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January 19, 2014

Search Smarter and Faster with Google Quick Scroll

Google Quick Scroll extension has been depreciated.

Are you a Googler? Google Search has been very popular among many online users to find relevant information. Neither I can recollect a day spent without using Google Search to find information online. The next most adored feature Google Search had for me was discovering content using images. However, have you ever come across a Google search result, which you couldn't find what you were looking for after landing on a suggested web page?

June 24, 2013

Embed Social Updates in Your Posts and Articles with SocialDitto

SocialDitto service is no longer available.

Mmm... Can bloggers and content writers stay away from social media? They used to. It's years ago, before the invasion of social media. But now they are attracted to social networks as it has promising benefits. In addition to content being published on blogs and websites, we find unique and pretty interesting content being shared on social platforms too. Were you ever wanted to embed a social update in your blog post or article?

August 24, 2012

How to Add a Feedback Tab for Your Website with Get Satisfaction

This tutorial only applicable for Get Satisfaction's legacy application.

If you believe in what you are good at in business, you will enjoy serving your readers or customers with your whole heart. If you are an individual managing the site, your website structure, design and content depends on your own preferences. Even if it's managed by a team, it will take the collaborative approach. Mostly your changes will depend on the intuition, knowledge, sense and ideas or feedback you get from the end users.

August 1, 2012

How to Set Up Your Blogger Blog with a Custom Domain on GoDaddy

GoDaddy Blogger DNS Setup can't be used to map your blog to a custom domain anymore.

Are you still on a Blogger free subdomain where your URL says Well, it's up to you to be on it or move to a custom domain where things get much easier and visible. Whether you are on a free or custom domain, content is what matters most for users.

July 17, 2012

How to Configure Google Services for Your Domain with Google Apps

Google no longer offers free Google Apps accounts, but paid solutions.

Do you have your own registered domain for your blog or website? Having a registered domain matters as it increase visibility and identity of your brand online. When you purchase a domain name, you will get few services along with the domain name you prefer too. A few personalized email accounts, extra storage, website creation tools, online photo album are some cool features available in domain registration packages. If you need more features, you will have to pay for them. What if you can get some additional features / services for no cost?

July 9, 2012

How to Add a Contact Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page with ContactMe

ContactMe has been shut down.

Do you have a contact form on your blog or website you manage? If you are still unable to create a contact page for your site, you may missing opportunity and your visitors find it very desperate to contact you. May be you are showing your contacts publicly. But don't you think it may attract spammers more than folks who wanna contact you?

June 3, 2012

How to Create an Online Support Community with Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction no longer offers new free support communities.

While managing a blog / website, you have to interact with your visitors. They can be readers, potential customers and so on. It doesn't matter what type of content, product or service you deliver. In order to improve the satisfaction of your users / customers, you have to provide a way for them to contact you, for any assistance, inquiries or to gather user feedback. Have you thought about it?

May 29, 2012

Transform Your Facebook Profile or Page into a Movie with Timeline Movie Maker

Timeline Movie Maker has been shut down. It was really fun!

Facebook is a great way to get connected with your friends and family online to share and care. You can share photos, videos, events and quite like being in a party with everyone you love. Not only your friends and family members, but also you can engage with your customers and followers through Facebook Pages. Can you recall best memories you had on Facebook?

April 24, 2012

Schedule and Maximize the Impact of Your Tweets with Timely

Timely has been retired. You can try alternatives: Buffer / HootSuite

What... You hate Twitter? How could you possibly hate that cute birdy? Absolutely you are not hating the Twitter birdy. But you may have fed up of it's productivity for you. There could be loads of reasons why you are not in love with Twitter. After spending time on Twitter, you might have realized that your tweets not being retweeted as you thought. Is that the reason you gonna keep Twitter out of your sight?

March 9, 2012

How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest no longer delete accounts permanently, but still you can deactivate.

How are you getting on with Pinterest? Pinterest is an awesome service to organize interesting stuff you find when surfing the web. Or you can discover interesting stuff at Pinterest too. However statistics say women are much preferred in pinning content. I hope it may due to its visual appeal. Have you got an impressive collection of interesting stuff on Pinterest too? So you may still wanna get on with it. By the way, if you are a one who figured out Pinterest is not useful and end up with being idle on Pinterest, now you may seeking a way around to get rid of it. Or you may wanna take down your account due to suspection of copyright infringement happening around Pinterest. Do you wanna figure out how to get rid of Pinterest?

March 6, 2012

Easily Enable Authorship Information for Your Content on Google Search Results

Authorship markup is no longer supported in Google Search.

We almost know Google has been enhancing the search experience and start to show author information along with the search results to attribute the content authors / publishers. You got to know what Google Authorship is all about in that blog post. The authorship markup is very easy to implement, but yet it may tremble some users as it involves with editing the template or theme files. I know, some users don't wanna touch any technical details at all. Are you one of them?

March 2, 2012

Show Related Content on Blogger with nRelate

nRelate platform has been retired and won't serve recommendations anymore.

How often do you blog? It could be once a month, once a week, 3 times a week or even more frequently. However each time you will manage to come up with a fresh and quality post for your readers to enjoy. No matter what is your frequency of posting, your content will be buried and hidden in your archive as you come up with new posts over time.

January 25, 2012

How to Display Author Information in Google Search Results

Authorship markup is no longer supported in Google Search.

Google has been working on improving the user experience and productivity for their Google Search users. As they still dominate the Web Search, it's compulsory to stay competitive and embrace more users. Anyway, now Google integrating their social platform with their products / services and Google Search has gone to a whole new level with this integration. If I cut to the chase, Google Authorship is here.

January 5, 2012

How to Add Facebook Activity Feed Plugin to Your Website

Facebook Activity Feed plugin has been depreciated.

People come visit and enjoy interesting posts or media on your website. As they embrace your content, they will share them on Facebook, like them via Like button and also if you have implemented Facebook Comment plugin, they will tend to comment on your pages if they are fond of Facebook. Imagine you just on Facebook. Wouldn't you look at activities of your interested friends and people? However they almost on your News Feed. So if your friends recommend a content, you may wanna check it out too. But that bounds to Facebook. Hmm... but what if you can show off activities happen on your site and let readers find out what their friends doing on your site?