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August 21, 2013

How to Add an Apple Touch Icon for Your Website

Is your blog or website optimized for mobile devices? We discussed about enabling mobile version on Blogger though. Modern days, people are very fond of using mobile devices and even reports indicate that most of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are mostly accessed via mobile devices too. Did you know that 43% of phones are smartphones and over 85% of them used to access the Internet? If your site is still in the waiting list to support mobile devices, you are definitely missing out the opportunity and turn your back to lot of users who could have make use of your content.

April 8, 2013

Review Marketing Efforts on Your Website with Marketing Grader

It's obvious that you are always trying to improve your website to grab more attention of online users. I know it's not just an easy task to deal with. If you have a blog, you do need to focus on creating unique and quality content for your readers and of course to gain more readership. If it's a website, you need to focus on targeting your products or services too. It's just not about building a complete site but how it gonna help attain your long-term goals. You might have missed few or more important features you need to be implemented on your blog or website for maximum effectiveness. How about if someone can help you with reviewing your site?

November 19, 2012

Create a Simple Android Application for Your Site with AppsGeyser

The mobile platform is getting more and more popular everyday with latest technological advancements. Most of users now using mobile devices and it's almost mobile era. Don't we see smartphones, tablets everywhere now? Well, if you are managing a blog or website, have you ever thought of this factor? Absolutely, I know many of you has mobile version of your blog or website to be compatible with mobile devices, isn't it? If not, now it's time for you to think about it. Well, how about building your own app for your blog or website? So your readers can check out your content instantly via their mobile devices without entering your site URL always. Isn't it?

May 11, 2012

How to Enable Mobile Version of Your Blog in Blogger

How does a visitor read your content or view your blog? Mostly they will visit your blog through internet browser on their computer. Or some may have already subscribed to your blog updates via email or through your blog feed. And next one which would be most considerate is mobile. Do users view you blog via mobile devices? You can find it out via Statistics tab on Blogger Dashboard. Else you can make use of user tracking tools to find out how many of mobile users reading your blog frequently. Unlike desktop web browser, mobile devices got small screen to view your content. So you have to think about optimizing your blog for mobile users. Don't you think so?

March 20, 2012

How to Generate a QR Code with Kaywa QR-Code Generator

Have you ever heard of QR code? QR code is the term, abbreviated from Quick Response Code. It is capable of storing specific amount of data where users can easily scan and retrieve information integrated within the QR code to their mobile devices. Users with mobile devices which capable of QR code reading, can read QR codes in just few moments and it's another best promotional methodology to spread your news among mobile users. Wondering how to generate a QR code?