April 24, 2012

Schedule and Maximize the Impact of Your Tweets with Timely

Timely has been retired. You can try alternatives: Buffer / HootSuite

What... You hate Twitter? How could you possibly hate that cute birdy? Absolutely you are not hating the Twitter birdy. But you may have fed up of it's productivity for you. There could be loads of reasons why you are not in love with Twitter. After spending time on Twitter, you might have realized that your tweets not being retweeted as you thought. Is that the reason you gonna keep Twitter out of your sight?

The primary reason behind this could be that your followers doesn't see your updates on their Twitter home feed. I mean, when you share tweets, your followers may not on Twitter at that moment or you just flooding all your tweets at once on Twitter when you are online. So your tweets just bury without seeing. Just stare at your Twitter feed and see how fast tweets getting buried or moves down on the feed. So you have to find out the best time to share your tweets to get more attention on them. But how?

Schedule Your Tweets

Do you know you can schedule your tweets? Of course, you can. If you have never got your hands on such tools, you might wanna check out Buffer and HootSuite. Believe me, you gonna love them. But still if you unable to find the right time to post your tweets or find when your followers are on Twitter, still scheduling won't be that helpful. And you may discouraged to use Twitter again. But don't give up on it. Timely is a service which analyzes your tweets and share them at the right time. Wanna know how?

How It Works?

The process seems simple. Timely analyze your past tweets and pull out tweets which have been retweeted. Then it consider the time slots of those selected tweets and select best time slots with higher number of retweets. Those time slots will be assigned when you share your tweets next time through Timely. And it will learn more about best possible time slots as you tweet around. Got it?

But you have to understand the service when you use it too. Timely doesn't give you a quick boost to your tweets and earn more retweets overnight. The predictions may or may not work at first. Causes could be you may have few followers and tweets. But over time you will get more good results. If you are come up with a brand new Twitter account with no followers, it doesn't help you at all.

This service depends on what you already have - Your past tweets and their statistics. So you have to be patient and tweet consistently until Timely learns and analyzes the best time for you. As you tweet more, it will learn more and tweet efficiently and effectively for your followers. When you grow with more followers, it will learn more and find most suitable time slots too.

Before You Go:

You need to sign up for a new Timely account unless you are not a member yet.


1. If you signed up for the first time, you will prompt to connect an account. Else click Add Account button on dashboard. Either way, connect your Twitter account by clicking Connect to Twitter button.

2. Go to Timely Account Settings page and change relevant preferences for your connected account.

Weekends - You can either turn it on to post tweets on weekends or turn it off to be idle on weekends.

Posts per day - You can select how many tweets needed to be posted on each day. You can have options 1, 3, 5 or 9. But if Timely couldn't find enough time slots to be par with your frequency, it will move those tweets to next day.

Timezone - You can select the timezone best match for you.

Invite to collaborate - You can invite your friend via email to manage your account.

3. Now select connected Twitter account from left pane and write your tweet in given post text box.

4. Click Add to Queue button.

5. Now your tweet will be schedule for next best engagement time as detected by Timely.

More Information:

* You can find queued tweets under Queue tab and you can edit or delete it before it get posted.

* The Performance tab will show you the reach and potential of your posted tweets.

* You can delete your Twitter account from Timely by navigating to Timely Account Settings page and click on Remove account link beneath your connected account settings.

* Just sign out from your Timely account and click Go button after entering your Twitter username in Twitter account field. It will go through your past tweets and come up with some hours that might have best impact on your tweets. Interesting. isn't it? Just for the fact :)

Enjoy :-)

Awesome! Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now you can share it with your friends and I'd love to hear from you too.

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Sarah said...

I haven't heard about Timely until now. I think this will become a brilliant tool to add to twitter. Sometimes you get so busy it is the last thing on your mind. Thanks for sharing this great tool. Something to look into .

Mayura De Silva said...

You're welcome Sarah :) And glad to introduce you a new tool. Timely and Buffer are great tools for tweeps to schedule tweets. Further, Timely figures out best time for tweeting. Go try and make use of it for you :)


Adrienne Smith said...

Well that was a good review Mayura... You did a wonderful job of explaining how Timely can benefit those who really do want their tweets to actually be seen. I think that is where a lot of people go wrong with Twitter.

Sure,anyone can retweet someone's content but it sure isn't going to help you if your followers aren't on Twitter at the time you tweet that content.

Scheduling tweets in my opinion is a great way to go if you aren't going to be online when your followers are.

Great review, you did good my friend.


Mayura De Silva said...

Yeah Adrienne :) When it comes to Twitter, some users just don't get it and think they just being ignored on Twitter. But the fact is totally different. They are not being ignored, the timing is what matters to them. So I just wanted to introduce Timely for them to try out :) Further they might think it as a instant solution for them. So I had to explain further about it's usage and how to make use of that.

Thanks for commenting and elaborating your opinions Adrienne :) Really thanks for taking your time while you are struggling to get back to normal after your loss. Yeah, you are a strong one :)


Unknown said...

Mayura, how does this compare to the Buffer? Does it let you time more tweets? Buffer is at 10 (for the free use of Buffer app) Thanks!

Mayura De Silva said...

Hi Lisa,

I love Buffer :) It let us schedule tweets and we are responsible for perfect timing. Timely schedule our tweets too. But Timely responsible for learning best time for tweets which takes more time for us.

If we JUST go with Buffer, we have to experiment more time to find perfect timing for our followers. And the fact is followers never be same. So we have to find it as our followers change. Timely and its algorithm will do analysis for us. It will come up with better time slots for us. But needs to be patient. Over time, after being familiar with timing and possible ranges, we can fetch that slots into Buffer too :) So I think Buffer and Timely are better together than just stick into one.

Absolutely, Timely has a limit for publishing Lisa - Maximum of 9 tweets per day. But here, timing figures out by Timely itself after analyzing our past tweets :) The most important thing would be finding right time I suppose.

I hope it helps :) Have a great day Lisa...


vanita said...

Lisa beat me to my question. lol our minds think a like. i love buffer, i forget to use it though lol. will definitely check out Timely. Have you used CrowdBooster? it sends me emails telling me when is the best time to tweet based on my retweets i guess and reminds me of tweets i may have missed that mention me. i don't always remember to pay attention to that either. i'm so bad. i guess because i'm mostly ON when it comes to twitter. i need a service like this for FB. hahaha

Mayura De Silva said...

Yeah Vanita :D Sometimes I forget too. Mostly I just see Lisa's tweets published via Buffer on stream and they remind me of Buffer too. I hope you will like this service :) And you can use this one for Facebook too. BTW hoping to write about it after getting know more and still seeking algorithm behind it. You gotta give it a try first. Mmmmh, CrowdBooster? Nope, I never heard of it. Seems interesting and similar to this one. I ll check on it too.

Ohw, Thanks for you tip :) Have a great day...


Unknown said...

Thanks Mayura, I will have to try it and thanks for your help on the feed today - Just AWESOME!

Mayura De Silva said...

Oh :) It's alright Lisa. You're always welcome. That's what friends for. Yeah, try and see how it's impact on you.