March 19, 2013

3 Reasons to Use SlideShare to Promote Your Blog

SlideShare is one of the top and fastest growing online communities. It is owned by LinkedIn. It is used to create and share visual presentations. Forbes reported a few weeks ago that “SlideShare is a major tool in the content marketing arsenal.”. They have 60 million visitors a month and are one of the top 200 websites visited in the world. Have you started using SlideShare? Learn why you can use it for your blog today.

1. Show Them How

I love using presentations vs. YouTube for teaching particular subjects that a blog post alone may not suffice.

Using the Buffer can be confusing to some people so I wanted to SHOW how to work it. If you love using YouTube you can incorporate it too into your presentations. I start with PowerPoint. With Office 2010 you can make PowerPoint incorporate a lot more – audio, video, etc.

You can check out one of my favorite SlideShares from Ana Hoffman. I love cats and Twitter so this one was a hit for me and she’s had over 8,000 views on this one alone.

2. Teach Them How Simply

Slideshare is great for research and teaching others. You will see presentations from companies, colleges and schools on various topics. Many use it as a teaching tool.

3. Great for SEO

Ever Google your name? What comes up first? For most people it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Slideshare is #3 for me behind LinkedIn and Facebook. Now you can use your blog name or website name too and see where it will show for you.

SlideShare transcribes your presentations into text. Your title will stand out in the bowsers title when someone searches via a keyword you have in your presentation. Great SEO value.

Do you know what their pagerank is? #8. So when you embed a presentation into your site you are linking to a PR8 and when you add your blog to SlideShare you are linking on a PR8 site. Nice, right?

What Else Can You Do on SlideShare?

● Socialize with others.

● Like others presentations.

● Share others slides - via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinerest, etc.

● Follow others.

● Embed your presentaton anywhere.

● Embed YouTube videos or a PDF file.

● Check your newsfeed for what is new from those folks you follow.

● Learn some new things! Many professionals and educational professionals are on SlideShare.

● Go Premium - Get a lot of more perks with their premium plans like analytics, ad free pages and custom themes.

● You can set your presentation to private. Good for corporate presentations.

● You can now advertise on LinkedIn via their Content Ads via SlideShare presentations.

Are you using SlideShare now or will you use it for your blog in the coming weeks?

About Guest Author

Lisa Sicard from Inspire to Thrive is helping others to thrive online through Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What's knowledge if you cannot share it with others? 20+ years experience in marketing and advertising with 4+ years experience in Blogging, Social Media and SEO.
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Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Lisa Buben said...

Thank you Mayura for having me on your site today. It's an honor to do a post for you.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

I had no idea we can use SlideShare to promote our blogs, but knew it can be used as a tool to create slideshows and embed in posts. Now you have a point. Bloggers use YouTube videos to build traffic to their blogs and why not SlideShare.

You are much careful about how it could affect on SEO :) That's really nice.

Do SlideShare let us add keywords explicitly or should we need to add 'em in our presentation among the text?

I'm sure bloggers would love to try SlideShare as another strategy to bring traffic and as a helpful tool Lisa :)

Thank you so much for contributing to Mayura4Ever about a tool that can be helpful for bloggers :) It's my honor to have you here again with a wonderful topic dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

You're most welcome and the pleasure is mine dear :)

I've seen how you have been using SlideShare and it's really cool. As you know how to use it effectively, this post reflecting it's potential for bloggers.

Thanks again for offering a valuable post for the audience here Lisa :)


Harleena Singh said...

Welcome Lisa to Mayura's blog :)

You surely are busy guest posting nowadays - lesson for me to learn! Oh yes...I've heard so much about SlideShare and even have an account and people follow me too, but honestly speaking, never explored it beyond reading a little about it.

There's surely a lot you can do with it, and yes, I've seen Ana's post of the Twitter profiles and loved it too. I guess those who don't want to go into making videos on YouTube have this better option, though it does take time making the presentation too. But then as they say the visual effect is any day better than reading it all through.

Thanks for sharing all of these reasons with us, and you've surely given me something to think about. :) Have a wonderful day both of you :)

Lisa Buben said...

Hi Harleena, it just sort of worked out that way, the other post I did a few weeks earlier ahead of schedule :)

I see you haven't done one yet. Have you thought about a topic you'd like to do one on?

Lisa Buben said...

Use them in your title, long tail keywords work best and then you can add tags too via SlideShare.

Corina Ramos said...

Mayura you could not have chosen a better guest for your blog today! Lisa, lady you are all over the online map! You definitely got me interested in SlideShare, just put it on my to-do list to see how I can incorporate this for my niche :)

I especially like how it can help my PR number, which can use some help right now. I didn't realize all the perks there are to using this tool, thanks for this great review :)

PibblesNMe said...

Hey Lisa! Great seeing you here! Slideshow sounds pretty fabulous! I'm definitely gonna have to try that one out sometime. Now where did you dig that lil good up?

Great choice of guests Mayura!

Lisa Buben said...

Brenda, Thanks. I could see you doing one (or more) for the Pibbles - helping others to rescue dogs like you did with Titan. There really could be some value to it for you and the dogs.

PibblesNMe said...

Hmmm you need to quit giving me ideas! Ebook, slideshow! :)

Mayura De Silva said...

That's very cool ;) Sounds like blogging. I've always loved being specific via long-tail keywords. I think it applies everywhere as most searches are much specific.

Thanks again Lisa :)


Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Corina :) Yes and you also get weekly reports from there as to how many people viewed and liked your slideshare presentation. (Something new!) You could do one for ideas for working at home :)

Donna Merrill said...

No wonder why I see you all over the place Lisa! I need to check this out! Putting our blog posts on it, sharing it all over the social media, and of course doing videos!!! Wow this is great. I've heard the name, but didn't know what it was. I went over to it and it looks great. Now, all I have to do is join! Thanks Lisa. I know it works because you have been the rising star lately! That's proof of the pudding.

And thank you Too Mayura for having Lisa as your guest!


Lisa Buben said...

LOL Donna, it just happened that way. But yes SlideShare is a great way to gain on SEO for your blog or website. I have to do more myself. It's easy to join and get started. If it's too complicated I back away :) Have a great day Donna!

Amy Hagerup said...

Hi Lisa, Great to meet you here on Mayura's blog. I did not know this about Slideshare. I have used it on LinkedIn but didn't realize it is a platform in itself. I'll definitely be looking into this and utilizing it soon. Thanks for the heads up. Oh, and those twitter bios were pretty funny! I read the first 10 or so. :)

Ileane said...

Hi Lisa, great to see you talking about the benefits of using SlideShare. I uploaded a few presentations and a couple of them made it to the homepage. It was a great feeling to get the email from them letting me know my presentation made the front page. I also added audio to my latest presentation and that was a big hit.

There is only one downside of using SlideShare so far and that is we can't get Authorship for our creations. I hope they do something about that soon because it seems like it would be easy enough to fix.

Thanks for the encouragement Lisa! Great post.

Praveen Rajarao said...

Lisa - Nice to see your post here and thanks to Mayura for publishing this very informative article.

I havent been using slideshare, and it looks like a useful tool to promote your presentations and blog. I havent given it much thought yet, but can easily see how it can help me.

Thanks for sharing.

Adrienne Smith said...

Hey Lisa,

Great to see you here, what a pleasant surprised. Girl, you've been busy! I knew you had another guest post and what better site then here at Mayura's place.

So those are some great benefits I admit but I prefer teaching using YouTube because it has one more notch up in the PR ranking then Slideshare. BUT, big but here, not everyone learns by watching videos and I know I should have more alternatives for them. It's just so much work to do both.

But I'll keep that in mind maybe for the next time so thank you for that wake up call.

Great post Lisa and Mayura, good choice my friend. You two rock with these tutorials.


Ryan Hanley said...


Great thoughts on Slideshare. I love the network... As a Public Speaker it's a great way to showcase some of presentation slides and the topics I can be hired to speak on.

As a blogger Slideshare also represents a great tool for Rich Media Content Marketing...


Ryan H.

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Ryan. I have seen you there - good stuff! Yes it sure does help with the rich media content marketing too. Thanks for your input here Ryan.

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Adrienne, I know - still trying to catch up, I may need a week off. Yes, you are are great on video Adrienne. You could incorporate a video into a SlideShare too. The limits are really endless with it. Thanks for coming by here and your input. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Praveen. Yes, there are many ways you can use it. You can be as creative as you want with them including graphics, video, etc. Do you use PowerPoint?

Lisa Buben said...

Ileane, great to see you here! Yes, mine did once too and it was great to get more views from being on their homepage. I like their reports now too that tell you how many views, etc you have had each week.
Great point about the Authorship - have you contacted them Ileane? That would be great if they could add it. Thanks for your input here Ileane.

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Amy, nice to meet you. Have you done a presentation yourself for a SlideShare? I didn't realize they were owned by LinkedIn until I researches for this post and it made sense. Yes, they were quite creative :)

Lauren said...

wow this is amazing, hey Lisa, do you know how to add slideshow on blogger post, actually I am looking to know for slideshow on a post of blogger. Please share your experience Lisa. It will be highly obligation on your part if you help.

Lisa Buben said...

Yes, that is what I did on here. You go to the SlideShare you want to put on your blogger blog - click the embed button above it and copy it into your html for your post. They use iframes. Quite simple. Let me know if you need help still.

Barry Wells said...

Hi Lisa,

I've never created a slideshare as I've always used video and YouTube. However seeing the benefits drives home why we should give it a try.

Your Buffer demo certainly gave me a few ideas as I think it's ideal for step by step or should I say page by page instructions.

With so much to catch up on though I'm going to have to put this off and add the link to my ever growing list....

Thanks for adding that it works well with PowerPoint in Office 2010 :)

Cheers Lisa

Tim Bonner said...

Hey Lisa

Great to see you on Mayura's blog!

I remember you mentioned Slideshare to me previously but I never got a chance to look at it.

Slideshare's currently unavailable at the moment but I'm going to check it out later today if I get the chance.

Lisa Buben said...

Hi Tim, wow was there site down? The joys of the internet at times :) I hope you do go back to check it out Tim. Thanks for coming by.

Lisa Buben said...

Hi Barry, and you can incorporate your video into it. I think you will really like it BArry. Nice to see you back up and running. I hope you are feeling well these days Barry. I'm sure you have a long list to catch up on, take care!

Sue Neal said...

Thanks very much Mayura and Lisa,

Yet again, you're both teaching me something new here - I didn't really know anything about slideshare, so this is very interesting and definitely something I'll explore,

Many thanks,


Angela McCall said...

This is GREAT!!! I'll check more into it. However, slideshare doesn't work on iPhone am I the only one?


Lisa Buben said...

I don't have an iPhone, I will ask around. I'm a Droid person :)

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Sue. I hope you do check it out and let us know if you have questions too.

Sapna said...

Hi Lisa, Mayura,

Great share as always!

I'm more of a practical person and these type of practical things really inspire me to start working or start exploring the slideshare.

I will try this one for sure, while reading I was thinking of starting something unique on the slideshare.

Lisa has been very busy these day, she is omnipresent.

Thanks Lisa and Mayura for this great share. You both rock.


Sylviane Nuccio said...

This is a great post, Mayura. You know I've noticed a long time ago that SlideShare is a great tool to use and that it ranks supper well.

That you really made me want to use it more. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Praveen Rajarao said...

Lisa - Yes, i do use powerpoint for my office purposes only, not for blogging :-)

Ferb Hinlor said...

SlideShare is an amazing tool that really helps you further explain what you want to share with readers.

Manickam Vijayabanu said...


Cool app and very informative post. :)

Indeed, I haven't used the slideshare and looks very useful tool for small business and product promotion sites. The network and present anywhere looks real nice.

Thanks for sharing the tool Lisa.

Freebies nDeals said...

I never heard of this, I don't think. I like doing video tutorials as I can actually walk people step by step - I personally hate videos without sound - ever see those - they are the most annoying things ever!

Looks like a promising way to connect with others - going to check it out now :)

RobG said...

Hello Lisa and Mayura, I think the best way for anyone to learn is a visual display because you have a picture in your mind of what you're trying to grasp.

That's one of the reasons I love writing tutorials and displaying graphics with in my post. Thanks so much for a very interesting post my friend.

Lisa Buben said...

You are welcome Manickam. Glad you liked it.

Lisa Buben said...

Hi Ferb. Are you planning on using it yourself? I think you would really like using it. Thanks for your input here.

Lisa Buben said...

Ellen, a recipe would be awesome. A great photos to top it off. I bet it would come out really nice. Thanks for coming by and your comment.

Lisa Buben said...

Hi Sylviane, yes, it does help with ranking. Thanks for your input on this post.

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks Sapna, I think this one did me in :) I too am a practical person. I bet you could have some really creative ones Sapna. Can't wait to see them!

Lisa Buben said...

HI Rob, Yes, I find it easier to learn that way myself. You are welcome. Are you on SlideShare Rob?

Lisa Buben said...

Hi, yes, you can use video's on SlideShare too , let us know how you like it :)

Chris Barber said...

Yeah slide share is great scribd and docstoc are also great sites for posting your slide shows.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Chris,

Absolutely, Slideshare has lot to offer for bloggers and I can see how popular it has been since it was acquired by LinkedIn :)

I knew about Scribd, but not Docstoc though :)

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts and suggesting similar ones Chris :)