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January 8, 2015

Add Floating Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Images

Have you got a collection of Pinterest boards filled with your favorite images found on the web? Either you are a Pinteresting fan or not, as a publisher, I believe your blog / website is almost pin ready for your visitors. If you already integrated the Pinterest Pin It button, your visitors must adore you for making your content pin easy as well. I do love having a Pin It button around when I stumble upon interesting content that should goes right into my Pinterest boards. How about you?

February 21, 2013

How to Deactivate Your Pinterest Account

Hmm... You might be a victim of Pinterest Craze. Don't you? Many number of online users, especially women, started exploring Pinterest when they got to know it's all about organizing beautiful stuff online. The idea behind the Pinterest was very innovative though it similar to Instagram and the visual appeal has been embracing more and more users to their social platform since then. It's not only about pinning beautiful stuff you find online for fun, but Pinterest has introduced business accounts too. While everyone else enjoying the party at Pinterest, now you gonna say you wanna delete your Pinterest account?

January 7, 2013

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Have you been pinning around on Pinterest? I bet you know what Pinterest is already. Pinterest is ___________. Please fill in the blank for me ;) As you having pinteresting moments on the Pinterest platform, have you ever thought about taking a look at Pinterest settings for a moment? No it's not about a privacy change or something, but you might have seen that you can add your blog or website address there and link from your Pinterest account. It's wonderful if you can get traffic from Pinterest, not only via the stuff you pin from your blog or website but also from your profile. Isn't it?

December 17, 2012

How to Add Pinterest Widgets on Your Website

Don't you love fascinating and wordless photos? We all do. But taste depends. When we talk about social media world, there are popular social networks dedicated for image sharing. Absolutely you can share images on Facebook, Google+ and on such networks. But how about the ones solely driven by images? Can you think of such? I know you will obviously come up with Pinterest and Instagram. Well, let's narrow this topic to Pinterest. If you own a blog or website, how do you promote your pinteresting Pinterest profile for your incoming visitors? You may have added follow buttons which one of them is linked with your Pinterest profile. Wouldn't it be much better if you could be more attractive as Pinterest is all about images?

November 26, 2012

How to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is known as a virtual pinboard where you can share and manage online images and videos you find online. Most probably you have been using it to collect beautiful and interesting stuff your find online and so far there could be numerous boards and pins you are having in your personal account. Pinterest is a tremendous service which hits online users with an innovative idea and people loved the way it works. Unlike other social profiles, Pinterest personal accounts could be used for businesses without a doubt as it was all about pinning. A personal profile with business name on it just do that for businesses. Isn't it?

April 17, 2012

How to Add a Pinterest Tab for Your Facebook Fan Page with Woobox

Are you on Pinterest? If you love to organize interesting stuff you find online, you may have already using this service. It all goes with visual appeal. There you can find lovely and creative images exist on the web and pinned down by other Pinterest users. Actually it's an innovative approach for social media. Recently Pinterest start to hit millions of users and became much more popular among social networks. If you were not a Pinterest lover first, then you may try it out after it start to revolutionize social media world. Probably to get more traffic for your content. However if you are still new or would like to promote your Pinterest boards and pins, what about showing them off on your Facebook page?

April 3, 2012

How to Add Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Website

Are you a victim of Pinterest craze? Pinterest has been evolving on the web from 2010. But it has got most of user attention lately in the 2012 and lead to some critical copyright situations too. Therefore they had to offer a solution to block sites from pinning to prevent businesses getting sued on Pinterest and another portion of users deleted Pinterest accounts to be safe from spreading sensitive content. However still Pinterest is a traffic generator. People love being there and pin interesting content they find on the web. So you might wanna give it a try too. Or else your visitors wanna pin your content. But I don't think that you want them to do it in hard way. Do you?

March 9, 2012

How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest no longer delete accounts permanently, but still you can deactivate.

How are you getting on with Pinterest? Pinterest is an awesome service to organize interesting stuff you find when surfing the web. Or you can discover interesting stuff at Pinterest too. However statistics say women are much preferred in pinning content. I hope it may due to its visual appeal. Have you got an impressive collection of interesting stuff on Pinterest too? So you may still wanna get on with it. By the way, if you are a one who figured out Pinterest is not useful and end up with being idle on Pinterest, now you may seeking a way around to get rid of it. Or you may wanna take down your account due to suspection of copyright infringement happening around Pinterest. Do you wanna figure out how to get rid of Pinterest?

February 21, 2012

How to Block Your Website from Pinning on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? It's an innovative social platform to discover or organize interesting stuff found online and to share with other people. And it becomes more and more popular with aggressive user engagement since it has been open for people via invitations. You can find a brief introduction about Pinterest here in Add Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Blogger Posts post. Pinterest is all about sharing and managing interesting stuff found online. You can promote your content if you need. But mostly it works for having interesting pins. Either you can pin interesting images or videos found online or upload content right from your computer. But still some publishers may see some sort of a copyright violation over there as Pinterest enables ease of access to copyrighted materials that are being pinned from their websites by other users. So Pinterest offered publishers a way to opt-out their websites from being pinned on Pinterest. Do you wanna opt-out from being pinned?

February 14, 2012

How to Change Your Username on Pinterest

Have you been pinning lately on Pinterest? Users prefer getting on with this new social experience as it helps users to organize content easily and it's becoming more and more popular nowadays. So if you have already signed up for a Pinterest account, you may have already started pinning images and content found on the web. Doesn't have a Pinterest account yet? Then you can request an invitation. However as you create a new Pinterest account, you can grab a username for your account. But if you are not happy with your selected username, do you know you can switch to another?

February 2, 2012

How to Add Pinterest Follow Button to Your Website

Pinterest is not a new social network for you anymore. For most people it was an unknown platform, until Pinterest craze begins. Nowadays it's an emerging social network on the web. Pinterest is a place where you can share and manage online images and videos find on the web with your friends and interested people. So if you have created a Pinterest account for you or for your brand, you need to spread the word about it. You can circulate message about your new Pinterest account on other social platforms, so your friends and followers will catch up you there. Also you can invite them via your blog or website too. Would you like to let your site visitors know about your Pinterest account?

January 22, 2012

Add Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Blogger Posts

Have you ever heard about Pinterest? If you are interested in social media, you may already know about it. It is the new addition to social network list and becoming more popular on the social web. But if you are not a person in alert, I'd like to include briefing about Pinterest here. Pinterest is a place where you can share and manage online images or videos found on the web. It allows you to create virtual pinboards to categorize content you found and uploaded. These content you uploaded or added to your pinboards will called as pins once after they added to your virtual pinboards.