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May 16, 2012

How to Filter Inappropriate Web Content with OpenDNS

You and I both know Internet is not a safe place even we spend most time on it everyday. Some of us just use Internet to pass time with friends and family, another may research and make use it for study purposes and most of people today define it as their livelihood. What else can you think of? I can't imagine or count how many opportunities it has made for people. It's amazing. Now it's just not a resource for people as it has already embedded with human lives. However as you surf through Internet you have to concern about your privacy and security. We have already discussed about web browser applications that helps you to improve privacy. Internet is consist of different types of websites. As you surf Internet, you might never wanna land on what you call "crappy" websites or wanna get rid of them as much as possible. However you don't have authority to remove such websites exist on the web. But would you like to filter or block them to prevent landing on them even mistakenly?

March 6, 2011

Embed an Audio Clip or Streaming Media with Windows Media Player on Your Website

Are you seeking a way around to embed an audio clip or streaming media on your site? In this process you can find many embeddable widgets. Often, you will have to follow through different procedures to set it up. But if you are a Microsoft Windows user and your audience is using Windows operating system, you are eligible to embed official Windows Media Player on your blog or website. Would you like to know how?