August 26, 2013

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website

Last week, Facebook has been busy rolling out their new feature for all publishers. Yeah, right after rolling out the same feature on Instagram. It's not a secret that Instagram users were excited about embedding photos and videos. I've been witnessing embedded Instagram images on some blogs and websites I stopped by recently. Now, it's on to the Facebook and made available for everyone. Were you excited to know it's on Facebook too?


Publishers find this is a great addition to their marketing strategy. They can use this feature very well to promote their Facebook profile or page outside the Facebook, on their own blogs or websites. Can you think of other uses? :)

Previously, we have discussed about embedding social updates via SocialDitto. If you can recall, it supports Facebook, Twitter and Google+ too. But now, you don't need to rely on any third party tools anymore. Not for Facebook. Well, unless you find Facebook's approach is impressive.

Facebook Embed Posts

You can embed any post you find on Facebook very easily. Oh NO! Not any post, but any public post. It doesn't matter if it's shared on a page or profile though.

Below you can find an example of embedded post. It is a post shared on Mayura4Ever page. As it's originated from a Facebook page, it allows users to Like the page by clicking on "Like Page" button. If you already liked the page, the label changes to "Unlike".

Do you like the way it renders? Or is it just weird? Personally, I just love it.

If you managed to embed a post from a Facebook profile, the button will be labeled as "Timeline" and it will direct to the respective Facebook profile. Anyway, users can view the profile by clicking on user's name.

However, if that user has Followers feature enabled, viewers will find it labeled as "Follow". So, anyone can easily follow or unfollow that person on Facebook via embedded post. Below, you can find it's in action.

In addition, users can directly interact with the update by liking and sharing. As you can see, it shows the like and comment count too. But, if someone needs to leave a comment, it will direct user to the original post or status update. Same goes if you like to view existing comments and people who liked too.

Did you notice what happen if the post description is too long? Ugh... You need to reserve an entire page? Not at all! In the second example, you can see it's truncated and appended "See more" link. User friendly! Don't you agree?

Further, Facebook offers the capability to grab embed code from an embedded post. You can simply click on the drop down button on any embedded post, and select "Embed Post" option to view corresponding embed code. Mmm... Embedding made easy!

There's More...

Now, you just witnessed what Facebook embedded posts are capable of. But there's few more worth mentioning.

Video Playback - Like you embed and play a YouTube video on websites, Facebook embedded posts are capable of playing videos within the post too. Like you do on Facebook. You don't need to direct viewers to Facebook at all. It's helpful when you think about lowering your bounce rate too.

Mobile Support - No worries for mobile friendly audience. Embedded posts render smoothly on mobile devices and perfectly fit to the screen. I had a chance to view few of embedded posts through my smartphone and I really liked how mobile friendly they were.

Keep in Mind

Embedding posts doesn't mean its content being uploaded to your server. It's just hosted where they are but renders on your blog or website. In case if the poster changed the privacy (non-public) or deletes the original post, the embedded post won't be rendered on your site anymore. Instead, it will render a user friendly message.

Sometimes, you may find that a public Facebook update has no Embed Post option at all. For example, if you tagged in a public post and allowed to display it on your Facebook timeline, you won't find that option in the option menu. Instead, locate the exact post in original poster's timeline. There, you can find the option available.

Eventhough you find the embedded post feature integrated into Facebook, they have released the same functionality as a social plugin too - Embedded Posts. You can simply insert an URL of a public Facebook post, and generate the embedded post code there.

I hope you are familiar with the fact that public posts can be accessible by anyone. So, even if you are gonna use this feature or not, make sure you are not gonna publish sensitive content publicly. If you do, now you are endorsing other users to embed your content everywhere online.

Are you ready to embed yours? Let's begin!


1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Now locate the Facebook post or update your wanna embed.

3. Click the down arrow / drop down icon on the top right of the post to access the option menu.

4. Now select Embed Post option.

5. Grab the embed HTML code and paste it where you wanna render.

Note: If you are a Blogger user and wanna render it in a Blogger post or page, read How to Embed External Content on Your Blogger Posts or Pages.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Harleena Singh said...

Hi Mayura,

Awesome tutorial yet again :)

Yes indeed, I've been reading a lot about the Facebook embed posts but never got down to understanding how it's all done because I knew you'd write about it here pretty soon ;)

Honestly speaking, I think if you embed your own posts it sounds good and it looks good too! But I wonder if you can or you should embed someone else's posts on your blog without their permission, or should you seek their permission before doing so, which again many people won't do. So, you really need to be careful about what you share on FB now, isn't it? I wonder if you can make out when your post is shared or embedded by another person? I don't think so, but I'm sure that feature would soon come out so that the main person whose post is embedded can head over and see or comment and join the conversation.

Thanks for sharing this with us, and for the mention of your wonderful guest post also - much appreciated. Have a nice week ahead :)

Corina Ramos said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before you enlightened us with a Facebook how-to! You make it seem so easy to do.

I never really thought about embedding these on my gave me something to think about.

Thank you for putting this together Mayura, awesome as always!

Jeevan Jacob John said...

Hey Mayura,

As much as I like this feature, I also hate it (I just hate the part about videos) ;) Sure, I can see the possibilities - especially with blogging. There are instances when I just want to share videos (and not the user/page who is sharing it - especially when they are just sharing a general video). I suppose I could always go to Youtube and search for it :D

FB should have included an option to disable integrated profiles with embedding. Or maybe not. It could be useful for me, but I am not so sure about others.

Anyways, thanks for the tutorial!

Amol Mhetre said...

Hi Mayura, I love this latest facebook feature. it's really easy to get that code and publish FB pages videos, images on blog and the great thing which I like the most that once you publish that embed code it's automatically publish user/page. Thanks for sharing !!

Ashley Faulkes said...

Hey Mayura.

always love your posts. Super informative and helpful. Honestly I must say I have been ignoring facebook because I don't have many active fans and interaction on my page. But with this idea......maybe something will change. This is actually pretty cool. The interaction in the middle of a post really could bring something big to a post. I think people like interactivity (maybe it begins as a kid when you go to those fun museums etc?). I will try some of this out and see how it goes

Bilal Malik said...

Hi Mayura!

It was very new to me because I did see this thing before. I'm not used to using facebook but I will try to embed facebook post on my blog. Lets see what will happen.

Thanks for sharing.

Sue Neal said...

Thanks for another awesome share, Mayura - and this ones looks so easy I think even I might manage it! I'm interested in Harleena's comment, though, about whether we should seek permission to embed someone else's post - or can we just assume that once something's published on FB it's basically public property? I imagine most people would be pleased to have their posts shared on a blog, as long as you're doing it in a positive, friendly way, but I guess some people might object?

Great fun, though - I'll have to keep my eyes open for things that might be appropriate to embed - cheers :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

Ah... You knew? Seems I'm so predictable now, eh? ;)

I think embedded posts is a wonderful feature missing out on Facebook, but now it's live :) Yeah, it looks very good to me too dear.

I really thought someone will bring that point to the discussion Harleena :) Embedding someone else's content is quite debatable depends on the content. Even it applies for YouTube too, nah? :)

Anyway, Facebook clearly defines how "Public" privacy setting works and even no one gonna embed a post, yet their posts are publicly accessible. Sometimes it's sad to see some folks share their personal information publicly too.

Now it's their own responsibility and ignorance won't be an excuse anymore Harleena :) It never did either. So, now Facebook users have to aware of privacy settings when they share content :)

Like we embed YouTube videos, embedding Facebook posts don't need permission dear :) We automatically endorse embedding by sharing stuff publicly. Over time, I guess no one will think about it either. However, for questionable content, I think it's best to ask for permission :)

So far, there's no way to get notified for embedded content Harleena :) I'd love if an embed count displays under our posts like it shows for shares. Let's hope for that in future :)

No problem on mentioning guest post dear :) Actually, I've noticed the read more link appears for that post mistakenly and thought of embedding it here to show how it looks like.

Thanks for stopping by and contributing your wonderful comment to this post Harleena :) The concerns you brought here will definitely make everyone think about sharing content on Facebook.

You have a nice week there too dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Corina,

It's really an easy-do task! Just few steps, eh? ;)

I hope you will find opportunities to embed Facebook posts on your blog too :) May be a post shared on your own Facebook page or an impressive job opportunity found on Facebook. You can be creative dear :)

Thanks for coming over, and sharing your thoughts and kind words Corina :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jeevan,

You like it, eh? ;) Of course mate! When it comes to videos, it's best to hit the source and embed on our sites. However, if the videos uploaded onto Facebook, still you can get the embed code just for that specific video too mate :) No profile or page names attached.

Mmm... I like if Facebook let original poster to determine whether to share their profile or page along with embedded content Jeevan :) Else, there will be issues of attribution and copyrights mate.

Even users like to have 'em embedded without attribution, Facebook will get sued for endorsing content to be embedded without any attribution :) You know, even the content hosts on Facebook servers, they can't claim they own 'em. Instagram punished for similar situation earlier.

Thanks for coming over and contributing your thoughts into the discussion Jeevan :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Amol,

Me too mate! :) Now Facebook following YouTube and Twitter, and embedding made very easy. Just copy and paste.

Owh yes! Attribution is carrying along with the posts being embedded and it gives credit to the original poster Amol. Another thing is that, folks can get sued if they posted someone else's content on Facebook publicly. Hands getting tight :)

Keep your eyes on the web, 'cause you will find some creative uses very soon mate :)

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts on Facebook's new feature Amol :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Ashley,

Like you, I think this is a great opportunity for publishers to extend their reach outside the Facebook. Well, there is a potential to abuse this feature too.

Now you can use this feature wisely to get more eyeballs to your Facebook page and start building engagement over there mate :) It's never too late. You can do it!

The possibility of interaction is cool indeed! Instead of text all over or a static image, it grabs attention of the readers. I think most people love interactivity Ashley. Interaction is a definite advantage!

I hope you can find more advantages by using 'em on your own posts mate :) More advantages yet to be uncovered!

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts about using embedded posts Ashley :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Bilal,

This is quite a new feature and here I embedded few for demonstration. They are cool indeed. Aren't they? :)

Definitely mate! Go ahead and try embedding posts on yours too Bilal :) You can find more creative ways and will grab more attention to your Facebook page or profile too.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views on this feature Bilal :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sue,

Indeed! You did manage to add sharing buttons to an ebook. So this won't be a problem at all for you dear :) It's that simple.

I agree with Harleena on embedding content of others :) Well, questionable content.

Yeah, as you mentioned, sharing content publicly means they are accessible by everyone Sue :) They can share it anywhere they like. Now, with embedded posts feature on, content shared publicly means we are endorsing others to use it in their work with attribution. Just like embedding public YouTube videos :)

Yeah, most people will love to get more exposure and extend their reach everywhere Sue :) A great way to promote! However, now Facebook users have to pay attention on what they share publicly and they can't sue someone for embedding their public content. Ignorance won't be an excuse.

Anyway, if a Facebook user found that someone embedded his content that he doesn't like being embedded, he can go back to that post and change privacy setting of the post. So it won't be rendered anywhere outside the Facebook anymore. That's cool, eh? :)

Well, I hope you will find countless opportunities on embedding posts Sue :) Great way to recommend things you like.

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on Facebook's new feature Sue :) Concerns you implied are worth talking.


Arleen Harry said...

Facebook has never been my social media of choice as I use Facebook for business. I do think embedded posts will be wonderful feature new for Facebook, I do give Facebook kudos for keeping up with the times

Kumar Chandan said...

Hi, Mayura,
Facebook embedded post nothing but taking our persence on Facebook at another level or extending it to our websites or blogs.
It is possible for public post only (You have mentioned). Think this is very important move of Facebook which extends the connectivity. This move can help us getting some fans. :)
Indeed, very informative post. :)
I have given a try to it last night. It is awesome.
thank you for sharing such wonderful information. :)

Carolyn Nicander Mohr said...

Hi Mayura, I had heard about this ability to embed Facebook posts but hadn't paid attention to it because I wasn't thinking of ways I could use this tool. You not only explained HOW to use it but also WHY. Brilliant.

I just embedded a tweet on my blog yesterday so why not a Facebook post? Thanks for providing a clear explanation (as always!) and suggestions for when to use this.

Ebenezer Obasi said...

Hi Mayura,

Is nice of you sharing this tutorial. I personally love the way you stated the step -Is a complete walkthrough!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Arleen,

Very sorry for keep you waiting for a reply dear!

Mmm... I've heard of different opinions about using Facebook so far and seem even experts think that Facebook is in declining phase :) Anyway, yet we have enough opportunities there, right? :)

I hope you will be able to make use of embedded posts at your place too dear :) Can be too creative!

Thanks for coming over and adding your thoughts on this new feature Arleen :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Kumar,

I'm sorry for taking long to reply mate!

Indeed! It's extending the reach out of Facebook and the opportunity can be huge when it comes to marketing :) You got it right! As it allows to reach more eye balls, you can count on more fans and traffic too mate.

Ah... You did it already! :) I hope you can make use of embedded posts more in future and find more benefits from using 'em Kumar. Keep experimenting :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on Facebook embedded posts mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Carolyn,

I think that's is very interesting feature missing out on Facebook. Well, we have been embedding tweets on our blog posts, but Facebook posts can be rather attractive, even with media attached with 'em, no? :) You don't need to restrict posts just for your Facebook page, but get them into attention on your blog too.

There can be many uses of embedded posts Carolyn :) You can be creative enough and do something wonderful!

You embedded a tweet too? :) Cool! Now it's time to try out Facebook posts too, nah? As they are supported by mobile devices, I don't see any reason not to either :)

Thanks for coming over and contributing your thoughts on Facebook's new feature Carolyn :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Ebenezer,

Glad to hear you liked the formation of the post mate :) That's really nice to hear. I hope you will give embedded posts a try and see how it can be helpful for you too mate :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Ebenezer :)


Adrienne said...

I was reading this and thinking to myself Mayura that I would have just taken a screen shot and made it an image. But the more I read and realized that the links in the Facebook post itself along with the videos were clickable when you embed them like this then I had an aha moment. Dah!

You're so darn smart, thank you so much for sharing this tip. I would have never known how to do this but leave it to you to share this with us.

Thank you so much Mayura and have a great week. Sharing!!!


Sylviane Nuccio said...

Hi Mayura,

Sorry I'm very late here. I didn't know we could do that. That's pretty cool. Nowadays we can include just about anything on our blog. I only wish there were room for it all :)

Thanks for your always great tips :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

Aha... Yet we can't stop taking screenshots, eh? :)

Of course dear! It's just amazing as visitors can interact with Facebook posts outside the Facebook and I know you can find the branding opportunity comes along with this new feature too. Can be very creative. Isn't it?

As you find it very interesting, I hope you will be able to make use of 'em on your blog too Adrienne :) Hopefully, we can find more uses around the web for sure.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on using Facebook embedded posts dear :)

You have a great week there too! :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sylviane,

Gosh... No problem at all dear :) I'm so behind with mine too.

That's an interesting feature from Facebook. Isn't it? :) Exactly Sylviane! So many ways to embed content hosted on other sites with given attribution.

Well, you can think of opportunities on using embedded posts and give more exposure to Facebook page or profile too. Just a matter of being creative ;)

Thanks for coming over and contributing your thoughts on this new feature Sylviane :)


Sue Price said...

Hey Mayura

I love this one. I had seen this and had no clue how to do it. Thank you for your wonderful explanation.

I see the difficulty if someone changes their privacy setting though but I guess as long as there is a nice message there not so bad.

I am going to play with this one.

Thank you :-)

Have a wonderful week.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sue,

Really?! I'd love to see some of Facebook posts being embedded at your place dear ;) Well, if you find it can do something better.

Mmm... Changing privacy settings can turn off this feature. But I hope not everyone would do that Sue :)

If you are embedding something from a Facebook page, you don't need to worry about it at all. Unless they delete it though.

I hope you will love embedding Facebook posts and find it as a great way to promote too Sue :) Give it a try and find out. Definitely, you can be creative too :)

Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on Facebook's new feature Sue :)

You have a wonderful week too dear!


Donna Merrill said...

Sorry to be so late Mayura.

This is a gem of a post my friend. Because I've been offline for many weeks moving.... I was wondering how people were doing this. It looked so strange to me and now I can understand what it all means.
Now this one is a keeper! I do want to learn how to go through this process to embed a video or a post.

Thank you so much for explaining this so simply. I read about it before, but had no clue what people were writing about. Made it seem so complicated. But, as usual, you broke it down to make it so easy to do.

I thank you,

Mayura De Silva said...

Hey Donna,

Oh... Never be sorry dear :) I do understand how busy you were lately! I'm glad you paid a visit while you can barely afford to :)

Ha ha... Missing few days can make a big difference online, eh? :)

It's just awesome. Isn't it Donna? Now Facebook posts can be shared out of the Facebook and I'm sure you can see the opportunity behind this feature too. Time for promotions.

I believe there will be more creative uses as bloggers start to make use of embedded posts in their blog posts to show what they found interesting on Facebook :) I hope you will do and take advantage too dear.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts on new Facebook feature Donna :) Again I really appreciate it!