May 31, 2012

How to Find Best Times to Tweet with Tweriod

How are you getting on with Twitter? I hope you almost familiar with the popular micro-blogging website and been sending tweets around. Yet you might have noticed that Twitter stream flowing pretty faster and tweets get buried very quickly. Do you think your tweets reaching out most of your followers?

Ask Your Followers

If you have no idea, ask your followers when is the best time to send tweets for them. Isn't it cool? You can ask each of your followers when they would check their tweets or come online. So you can come up with a time frame and schedule your tweets. Most of your followers will excited to stumble upon your interesting tweets and it will increase the engagement too. How simple!

Thinking, how stupid I am? ;)

When it comes to hundreds or thousands of followers, practically, reaching out everyone is quite harder. Hence asking all followers wouldn't be that effective as implied, and will be very time consuming too.

That's why analytic tools exist for. You can make use of such a tool to analyze, and find best times that your followers been engaged with your tweets. More practical approach than asking followers too. Isn't it? Here I'm gonna introduce one tool that you can make use of for that purpose - Tweriod.

Analyze and Find Best Times

Tweriod is capable of showing best times to send your tweets. It analyzes your last 600 tweets and 5000 of your followers including their tweets altogether to conclude what time slots are the best. After the analysis, it will come up with statistics of your tweets including hourly graphs and also it will show the times your followers been online and engaged.

With the help of statistics, you can create your own schedule to send tweets. For example, learning the times your followers replies or engaged with your tweets implies they have been online that times. So you can experiment by sending tweets within the same time slots.

Further, Tweriod suggests you time slots to tweet on Weekends, Weekdays, Sundays and Mondays with graphical presentations how your tweets been exposed so far. Plus, my favorite feature is that it can synchronize the best times it suggests with your Buffer account too. Isn't that convenient?

You don't have to spend a penny on Tweriod. It's free, but has limitations involved for the price. If you fascinated by the results of Tweriod, you can make use of the premium plan too. Premium plan analyzes more followers and it includes detailed analytics for all days of the week, PDF / CSV / Excel reports and auto-synchronizing capability with your Buffer account. Now let's give a try on free plan.


1. Go to Tweriod website.

2. Click on Sign Up with Twitter button.

3. Now you will need to authorize Tweriod to access your Twitter account. Click Allow button.

4. You will get a pop up box to update your Tweriod profile. Enter relevant details, select preferred options and click Get Started button.

5. Now you will have to wait until Tweriod analyze your Twitter account and you will get a direct message on Twitter or an email when your analysis is ready.

Note: If you didn't got any notification, you better proceed to next step after few minutes. If analysis is ready, you will able to view it.

6. Once your analysis is ready, navigate to Tweriod Dashboard and sign in with your Twitter account.

7. Now you can get access to your analysis by clicking on My Analysis button.

Note: Also there you can see when you will able to analyze your Twitter account again. Until that, you can access your current Twitter analysis.

8. You can view general statistics, hourly graphs, @replies and when you had most exposure for your tweets.

More Information:

* If you are already using Buffer to schedule your tweets, you can add optimal times that Tweriod suggests you to tweet, directly to your Buffer account by clicking on Connect with Buffer account.

Note: You will have to authorize Tweriod to access your Buffer account.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Lisa Buben said...

I had used this until I started with Social Bro. I don't remember the part about asking when your followers are on part. I may revisit it and see how they compare again. Thanks Mayura, always good stuff here! 

Mayura De Silva said...

I remember you mentioning about SocialBro and its analysis. But didn't go through yet dear. I've find Tweriod effective with Buffer as else we have help ourselves with scheduling on Buffer :)

Ah, you mean "Ask Your Followers"? I just explained why it is impractical - asking from our followers. Else I hope you've seen other stats at Tweriod.

Thanks for commenting and for your compliments Lisa :)


Andrew said...

thank you for sharing this information, i have never known when the best time to tweet or how often to tweet but hopefully with this post of yours it is going to help me sort that problem out, great post thank you.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Andrew,

Glad to see you back here :) You're welcome mate. Yeah, absolutely you got to tweet when your followers online if you wanna see impact of your tweets being shared. We never know but you can make use of this tool to find out and schedule. Hope you will find it useful.

You're now doing good with comments and there's more room to improve mate. Personally I appreciate that.


Shamelle said...

Dan Zarrella mentioned that the best time to tweet is between 8 am and 2pm EST. I guess that makes it a bit hard for us living in Asia! So most post during this time are scheduled ones.
Anyways, I had not heard about Tweriod. Will try it out.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Shamelle,

Absolutely I didn't know about that time period :) Thanks for letting me know.

Yeah, it's true. As we live in Asia, we may not able to catch up or tweet at that time. But you can schedule. I do schedule tweets using Buffer mostly, but just scheduling didn't work out for me. Later on I found this one and it came up with list of time slots to send out our tweets, based on previous ones. However it changes as our followers vary and time to time, we have to analyze and try out.

Yet it is effective than before and if one tweet get 5 RTs and clicks at specific time, we don't need it to be 5 everyday. right? We wanna increase it. So it takes time and have to be patient. I'm still on it and as my follower count goes up, best times changes here. You gotta try it out and find which matters with your followers :) Don't worry if you can't get it work at first, try try and try :) Hope you will like it. May be you will hate it too. It depends on how it works for you. Owkies... Give it a try, alright? ;)


hersocialnetwork said...

Holy cow!  The obvious...ask your followers.  Why on EARTH do we not all do that.  Seriously, such an easy thing to do, practical, yet not done.  I have to simply ask now.  I will have to check out Tweriod.  Sounds like a great tool

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Nicole,
Obviously it's great if you can ask your followers. But you know they may never know when they will be on Twitter mostly as now most of them use mobiles and check out whenever they can. However it may still producive if people scheduled to be on Twitter. Oops... But how many follwers do you have? Asking all your followers? Ha ha :D It needs much effort and time. Anyway when you can make use of analytical tools, why don't you? So you can save your time. Try it and see how it goes dear.
Remember, you may need patience and some more time with it.
Thanks for adding your thoughts dear :)

Sonia said...

Now that's a tool where anyone and businesses can use to see how to get the most interaction or visibility out of their posts. There are so many tools out there finding one that works just for what you need is hard to find, but I like any program that will allow me to tune in to find the information I need to see when my friends are online. Thanks Mayura for sharing this..never heard of this one!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sonia,

Absolutely dear :) You know, tweets get buried easily on Twitter stream, so always better to know when to post for maximum exposure. There's lot of tools out there and they claim different strategies. But as I think, predicting is never easy. Also tools does it by going through historical data. Not a perfect solution, but helps find information about followers and tweets. I hope you may like this one as it corporate with Buffer too :)

Thanks for your nice ideas and compliments dear :)