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June 6, 2011

Add Google +1 Button for Blogger Posts

Google, the search giant, has introduced their own social platform Google+ and it has a peculiar feature known as +1 button. Now it's more popular among most blogs/websites as it affects organic Google search results. Google +1 button is a way to recommend content for your friends and followers. Once you recommend a content appears on the web with +1 button, your friends will be able to see it with your recommendation across the web. As it enables your site to get recommended on search, most of webmasters was eager to implement +1 button on their respective websites and blogs. As a blogger, I don't think you gonna say NO for it. Would you like to implement Google +1 button for your posts too?

June 4, 2011

Add Facebook Comment Social Plugin to Blogger

Blogger offers you a default comment form for your blog to get feedback from your readers. It has moderation and threaded commenting feature too. Mostly comment form is vital as it allows your visitors to ask questions and provide their ideas and thoughts on your content. It's where conversation begins. However default comment form is not the only way you can make use of. If you need you can add third party commenting platforms on your blog. So what do you think, beyond default comment form, if you can add stylish comment plugin to your blog easily? Also what if your comment form can give more exposure to your content in addition to commenting?

June 2, 2011

Add Twitter Tweet Button for Blogger Posts

Sharing your content over social media is better way to publicize you blog or to grab more exposure to your content. Twitter is a popular social network and micro blogging site where most users publish their updates. Once users interested in your content, they can copy and paste your post URL to share and recommend your post to their followers and friends. However it may take some time for that process and sometimes user may forget to share your URL too. But rather than playing with copying and pasting page URLs, what if you can let your readers share your content among their followers and friends while they reading your content?

Add a Google +1 Button for Your Website

Google has introduced +1 Button for webmasters with their introduction of Google+ social platform. It has introduced to increase the engagement of sites on the web via organic search results. People can recommend pages they are reading or using and all the recommendations or +1s will count to that page. Then users can see their friends' names if they have +1d or recommended an specific page. So people who see their friends' recommendations will tend to check out that site. For webmasters, it's a great opportunity to see who love or recommend their content across the web. However Google is now trying to hit upon most popular Facebook Like button by implementing this feature. Do you like to get recommended on web?

May 17, 2011

Add Facebook Like Button for Blogger Posts

While you blogging with your own blog, you may interest in enabling your viewers to share your blog content through social media to their profiles or friends. It enables your blogger friends to share information easily and help to increase your blogger traffic through sharing content over social media. Such a way is Facebook Like button. It interpret you, how many Facebook users interest in particular post in your blog and sharing it over their Facebook profile. Now Facebook Like plugin includes a Share button along with it. So while your friends sharing your blog contents over their profile, they may able to share your posts with their Facebook friends too.