

Ah... That's easy to figure out.

www version is

non-www version is

Got it? Check out which one you have already added at GWMT and add what you are missing :)


Sue Neal said...

Don't understand - I've just got the non-www version registered - do you mean I add the other version as a separate site? Won't that get me in trouble? And will I have to go through all the same verification palaver (which I can't remember how I did last time around!)?

See - told you I wasn't a techie, Mayura - I'm hopeless!

Mayura De Silva said...

Yeah Sue :) Add it as a separate site by following the same steps.

You won't have to verify it again as GWMT will say you have it already verified for non-www version :)


Sue Neal said...

OK, boss - will do! Thanks for your patience :)

Mayura De Silva said...

lol :D Just on my blog Sue. Isn't it why friends for? ;) Well, helping with what I know.


Manickam Vijayabanu said...

Yes. I have been using Webmaster since 2011, almost from the
beginning for Mediacrayon. Absolutely wonderful and excellent data collection. J

Google really helps a lot for all avid bloggers with this kind of Free service..! Awesome tool and I really love it.:)

I wonder many times about Google that the amount of work they invested on this tool to bring out such a great results. A big thanks to Google. :)

If you are really passionate about blogging or at online business, There is no doubt and you will Love this to monitor your site performance and to see Brillient results. :)

Thanks for sharing the info Mayura.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Manickam,

So it's been 2 years already. As we are seeking for help of Google search, GWMT is the access to search data for webmasters.

Google has lot of free services and it's one of their strategies on attracting users :) They are in a very good financial position to afford too. AND earn money through the brand image they have built in users.

Absolutely, it's a lot of work mate :) Nothing's come easily. It has been improving over time and adding new features. A great way to monitor and analyze search performance on Google :)

Thanks for coming over and adding value here through your thoughts and views Manickam :)