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February 28, 2015

Display Recommended Content on Blogger with Outbrain

Do you feel like the engagement on your old content fades away over time? As bloggers, we have numerous ways to promote our old content and help them attract the audience that matters. One of such alternatives is to recommend related content following a post or article. Have you been recommending old content to your readers too?

March 30, 2014

Show Related Posts on Blogger with LinkWithin

If you have been blogging for some time, you might have notice that your older content need a promotional strategy to get more eyes into it. Obviously, your SEO strategies may help new readers discover your content through search engines, internal links will invite readers to keep engaged, and effective navigation aid them to explore your older content. Got more strategies to keep your readers engaged with older content?

June 25, 2012

How to Add Facebook Recommendations Bar for Your Blogger Posts

How do you get traffic to your blog? Search engines do help bring you targeted traffic to your blog. Also, your content being shared or recommended on social networks gives extra exposure and welcome interested visitors too. Talking about promotion, you can try blogging directories, groups / communities and simply allow others to share your content to spread the word. Have you?

May 9, 2012

How to Display Labels of Your Posts in Blogger

Did you categorize or label your posts? You should find a reason to categorize or label your posts. Else it won't help you and could be just a time consuming activity. Isn't it? Yeah, it could be the attitude hidden inside in your mind towards categorizing or labeling your posts. Absolutely, you don't need to categorize your posts for your visitors land on your posts via organic web search. It's a matter of Search Engine Optimization. But after landing on your posts, if readers interested in your content or topic you have written about, they will more prefer to seek out more similar content on your blog. Then, how would you offer a way to find similar content on your blog without letting them going through series of pages or using site search?

March 7, 2012

Show Off Recent Content on a Website with Google FeedBurner

How do you promote your site content? You can distribute your content on social networks, enable email subscriptions and further you can submit your content to web directories too. But how about promoting your latest content on your own website? Does it make sense? You may always display your recent content on your homepage. So why you need to bother about promoting them again? But you are forgetting something. What about visitors land on your site via organic searches or referrals? They may won't navigate to your homepage. So showing off recent content would be helpful to find your latest content by such visitors. So would you like to show off your recent content on your website too?

March 2, 2012

Show Related Content on Blogger with nRelate

nRelate platform has been retired and won't serve recommendations anymore.

How often do you blog? It could be once a month, once a week, 3 times a week or even more frequently. However each time you will manage to come up with a fresh and quality post for your readers to enjoy. No matter what is your frequency of posting, your content will be buried and hidden in your archive as you come up with new posts over time.

October 28, 2011

How to Show Off Popular Posts on Blogger

Do you regularly publish posts or any other media on your blog? As time goes, what happens to your interesting posts? They may bury with the time and fresh content get more exposure. Sometimes people will find them after googling on the web. But do you think its enough? What happen to them after being moved from your homepage? People may visit your blog regularly, but those who are not, may miss the interesting stories. And people those who are visiting your blog first time may unable to read your most engaging and interesting posts. The reason is once they land on your homepage, there is a limited chance that people will explore your older content. So would you mind if you can give more exposure to your archived content?

September 28, 2011

Add Facebook Recommendations Box to Your Website

Did you integrate Facebook plugins on your blog or website? The truth is nowadays Facebook social platform is integrated with our lives. Everyone knows Facebook. Most of us had no idea about social media before this milestone in 2004 - Birth of Facebook. But now it's the place where we used to meet our friends and family to share everything in digitized format.