January 3, 2013

Monitor and Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts with HootSuite

How many of you just stick with one single social network? You could be a Twitter lover, Facebook addict, Google+ worshipper, Pinteresting pinner or so. But many of us are engaged in two or more social platforms either for personal use or business use. Don't forget that there are successful businesses out there even without social media presence. Well, I'm not gonna talk about social media usage for you here, but calling for people in multiple social networks. Now, let me ask ~ How many of you take your precious time to log in to each and every social network to post the exact update or message with your friends and followers each and every time?

Social Media vs Time Management

If you did, I'm not wondering at all. I did too. I mean, it's alright if you have time to spend on and get other stuff done too. However I will continue to do so, but only for my personal profiles as I go there when I can. The worst thing for me was posting out exact update on business pages related to my blog. There even I think it's just take few minutes or so, I get distracted sometimes. The thing about Social Media is you never know who much time you spend on it until you get to know yourself. But how to? You gotta think for a minute to take control of it else it will take control of you.

Social Media Management Tools

We have discussed about updating multiple social networks via Buffer. But you can't see what's going on your social profiles and interact with updates directly. There are many number of Social Media Management tools and here I'm gonna elaborate about a helpful tool to manage multiple social networks at once place - HootSuite. I've heard of it and used it long ago too. But didn't impress as there were no way to post on Google+ pages and I had to go myself to Google+ to post myself. But as I got to know that it supports Google+, I've started to dig more about it from the scratch.

Hello HootSuite!

HootSuite allows you to connect up to five social profiles in the FREE version and it includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and few more. For each social network, you can monitor different streams at one page too. For example, if you have connected your Twitter account, you can view your home stream, mentions, direct messages and so at the same time without switching to different pages as you do on Twitter. It support not only personal profiles, but also business pages and groups too. However right now it's lack of access to Google+ personal profiles, and Pinterest due to public API limitations as they claim. But you can connect your Google+ business pages though. Personally, I'm mostly concentrate on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn brand pages and it suites my needs.

HootSuite is not about connecting and monitoring multiple social networks. You can interact with users and post messages on multiple networks at once. Isn't that we were talking about? When it comes to posting, HootSuite has convenient features for you not to feel lost in nowhere. You can use following options when you intend to post a new message.

● Schedule updates or messages (Manual or AutoSchedule)

● Attach images and files such as documents

● Mention location

● Customize privacy and sharing options

● Shorten URLs or links

Here's something interesting when it comes to scheduling your messages. HootSuite now offers AutoSchedule feature where it send out your message for optimal impact. In another words, it finds the best time to send your message for your friends or followers. It applies time slots for different networks too. Honestly I have no idea about the mechanism behind this technique but as I feel it's quite similar to Tweriod where it assess your analytics over time and decide best time based on user engagement. So, it may not work for you at first time as it goes with a general time. But you can give some time for HootSuite to read social engagement to decide what's best time for you.

Third Party Apps

We already know that HootSuite supports popular social platforms, but it's not limited. It has much more to offer with the help of third party apps it holds. HootSuite has third party apps built by different developers to connect missing platforms to monitor and manage while being on HootSuite.

As we are here talking about FREE version of HootSuite, you can find free and popular third-party apps for platforms such as YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Evernote, Scoop.it and more. As I'm using Get Satisfaction as my support community, I did a search there. Alas! It's available there and it made much more convenient to manage all in one place. All you need is to explore and install application relates to the platform you need to manage via HootSuite. I believe you will love that feature.

If you haven't try HootSuite lately, take some time to try and see if it helps you to manage your social networks easily and save your precious time. Obviously it's you choice to stick with it or not, but make sure you have made a better choice. Further you can go for paid plans if you want more. Let's get to know how make use of features avalable in HootSuite.

Before You Go:

You need to sign up for a new HootSuite account before you proceed to the steps below.


1. Sign in to your HootSuite account.

2. Now hover your mouse pointer over the Launch Bar on left and click on your Account Name.

3. You will direct to Member section and click on Add a Social Network link under My Social Networks.

4. Now add your preferred social networks that you would like to monitor and manage via HootSuite.


* You will ask to authorize when you connect your social profiles and free account allows up to 5 networks only.

* Remember to select exact profile, page or group you wanna manage via HootSuite when connecting social profiles.

5. Once you done with connecting your social networks, click Submit button.

6. Now hover your mouse pointer over Launch Bar and click on Streams.

7. You will able to see tabs for each of your connected social profiles and navigate through tabs to view their streams such as home stream, private messages.

Note: On each tab you can add more available streams for relevant social profiles, set auto refresh time of streams and refresh stream manually using following buttons on the tabs.

Now you know how to monitor and interact with your social profiles via HootSuite. Let's take a look at how you can post messages or updates on multiples networks.

How to Post Updates on Social Profiles

i. Click on Compose field on top left corner of the dashboard and construct your message by adding relevant links.

Instead of adding long URLs, you can shorten URLs and add to your message, especially if you wanna share updates on Twitter as tweets limited to 140 characters. Just place Long URL in the Link field in compose mode and click Shrink button.

Note: You can change the default URL shortener after clicking Advanced Options icon as indicated below.

Further you can add images or files to attach with, mention location and set up privacy options using the icons on the Compose field. Those options will work only for social networks support such information or content.

You can see schedule option up there too. But wait, will talk about it later as you are too early to use schedule option right now.

ii. After constructing message, select your profiles, pages or groups you wanna post your update via Profile field.

iii. Now click on Send Message button at the end of Compose field if you wanna send it right now.

Note: If you already in compose field, click you will see Send Now button instead.

Instead, if you wanna schedule your message to post on a specific date or time, click on Schedule icon instead.

Now you will prompt to select a date and time to post using the calendar or by entering them.

Note: You can turn on AutoSchedule option instead if you need HootSuite to determine the best time to post update on social networks.

After selecting a specific date and time to send the message or update, click Schedule button.

Note: You can view, edit or delete your scheduled updates at Publisher section.

More Information:

* On free account, you can access quick reports which reflect analytics for your shortened URLs - Ow.ly Summary Stats and Ow.ly Individual URL Stats. Navigate to Analytics section to access reports.

* You can manage your connected social networks at Member section.

* You can access HootSuite on the go by adding browser extensions or installing mobile app in your device. Grab Extensions or Mobile Apps.

* Not only social networks, but also you can add third-party apps for your HootSuite dashboard to monitor and interact if possible. Hover your mouse pointer over Launch Bar and click App Directory to explore third-part apps.

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Lisa Buben said...

HI Mayura, I've been thinking of going pro this year with Hootsuite. I did not realize I could add the Google+ pages to it. Thanks, I will be adding those today and scoop.it I use it mostly on my Droid but maybe I'll try to use it more on desktop too. I've really liked it for the Facebook Pages I manage

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

I didn't like it before as I had no way to manage Google+ via HootSuite dear :) Google+ profiles are not there yet, but pages possible. Pinterest is on the way too.

You can add Scoop.it stream and manage via HootSuite :) Try it out and see. And it's free. You would be like to check out AutoSchedule feature and browser extension makes things easy for you too.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts and experiences of HootSuite Lisa :)


Harleena Singh said...

Informative post yet again Mayura!

I know people using Hootsuite love it, but somehow I never started up with it because I was onto MarketMeSuite instead right from the time I got to know of it, which I heard is similar to Hootsuite. Is it so?

Though I have been using it for quite a few months now, I really haven't explored it beyond the scheduling of the tweets on it, so wouldn't know if they have the G+ pages etc. in it. However, aren't our Tweets different from what we share on the G+ pages or on Facebook? I guess it gets too complicated for me to integrate everything together or send out one kind of a message on all social medias, unless it's a very general one - isn't it? I guess it depends on our preferences too. :)

Nevertheless, hope you come up with a comparison between MarketMeSuite and Hootsuite and help me decide what I should be using ideally. :)

Thanks for sharing this with all of us :)

Brenda Lee said...

Fabulous!! I love Hootsuite on the web! I have both twitters, facebook pages, and facebook (personal) on there. I'd love to add G+ but I'd have to upgrade plus, it doesn't allow personal G+ pages....yet! I use it to pull my blog feed as well as to schedule sometimes. I also, like Lisa, use it on my phone. I like that too but I wish you could bump the refresh rate to 1 minutes versus the 5 minutes. :/ Just one of those things. I also use Tweetdeck now on my phone and it works fairly well.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr said...

Hi Mayura, I'm a big fan of HootSuite, but I've been using it mostly to schedule sharing ahead of time when I travel. I don't take time off when I travel, I pre-write posts and schedule them to publish while I'm away. HootSuite allows me to schedule my sharing before I leave so I can get good traffic to my site even when I'm away.

But your article illustrates well other ways I could be using HootSuite more effectively. I have the Hootlet bookmark in my toolbar, I really should be using it more and logging into my dashboard more often.

I also didn't know about the apps you can use with HootSuite. I will link HootSuite to my Tumblr account and be more active there as well.

Thanks for this great information, Mayura!

SHORYA bist said...

Hi Mayura,

Wow great article mayura, i always have a great experience here as your article are always full of soul and i love to read them.

I have heard about hot suite but never used it ,i have used social monky for bookmarking and all.But your explanation made me easy to use hotsuite.I think there is alot of stuff to exlpore on hotsuite.I will definetly try it.

Thank You

Shorya Bist
From Youthofest

Jess Brown said...

Hi Mayura,

Ya know, I've tried Hootsuite in the past and could never really figure it out so I sort of gave up on it...until now. I really found the information in this post and your tutorial very helpful! I followed your steps and get my account set up and I'm ready to go!

There are some very cool features that I didn't know about either like the autoposting so you can determine the best time to post update on social networks. That is really cool...I've always wondered if there was a way this could be figured out. I think I'm posting at the wrong times and I'd like to get more bang for my buck when I do post.

I also like that you can use shortened links and it includes the analytics..good stuff!

Thank you so much for this very helpful post, Mayura!

Have a great day, my friend!


Donna Merrill said...

Mayura, This must be my lucky day! Twitter is quite new to me because I haven't been paying attention to it until Adrienne Smith advised me how important it is. I've been trying to lighten my load on the social media platforms also. Hootsuite was one of my to-do's and it was low on my list because I needed some direction of how to use it.
Bam...here you are explaining EXACTLY the benefits of it and how to use it.

I said it before and I'll say it again....You are a fabulous mentor!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

No... No... You should use HootSuite :D lol... Really glad to hear you are using one already and it's something to help save time :)

Honestly I didn't try out MarketMeSuite dear :) But now it's something to try out. no? As you already using it, you can try comparing features here :) Well, you can see as you read.

Google+ pages is a new addition and says Pinterest gonna be next too Harleena :) I didn't like it earlier as I can't manage all at one place. But now it suites my need.

Now I take that point of yours Harleena :) I don't like everyting at same place either. That's why I use it only for my blog related pages. I do syndicate same blog updates on all brand pages. So HootSuite now saves me time. When it comes to personal accounts, I do myself as I did earlier and it's fairly easy for me :) However you can select which networks you need to update with updates. After all, it's your preference and how you deal with 'em dear :)

I'll check out MarketMeSuite and comment right below with my quick views Harleena :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views and information about the one you using :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Brenda,

You have been using it a lot then huh? ;) I recently back on it and earlier I wasn't liking it much as I had to go myself to post on Google+ pages :) Ohw yeah dear... Google+ personal pages are not there yet. Earlier Google+ pages were not in free plan either, but now it is. Let's hope it will comes to free plan with Pinterest ;)

Oops... You can change refresh rate to 2 minutes Brenda. But no 1 minute though :) Or is it not available on mobile app?

I did try out TweetDeck recently on the web dear. That's so nice for Twitter. However I tend to stick with few tools not to overwhelm myself Brenda :) You know, else we could feel we are so busy but jumping from one to another without being much productive, no? :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your experiences on using both useful tools Brenda :)


Brenda Lee said...

It's the mobile app that allows a minimum of 5 minutes. I would prefer like the web, 1 or 2 minutes but it's still doable. I like being able to share a post to multiple networks at the same time as well.

I keep tweetdeck on my phone for my primary twitter mainly because the refresh rate is quicker. Silly, right?

Awesome write up Mayura! I hope more try Hootsuite. It is definitely better than it was a year ago. :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Argh... That's not so cool. I have it on my mobile now too, but haven't try much there :)

Well, if it doesn't give what you want in mobile app then I'd say silly if you didn't use TwetDeck Brenda ;) How's that?

Thank you for your awesome readership and support Brenda :) I hope someone find it helpful to meet his/her needs too dear.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Carolyn,

Glad to know that dear. Well, can I join your group now? ;) lol...

That's a practical application and you are using it well :) Scheduling is a great feature offers here and I'm using it right now too dear. Especially AutoSchedule feature. Well, mostly I schedule my blog posts so yet I need to wait until it get posted though ;) Really glad to hear you get traffic through scheduling, so folks will give it more attention too.

I always see you are make most of available options on tools and that's what need to happen. Else we don't need tools at all, right? :)

The apps are really great Carolyn :) Allowing others to build apps to connect with HootSuite, so don't need to wait for HootSuite alone to enable connectivity for new platforms. I'm really glad to connect my support community as I don't wanna open a new tab in my browser again. Hope you love to interact with Tumblr from there too.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your applications and experiences with HootSuite dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Shorya,

First off, I'm sorry about that Indian girl you were talking about and she had to leave this World after all sufferings. She may RIP.

Well, just try it and see if it match with your needs Shorya :) You might be able to save some time online and focus on your blog or work more to grow it more in this year.

Ah SocialMonkee to build backlinks, nah? I'd prefer the organic way mostly in everything Shorya. Sometimes spammers can watch you through backlink services and what if your link end up in a PORN site? I don't think SocialMonkee would do that, but be careful :)

Hope you will take a ride with HootSuite and see its usefulness :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Jess,

Ya know? No I don't know really than you are my friend Jess :D lol

Well, I thought of saving more time this year as I was always dragging myself to brand pages to post out dear. Now I feel I made a good decision and hope someone will find it useful too.

That's nice to see you are applying and taking action Jess :) I hope you will find it easy to manage and save time. Else you can go back to what works for you :)

Now I'm using AutoSchedule for my pages but as I said, first time may not the best time dear :) As Carolyn said above, she's been getting attention through it. So it will work on us too. Give some time for it and see how it goes for you dear ;)

Shortened links and analytics are great way to measure :) I'd prefer if we can include more URL shortening parteners too :) Am I asking too much from FREE version? :D Anyway it does the job, so I'm not worrying about it at all dear. Check out your quick reports and see how well you are doing too ;)

Thanks for coming over and commenting with your thoughts on using HootSuite and features dear :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Donna,

Now with all awesome friends and readers around, we almost lucky everyday, isn't it? ;)

Yeah Donna, Adrienne "the Awesome" is deinitely right about that :) Twitter is a great platform to make use, but believe me you wouldn know until you start doing that.

I'm using HootSuite for my brand pages now, but for Twitter, personally I think you better go with Buffer though :) I have a post scheduled for that next week already as it has a different route to do things which makes my old posts obsolete. Now you can try HootSuite and see ;)

I hope you will find HootSuite helpful for you to manage and save time online dear :) Well, only if it's satisfactory.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts about this tutorial dear :) Love to hear your compliments and thanks AGAIN for 'em Donna :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Harleena,

I just had a look at MarketMeSuite dear :)

It's quite similar to HootSuite but for me here's what I think about it compared to HootSuite,

* Posting options are most the same and the things HootSuite has more are AutoSchedule and ability to manage the Privacy of posts when you post on personal profiles.

* There's lot more options such as follow, unfollow and viewing profiles of users. Same available on HootSuite by clicking on user too. But we need few clicks to retweet, reply or share, no? On HootSuite you can interact in real-time with one click and know what apps users using to tweet or share updates.

* There is one stream and all updates falls in there which make me feel less organized when interacting. Just login to HootSuite and see what interface is easy for you :)

* There's you can manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn only which is the same reason I didn't wanna use HootSuite earlier dear. On HootSuite you can add Google+ pages + more and with third-party apps, you can add even more streams.

So as you see, they are quite similar solutions but I think HootSuite is much convienient especially when it comes to interace dear :) So, for me HootSuite is much better right now.

Well, try HootSuite by yourself and see whether you can be much productive in this year Harleena :)

Hope my views will help to decide which is better for you :)


Adrienne said...

What a great tutorial Mayura but I think you already know that I'm a lover of TweetDeck instead of Hootsuite. I know, I know, so many people love it and that's great. Hey, it's a great program just from everything you shared right here proves that. I only prefer connecting with Twitter though because I don't care to automate the rest of those accounts.

Great tutorial and see, you've helped Donna out with it so thank you for that.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Adrienne,

Ha ha... I know you dear :) You are in love with TweetDeck and we have been talking about this lately at your place.

I've given a look at it again in last month with the arrival of Google+, so found easy to manage multiple networks and saves my time Adrienne :) So started with it in this year. Well, I'm not feeding or automating the posts but posting myself with added description to all business accounts at once :)

Oh you have given the best advice for Donna and I hope we can see her more on Twitter too :) Let's welcome her Adrienne.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts about HootSuite dear :)

Have a wonderful week in New Year Adrienne :)


Neamat Tawadrous said...

Hi Mayura,

All I can say is WOW. I enjoy coming to your blog whenever you have a new post because I know you have got to teach me something new. I have never tried Hootsuite before but as I was reading your post, I signed-up for it and I added several social media networks and I have to keep coming back here to follow on the rest of the steps.

This is such a great Tutorial Mayura and I can say you are talented in presenting and explaining things and you make them so simple for first-timers like myself to absorb it.

I really appreciate your giving spirit and I am grateful to find your blog.

Be Blessed,


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Neamat,

Ah... You are on it too now :) Cool...

I hope you will find it helpful for managing social networks of yours with all the features integrated. For me, it's about saving time and making things easy dear. Earlier it wasn't upto my requirements but now it is. I do hope mostly it helps out blogging folks. I think, for you, this is a new experience and you will get to know well to make use of your precious time. Well, Stick to what's best for you :)

Glad to know that you can easily follow and learn quickly with steps dear. We need to give love to our community and whoever stop by to read our content, no Neamat? :) I always believe simpler the better 'cause at a point I didn't know to figure out things. So don't wanna make it harder for anyone. I'll do my best :)

Thanks for coming by, and sharing your wonderful thoughts and love to hear compliments too dear :) They always encourage me to do more.

Have a Wonderful week in this New Year...


Harleena Singh said...

Thanks so much for the detailed information and comparison Mayura! I guess we cannot really use both apps together or either one of them doesn't work well (not sure)- but yes, I would certainly be giving Hootsuite a real good look, especially as it comes through you. :)

Thanks once again. :)

Mayura De Silva said...

You're welcome Harleena :) Just my opinion on the features. You can use both if you need to, but I think it would be a waste of time and better to stick with what's best Harleena :)

Well, give it a look and it will help you to decide which way to go dear :) That's or sure.


Praveen Rajarao said...

Mayura - I had signed up for HootSuite a while back but never really started using it to the extent of the features it provides. After reading your article, i just logged in and downloaded their chrome applet...and even scheduled to share this page of yours after a couple of hours from now.

It is really a useful tool and helps us to NOT overload our followers with multiple shares every now and then.

Thanks for a wonderful explanation of the tool.

Connor from HootSuite said...

Wowza Mayura!

This has to be one of the most detailed and well written walk-through's i've seen. It definitely shows in the comments as well: great value here. You've provided a great resource for all new and existing HootSuite owls.

Thanks for your kind words about our humble social management tool.

I'll be bookmarking and directing people to this in the future!

Hoot on!

-Connor and your friends at HootSuite

Viola Tam said...

Hi Mayura,

You got my 'WOW' too! What an informative post, packed with excellent tutorials.

I have heard a bout Hootsuite but never occurred to me that I could figure it out myself. Now that with this tutorial, I will be able to share with my business coach and see in what way this tool and the apps can help with media exposure.

I have learned a lot from Adrienne's comment and your reply to it. Do you recommend starting with TweetDeck instead of Hootsuite?

With GREAT Appreciation, Mayura!

Viola The Business Mum

Debbie Doglady said...

It's all set up and I absolutely love it! Sure did miss quite a few tweets, which shouldn't happen anymore. Thanks for turning me on to HootSuite, Mayura!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Praveen,

Sometimes our first impression towards tools matters, right mate? :) Earlier as it was not capable of posting to Google+, I abandoded the process of exploring more about it. However with the arrival of Google+, I've done it agin and here it is :)

I'm really glad to hear you found it usual now Praveen :) As I had to manage multiple pages for my blog, I've found it time saving and easy to manage. See, as you say, it helps not to overload followers with multiple shares :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views even after trying it mate :)

Enjoy the first weekend of the New Year :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Connor,

Thank you for your kind words and compliments coming from HootSuite and it really helps me out this New Year to save time and focus on what I really wanna do :) It does its job and I'm inspired to write to help folks around here hoping to improve their social experience in this New Year.

Keep up the great service and looking forward for more networks too.

Thanks again for recommending to folks over there :)

You all enjoy the first weekend of the New Year :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Viola,

I believe you will find it helpful to improve your social experience and make things easy for you in this New Year :) We need to find the efficient tool for our needs without sticking into same old methodologies, no?

Well, when it comes to Adrienne, she loves TwetDeck dear :) I know her story about TweetDeck as she has been sharing it over her blog. She manages only Twitter there and prefers TweetDeck over HootSuite. So, she doesn't wanna HootSuite again for same purpose.

But here I wanna manage Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter :) TweetDeck is lack of managing 'em all. So if you wanna manage multiple networks, I'd say try HootSuite. Else if you wanna manage Twitter only, try TweetDeck and HootSuite both and stick to what's best for you dear :)

I hope my thoughts helps find what's best for you and be more productive in this New year :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on this post dear :)

Enjoy your first weekend on this New Year Viola :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Debbie,

Wow... Really glad to know you love it dear and I hope you can focus more on your primary goals this year :) Let's make this year more successful with the usage of eficient tools.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts after tryng HootSuite Debbie :)

Enjoy the first weekend of this New year :)


Sapna said...

HI Mayura

I am late to the party but I would say, You rock. This was not only because of its timing but it's highly descriptive as well, after reading your post I completed the setup. I came back again for commenting after completing that.

I don't use Social Media that efficiently as I would have like to. But I think I need to start using this Hootsuite now as I can have the control from a single location.

Thanks again for introducing me to this new tool.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sapna,

Ohw it's alrighty dear. I know we all have busy lives :) Ha ha... Party? ;) Let's call that way then.

Ah... You signed up already :) Nice to hear about that. Well, play with the features there and see how it gonna help you to manage your social profiles in this year. It's a time saver for me as I can manage multiple social networks. I hope you will be able to save time and focus on your promary goals this year :)

Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts after taking initial steps on that dear :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend in this New Year Sapna :)


Debbie Doglady said...

Thanks; you too! I also love that I can add my Google and Wordpress readers on there in RSS feeds. SO handy to have everything in one place! So, now, I have Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Flickr and the two readers, all together. What a great invention! :-)

Mayura De Silva said...

Wow... Now that's all in one place and your save few tabs on your web browser ;)

Really glad to hear you are make use of it well and found it very helpful for you dear :) That's what need to happen. Using tools for our needs without always following the same way.

That's a wonderful solution indeed if people make use of it, right? :)


Pauline Bennett said...

Hi Mayura
I admit I have not used Hootsuite before but after reading your wonderful post I will be going over and taking a look at it, you make it sound so easy to set up. I use a few social media sites so it would be use to keep up with them all from this.
Thanks for sharing

Lisa Buben said...

I see, you can only add up to 5 on the FREE plan, Still thinking about upgrading. I like how it does offer more now than before. Thanks again.

Mayura De Silva said...

Yeah Lisa, 5 Social Networks but you can use Apps too :) Mmm... Did you find something missing for you in FREE plan? :)

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Pauline,

Absoluely dear :) Taking a look at is always better, and remember to use it only if meets your needs. For me it helps me manage my pages and technically it saves my time by 3x. I'm really glad as some folks here already found it very helpful with all features :)

I hope you can save more time in this year with it and easily manage your profiles :) We need to improve each day, right?

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts about this post dear :)

Have a GREAT first weekend in this New Year :)


RobG said...

Hello Mayura frst I would like to introduce my self my name is RobG, and I own a personal / business blog dedicated to helping others get started. Great post you have here, I have heard about HootSuite but never really took the time to look at what it may offer but after reading this article I might just try it out. Thanks so much for the great info...

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Rob,

Nice to meet you mate and here's my home place :) Glad to hear you are heping folks too. Giving and expecting less is always make us rich in many ways and never makes us poor :)

I didn't like it earlier as it's lack of Google+. But now it's prefect for my needs and saving me time to focus on other stuff I wanna get done. I hope you will find it helpful to save time and easily manage your social networks too mate :) Well, if it satisfies your needs.

Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts about this post Rob :)

Have a wonderful weekend in this New Year :)


Creativebloggers said...

You are most welcome Mayura, and you are correct about wanted less I've always love helping people in more ways then one, that's why I work at a level one trauma center because I feel I was put on this earth to help people in any way I can.

I been on line about 14-years now and have always provided tutorials and educational structures to help people in things they might be interested in.

I have a list of special people I look forward to engaging more with on line and I added you to that list. Keep up the GREAT- work providing your helpful Information we need more blogs like this.

We have to help each other any way we can that's what makes it so much fun

Talk to you soon my friend..RobG

Margarita Slavkova said...

Mayura, great post. you always manage to write about topics I am interested in the moment. I am a big fan of hootsuite. I have a free account. I noticed they offered me free advertisement, something like a coupon for a $100. I did not used it. I just wondered if you have tried their ads.

Also, good for pointing out about the automatic scheduling. How do I determine which is the best time to post. Do they offer some studies in the paid version?

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Rob,

That's wonderful actions you are taking towards people who need help :) I know we need to earn money and live the life we love. But I see people who earn only money but give less. We can't change the whole World but start with us. Bravo and wish you all the best with 'em all Rob :)

Thanks for adding me to your list and let's make 2013 more successful as we can with the right blogging folks :) But even for misguided bloggers can come back to track. They just need help :)

Have a GREAT time over there mate :)


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Margarita,

Really glad to know you are using HootSuite too dear :) I'm not worshipping it, but it does what it says and that's what we expect from a tool, no? Ha ha... I hope you have been loving it else you won't be a big fan :)

Ah coupon? Is it to upgrade for paid version dear? I'm yet out of ads and focus on offering my services as I made the choice to focus on what worked for me earlier, in this year dear :) Let's see, may be I will.

I'm using AutoSchedule since I start to use HootSuite dear and it's not a big boost but working alright. Ah... It's in FREE version already. For a tool, either the general best posting times need to be pre-fetched or else it analyze our past postings and gauge the best time to send out the message dear. I have no exact idea yet though :)

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views about HootSuite dear :)

Have a wonderful week there :)


Sue Price said...

Hi Mayura
What a amazing detailed post and great tutorials. I will be back to do it properly. I like Adrienne have used Tweedeck but their new version is not so good and it seems they no longer support Linkedin so I am going to give this a fly.

Thanks for the detail. I have been putting it off as I am too busy to figure it out (or so I thought) but now I can use your post.

Thank you.


Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Sue,

Ah... You're a TweetDeck fan too :) Yeah, Adrienne told the same story there. Well, for me TweetDeck was not enough as I cannot connect multiple networks :) Now HootSuite is the one for my needs dear.

I hope you will able to try out HootSuite with the mentioned steps here and details with the post. Ohw yes, you can connect LinkedIn too. Well, you gotta try it out and see if it goes with your requirements Sue :) I hope it will.

Thanks for coming by and sharing your views about this post dear :)

Have a fabulous week there Sue :)


Manickam Vijayabanu said...

Hi Mayura,

Very nice post. I am coming to your site through Carolyn's Wonderoftech. Absolutely Hootsuite is an interesting tool and I do remember my last year guest post to Carolyn about the tool. I like the single podium concept where it saves out time and effort a lot to keep in one place.

Indeed, Though I highlighted as best dashboard tool didn't explore much as routine.

Your post is wonderful and you have captured all valid features and surely would help a lot. Also, I like the way you have described and love it.

Thanks for the post.

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Manickam,

Ah... I remember you at Carolyn's place mate :) Glad to see you here too.

You did guest post at Wonder of Tech? :) I think it's some time back, 'cause I don't remember as I'm just recently got to know her and start visiting more of her blog mate.

Ohw yeah, I love HootSuite now as it offer posting on Google+ and else I wouldn't start using and write about it here mate. I think simplicity matters and that's the way it is for me though :) Glad you liked the way it has been written.

I'm just love to hear feedback 'cause many friends I know start using HootSuite after this post and don't know who else. I hope anyone would love its features would start using and save time this year to focus on their primary goals mate. Tools matters, right? :)

Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts on HootSuite and this post Manickam :)

Have a fantastic week there :)