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June 18, 2013

Browse and Organize Your Reading List with The Old Reader

Do you keep track of content being published online? If you have few sites in your reading list, you probably prefer to drop by regularly and explore what's new. But if your reading list keeps adding more sites, sooner or later you might find it's time consuming to stop by on every blog or website regularly, and may miss out very interesting stories you ever wanted to read too ;) In such a scenario, what would be your best alternative to keep up with new updates?

June 6, 2012

How to Configure Your FeedBurner Settings

Have you heard of blog or website feeds? Mmmm... I hope most of you know and using FeedBurner to manage your raw site feed. It's the reason you wanna know more about FeedBurner settings and stop by here, right? However every website doesn't publish a site feed, but mostly blogs do publish feed automatically.

March 10, 2012

Add Email Subscription Box on Your Website with Google FeedBurner

How your visitors get in touch with your latest updates happening on your site? Absolutely you can distribute your content via popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and ask them to join them. But still some users may wish to read your updates via news readers. So you can provide them subscription capability via feeds. But there also another portion of your readers love to receive your updates right into their inbox. So what you gonna do about them and feel them satisfactory with your subscription offerings?

March 7, 2012

Show Off Recent Content on a Website with Google FeedBurner

How do you promote your site content? You can distribute your content on social networks, enable email subscriptions and further you can submit your content to web directories too. But how about promoting your latest content on your own website? Does it make sense? You may always display your recent content on your homepage. So why you need to bother about promoting them again? But you are forgetting something. What about visitors land on your site via organic searches or referrals? They may won't navigate to your homepage. So showing off recent content would be helpful to find your latest content by such visitors. So would you like to show off your recent content on your website too?

March 5, 2012

How to Redirect Your Feed to Google FeedBurner

Most of blogs and websites are publish a feed of their content automatically. Even many other services such as photo-hosting services offer feed of their own too. The feed is a way to distribute your content beyond your visitors and others will allows to subscribe to your updates via news readers or any other possible way. However your default feed alone is just allows users to subscribe to your updates. But would you like to manage your feed in a more efficient way and make it more fruitful?

January 20, 2012

Import and Display Content from a External Feed in Blogger

Do you have any favorite blogs in the same niche you are working on? You might have interested in different kind of sources which used to read and sometimes you may recommend some sort of useful sites to your readers too. So what if you can show recent posts from those sites on your blog? Also if you are managing multiple blogs, do you mind if you can show off recent content from another blog of yours that could have impress your readers and to gain more exposure to your content? Or do you like to list out most recent posts of your current blog? Or else what if I say you can show off external content in your blog via any available feed?

November 2, 2011

Know Your Feed URLs in Blogger

Have you ever tried to syndicate or distribute your content to another site, on social media or somewhere else? Did you ping your site? Are you going to redirect your site feed to Feed Management Service like FeedBurner? Did you implement email subscriptions for your readers? Whenever you implement those features, gadgets or deal with external services to syndicate your content, you may have been asked for your site feed URL or RSS URL. Did that question prevent you from using a particular service? So definitely may wonder how to find your blog feed or site feed URL. Don't you?

November 1, 2011

How to Change Your Feed Settings in Blogger

Actually what is a Feed? If you are a newbie for blogging, you might confuse with the term "Feed". Feeds aka Web Feeds, are representation of your exact blog content which may be comments, posts and related post data such as published date, time, author, title, categories. But what is it for? A feed is often XML based lightweight document and it can be distributed on the web efficiently. Site feed allows users to subscribe to it using programs like feed readers or news readers. So its easier for users to keep track of content published on a particular site. But do you know how to change your Blogger feed settings to make use of your site feed?

August 6, 2011

Publish Your Posts on Facebook using RSS Graffiti

As if you like to take advantage of the social media to gain more traffic and reach more interested users for your content, you might have already created a Facebook fan page for those needs to be satisfied via Facebook. Else you can post them on your own wall to find them useful to your friends. Yeah, Facebook has large number of users worldwide and it became more and more popular everyday. That's why you are trying to take advantage of Facebook. You can post a link of your post on your profile or fan page to notify Facebook users when you have fresh content on your site. But wouldn't it be better to automate that process to post automatically on Facebook whenever you have fresh content?

July 25, 2011

How to Offer Email Subscriptions in Blogger

How is your blog readers stay in touch with your latest blog updates? They might visit your blog regularly for new information and I hope you already using some channels such as Social Media and Feeds to keep them connected. They are really great ways to keep your audience engaged with new updates. What do you think about offering your latest updates for readers via email? There are many people among your reader who love to stay in touch via social networks and subscribing to feed. But some others may like to receive your content right into their inbox as they check their emails regularly. Haven't you thought about that?

June 22, 2011

How to Edit "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" Feed Link and Message in Blogger

Did you notice the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link on your blog? You can find it near the blog pager at the bottom of your blog. It's a feed link in Blogger that enable users to subscribe for your blog posts via feed reader to notify updates about new posts. It sounds confusing for some readers who doesn't know about it. If you offer a way to subscribe for your posts via feed, then you might find it unnecessary too. Whatever your requirement is, I'm gonna help you edit this link. Do you need to hide or remove it from your blog? Or just need to change the text of that link? Let's figure out how to.

June 8, 2011

How to Change Number of Posts Shown on Your Blogger Feed

As a Blogger user, you might have already using a Feed Management Service such as FeedBurner, which optimize your raw feed for readers to subscribe easily and to gain more traffic to your content. If you haven't redirected your feed to FeedBurner, read How to Create a Blogger Feed using Google FeedBurner. As and when you publish a new post on your blog, Blogger automatically updates your feed and syndicate to your Feed Management Service. But by default Blogger is feeding only recent 25 blog posts. What if you wanna change the number of posts being showed on your feed?

How to Create a Blogger Feed using Google FeedBurner

Feed is another way to deliver your content beyond the site visitors. By default Blogger publishes feed for your blog automatically. It's feed your latest content published on your blog to the feed. But does it worthy? Do you have any idea how do you make use of it? External news readers or feed readers can subscribe for your feed to retrieve latest content published on your site without heading to your site by subscribing to your feed. Also you can use your feed with external applications to deliver your content to other sites such as social media and micro blogging websites. But in addition to standard capabilities, can you make more out of your site feed?