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March 2, 2014

Record and Share Your Screen Instantly with Screenr

Screen capturing can be fun and helpful. I'm not talking about still screenshots, but live in action. Imagine a friend of yours need a help on figuring out steps in a collaborative project. You can share your screen with him at that moment to show what needs to be done. But if you can produce a screencast, it is reusable and come in handy to many others having the same issue. "Fun and Helpful". Don't you think?

December 15, 2013

Monitor Your Website for Outages with Pingdom

Have you ever found your blog or website has been suffering from outages? Probably, if your loyal readers or visitors found they can't browse your site as they used to be, they might let you know right away. That's very nice of them. C'mon! You really can't depend on them to report back everytime it occurs. What if someone found your site having some sort of outages and left unsaid? May be, they won't come back again.

June 24, 2013

Embed Social Updates in Your Posts and Articles with SocialDitto

SocialDitto service is no longer available.

Mmm... Can bloggers and content writers stay away from social media? They used to. It's years ago, before the invasion of social media. But now they are attracted to social networks as it has promising benefits. In addition to content being published on blogs and websites, we find unique and pretty interesting content being shared on social platforms too. Were you ever wanted to embed a social update in your blog post or article?

June 18, 2013

Browse and Organize Your Reading List with The Old Reader

Do you keep track of content being published online? If you have few sites in your reading list, you probably prefer to drop by regularly and explore what's new. But if your reading list keeps adding more sites, sooner or later you might find it's time consuming to stop by on every blog or website regularly, and may miss out very interesting stories you ever wanted to read too ;) In such a scenario, what would be your best alternative to keep up with new updates?

June 10, 2013

Ensure Security of Your Google Account with Google Account Activity

Do you have a Google account? I presume you have. Would you mind allowing me to access your Google account. Yeah, you can trust me. Any problem with that?! Well, I'm just asking. Personally, I'd be nervous enough to give away my login credentials for someone ;) To be honest, I'd say NO! There could be scenarios where you would share login information with your best friend, spouse, co-worker etc. But, what if someone accessing your Google account without your knowledge?

May 28, 2013

Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 5

Google Webmaster Tools now known as Google Search Console.

Google Webmaster Tools - A WORST Nightmare? You might feel you are challenging yourself when you get started with Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) for first time. But there's nothing wrong with you. How are you getting along with GWMT, after being through the series so far? I hope you have got some understanding about it right now. Especially about what is it capable of.

May 8, 2013

Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 4

Google Webmaster Tools now known as Google Search Console.

Well... Well... Well... We are getting closer to the end of this series. So far we have been touching Configuration, Health and Traffic sections in Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT). I know, it's associated with some technical aspects and you need to have some basic knowledge about them. So far I've been trying to explain necessary terms and tidbits you needed to know. I'm happy with responses and questions coming in even on Social Media. Are you?

April 17, 2013

Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 3

Google Webmaster Tools now known as Google Search Console.

Think about few weeks back, before you start with Google Webmaster Tools series here. Do you believe you have learnt something new and being even more familiar with Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) than before? If you did, at least for some extent, you can be proud of yourself :) Not at all?! Don't worry, it's never too late and you can come up with all the questions via comments. Follow details with GWMT and you will get to know it better. May be you can teach me after all ;)

April 8, 2013

Review Marketing Efforts on Your Website with Marketing Grader

It's obvious that you are always trying to improve your website to grab more attention of online users. I know it's not just an easy task to deal with. If you have a blog, you do need to focus on creating unique and quality content for your readers and of course to gain more readership. If it's a website, you need to focus on targeting your products or services too. It's just not about building a complete site but how it gonna help attain your long-term goals. You might have missed few or more important features you need to be implemented on your blog or website for maximum effectiveness. How about if someone can help you with reviewing your site?

March 25, 2013

Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 2

Google Webmaster Tools now known as Google Search Console.

How are you getting along with Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT)? Last time we have been discussing about using and managing settings in Configuration section. I hope it was helping you to understand the settings. At least you know how to get started and what's in Configuration section. Don't you? If you missed the previous post, read Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 1. Now it's time to move on and continue the series. Let's take a look at Health section and what it has for bloggers and webmasters.

March 19, 2013

3 Reasons to Use SlideShare to Promote Your Blog

SlideShare is one of the top and fastest growing online communities. It is owned by LinkedIn. It is used to create and share visual presentations. Forbes reported a few weeks ago that “SlideShare is a major tool in the content marketing arsenal.”. They have 60 million visitors a month and are one of the top 200 websites visited in the world. Have you started using SlideShare? Learn why you can use it for your blog today.

March 10, 2013

Manage Your Website in Google Webmaster Tools: Part 1

Google Webmaster Tools now known as Google Search Console.

We have been talking about how to get started with Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) by adding and verifying your site. Some of you may have found it pretty easy task, but still there are folks need a help on it. Anyway after spending few minutes or several hours, I hope you already added your blog or/and website to Google Webmaster Tools by now :) Now it's time to walk through the components available at GWMT and let's get to know each of them.

March 4, 2013

How to Add Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a blogger or webmaster managing a site, you might be interested in getting traffic to your site. Don't you? One of the best ways you can count on is web search. Nowadays it's not a secret that people search for information online via search engines. Simply, a search engine indexes information we generate on our sites and serve relevant matches for online searchers. Search engines are responsible for displaying our content for searchers, but content generators need to be supportive in this process too. You can optimize your content for search engines via SEO practices. Further, would you like to help Google to know about your site and see how well your site doing on Google search?

February 18, 2013

Download Your Instagram Photos with Instaport

Hello, INSTAGRAMmers. Let me start with a simple question ~ "Do you use Instagram very frequently?". I don't know exactly why you use Instagram, but I know you are a Massive Photo Lover. You might have 100s or 1000s of photos stored in there that you would love to display on your blog or website. Usually when you take photos with Instagram, they will save in your device too. You might save them somewhere else or just keep them in your Instagram account while deleting photos from your mobile storage. What if you wanna download photos in your Instagram account?

February 3, 2013

Save Web Content or Pages to View Later with Pocket

Are you a victim of information madness? ;) We find a lot of blogs and content to read or view on the web everyday. Don't we? Suddenly we find a great piece of content online and while reading half way through, the clock reminds you that you need to be somewhere in 30 minutes. What would you do? You might careful enough to bookmark the page and close your web browser. Else? You could possibly close your web browser without worrying about it. It's just a simple example where you could miss out wonderful pieces. How about saving such content to view later on?

January 10, 2013

How to Schedule Your Social Media Updates with Buffer

Lately I've been thinking about how social I am ;) Now I'm on few social networks and gladly they haven't been overwhelming me to ditch one by one. I have my own limit and even I don't wanna put all eggs in every basket, but where I need. Let's work on what works. How about you? Where did you spend most of your time online lately? You might like to be called as a Social Ninja. So what are you - A Facebookerberg, RTwitterista, GooglePlusician, Pinterestarian or LinkedIndiano? Add yours if not listed. FYI, I'm a little kiddo ;)

January 3, 2013

Monitor and Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts with HootSuite

How many of you just stick with one single social network? You could be a Twitter lover, Facebook addict, Google+ worshipper, Pinteresting pinner or so. But many of us are engaged in two or more social platforms either for personal use or business use. Don't forget that there are successful businesses out there even without social media presence. Well, I'm not gonna talk about social media usage for you here, but calling for people in multiple social networks. Now, let me ask ~ How many of you take your precious time to log in to each and every social network to post the exact update or message with your friends and followers each and every time?

December 3, 2012

Display Instagram Photos on Your Website with SnapWidget

Do you take photos with Instagram? Instagram is a photo sharing platform and can be defined as a social network where users can engage with other Instagram users. Now this one gonna come in handy if you are already on Instagram and managing a blog or website. Else, of course you can try it out after having an account and playing with photos on Instagram. Dear Instagram fans, did you ever wanted to show off Instagram photos on your blog or website?

November 19, 2012

Create a Simple Android Application for Your Site with AppsGeyser

The mobile platform is getting more and more popular everyday with latest technological advancements. Most of users now using mobile devices and it's almost mobile era. Don't we see smartphones, tablets everywhere now? Well, if you are managing a blog or website, have you ever thought of this factor? Absolutely, I know many of you has mobile version of your blog or website to be compatible with mobile devices, isn't it? If not, now it's time for you to think about it. Well, how about building your own app for your blog or website? So your readers can check out your content instantly via their mobile devices without entering your site URL always. Isn't it?

November 16, 2012

Why Link or URL Preview Not Working on Facebook?

Hmm... Now social sharing is very common. Isn't it? Social Media helps us to connect with our friends and family very quickly and easily. As we explore online and find very interesting content, we tend to share them with our friends on social networks. Well, what if you are a blogger? Then you have to share your own content with your friends and subscribers, right? It could be any social network you are engaged in. Let me narrow down here. Do you share links on Facebook or like online content using Facebook Like button? Can you recall a day that Facebook couldn't able to populate the preview of the link you have been sharing or liking?