January 20, 2012

Import and Display Content from a External Feed in Blogger

Do you have any favorite blogs in the same niche you are working on? You might have interested in different kind of sources which used to read and sometimes you may recommend some sort of useful sites to your readers too. So what if you can show recent posts from those sites on your blog? Also if you are managing multiple blogs, do you mind if you can show off recent content from another blog of yours that could have impress your readers and to gain more exposure to your content? Or do you like to list out most recent posts of your current blog? Or else what if I say you can show off external content in your blog via any available feed?

Blogger offers you the capability of adding external content to your blog via RSS or Atom feed. Simply Blogger official Feed gadget will help you to do this. You just wanna know the feed URL of your favorite website or blog. As you know feed is a lightweight, simple and easy way to syndicate content from external web sources. So using an external feed address, you can show off content from specific site on your blog. It's your choice and you can select either external feed of your choice or your own blog feed to display recent content. It doesn't matter what feed address you gonna use and from where it originated. But it matters how your readers make use of that. So when you add content to your site via a feed, make sure your readers will find it useful and helps them to discover something interesting. Else if you intend only to promote content, it won't work out in most times. However keep in mind that this Feed gadget shows maximum of 5 items and further configurations will be discussed below.


1. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on your Blog Title.

3. Navigate to Layout tab.

4. Click on an Add a Gadget link.

5. Scroll down and click on Feed gadget from gadgets pop up box.

6. Now add the Feed URL which you wanna show content from, in the Feed URL field.

Note: If you wanna show content from your Blogger feed and yet you wanna find your feed address, read Know Your Feed URLs in Blogger.

7. Click Continue.

8. Now you will able to configure your added feed. You can add title, change number of items to show (Maximum 5 items), show content date, source/authors. You can also find a preview of your changes too.

9. Once you done with configuration, click Save.

10. Now arrange your feed element on the layout and preview your blog after saving your arrangement.

Enjoy :-)

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