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November 6, 2012

Do You Make Use of HTML Header Tags?

When you write blog posts or articles online, the flow and format of the post is very important. If you are just writing and writing never ending posts or articles, it will sometimes overwhelm your readers though it has very good information. You can just read through your post once or twice before its being published and it may ring your bell. I don't believe writing posts just using text is can claimed as bad. It's about keeping reader attention attached to your writing. Here, I'm gonna talk about an element which could help guide readers and structure your writing - Headings. Have you been using headings in your posts or articles?

October 11, 2012

How to Change Post Date Header Format in Blogger

Blogger is a free blog publishing service help bloggers to spread their voice over the world. It doesn't matter what platform you are in, still you are fond of personalization. You will change particular settings available to find best matching on your blog and theme. Else you will apply changes and tweak your template or theme referring to external sources. Have you been customizing your Blogger template lately? As you explore through your template, one element you can find is the post date header. It's an element which reflects the published date of your posts. Would you like to touch and customize the date header on your blog?

October 3, 2012

How to Change Your Blog Address in Blogger

You know how to create a blog on Blogger platform, without any doubt. Obviously, Blogger is not operated with the availability of massive built-in plugins where you can click and add right into your blog. But there are many choices and still it's much HTML friendly, so you can add any third party HTML / JavaScript based plugins very easily. It's true that quality content matters in a blog for readers to embrace the blog as a valuable resource. In addition to content, have you ever been thinking about your blog address? I mean, URL of your blog. Do you wanna change your blog address you have chosen initially when you create your blog?

August 6, 2012

Are You Scaring Away Commenters?

“What? Scaring them away? What do you mean?”

What I mean is, are your readers able to comment on your blog with NO ISSUES?

I find this on more Blogger/Blogspot blogs than anything. I read a great post, I want to add a comment, and yet I can’t!

August 1, 2012

How to Set Up Your Blogger Blog with a Custom Domain on GoDaddy

GoDaddy Blogger DNS Setup can't be used to map your blog to a custom domain anymore.

Are you still on a Blogger free subdomain where your URL says Well, it's up to you to be on it or move to a custom domain where things get much easier and visible. Whether you are on a free or custom domain, content is what matters most for users.

July 23, 2012

How to Create Custom URLs for Your Posts in Blogger

Do you like customizing your blog on Blogger? Yeah, mostly you would say "Yes" as you wanna reflect your personality through the look and feel, or need to have things in your way. Blogger has set of customization options that helps personalize your blog according to your preferences. Not everything, but yet most are customizable.

July 13, 2012

How to Purchase and Set Up a Custom Domain for Your Blog in Blogger

Simply a domain name is an unique identifier which can be organized in different levels. Yeah it's an online identity. Owning a preferable web address for your online presence is matters as it helps you to familiar with your audience. As you know Blogger is a free blogging platform which helps online users to spread their voice.

June 25, 2012

How to Add Facebook Recommendations Bar for Your Blogger Posts

How do you get traffic to your blog? Search engines do help bring you targeted traffic to your blog. Also, your content being shared or recommended on social networks gives extra exposure and welcome interested visitors too. Talking about promotion, you can try blogging directories, groups / communities and simply allow others to share your content to spread the word. Have you?

June 13, 2012

How to Show Snippet of a Post on Homepage of Your Blog in Blogger

How is blogging goes on Blogger? You may come up with post ideas everyday and you wanna share them with your blog readers. I know, you enjoy blogging. But as you write a new post, an older post will get hidden from your homepage. Your homepage get the attention of visitors. Especially, new visitors. Hence if you can deliver more content on your blog's homepage, you can maximize exposure for multiple posts too. Do you?

May 26, 2012

Add Floating Vertical Share Bar for Blogger Posts with ShareThis

Sharing is caring. People love to share interesting content they find on the web as and when they find them. As a publisher, you have a responsibility to provide sharing options for users to share your content and else even if you have interesting content, sharing may not happen. I mean, some people will share but still there are people looking for sharing options to share content to multiple social networks. Else it is really time consuming activity for them. So you should consider about offering sharing options for your blog readers if you're think about convenience of your readers and getting more content shared. But you may not like to have whatever sharing option as it should be comply with your blog design and flow of your blog. Did you find a sharing tool for your blog par with your blog design?

May 21, 2012

How to Install Disqus Comment Platform on Blogger

Comment section is a place where bloggers and their readers gather around and interact with each other to strengthen their relationships. Obviously, it's the popular way of getting feedback for your content directly from your audience which then converts into further conversations. Sometimes this conversations go viral and end up leaving lengthy comment section and goes beyond the author-reader relationship. That's where your readers becomes more loyal and engage with your blog actively.

May 20, 2012

How to Set Up Who Can Comment on Your Blog in Blogger

How much do you care about comments made on your blog? Really you should appreciate reader comments and I know you always do. Whether someone comment on your blog or you gonna comment on someone else's blog, it helps to build relationships directly or indirectly. If you wanna know how comments help build relationships, read Adrienne Smith's commenting tips. Why do you blog? There could be many number of reasons I can think of. But the most relevant question here would be - Who is your audience? 'Cause its answer will help you to select best commenting option you need. You may have a public blog where you share your thoughts and ideas publicly. Or you may have restricted it for few people as you wanna create more private space with few contributors. So by looking at your audience, you might wanna select who can comment or cannot on your blog with available options. Did you find best comment option for your blog?

May 19, 2012

How to Add Contributors or Authors to Your Blog in Blogger

Tired of managing your blogs or seems you can't find enough time to publish fresh content on your blog? Sometimes you may find it difficult to publish posts as you were used to due to increase of workload or if you have to be away from your blog for some time. But if there are some more users willing to post on your blog, you might wanna give them a chance to publish content and keep your readers updated with brand new content. However else you may just seeking a way to add more authors and set up a blog as a team blog to contributed by set of contributors where only they can interact with the blog without exposing to public. Can you think of more reasons where you need to add more contributors on a blog?

May 18, 2012

Translate Your Blog into Different Languages with Google Translate in Blogger

What is your native language? It could be English, French, Sinhala (which is mine) or any other language you speak. When it comes to blogging, you can write your posts using a preferable language after deciding your audience. But if you are not good with languages, you have to write using a language you speak. Else as you address people around the world, mostly you may try to be fair and come up with an international language to be convenient with most of your readers. But with or without your knowledge, some people still doesn't go easy with it. Not every person good at every language. In such a scenario, would you mind make use of a translation service for your blog?

May 13, 2012

How to Configure Your Blog with Dynamic Views in Blogger

What kind of template are you using on your blog? It may be a official Blogger template or custom template. However most probably you are using a traditional template. Actually I call it traditional 'cause your blog structure goes with a header, body including sidebars and a footer with predefined template. Have you ever think about giving a fresh new look for your blog with a new template. Sort of techy process for you but changes are what we call motivation pills for your readers. You need a change sometimes so your template. Time to time you may try different widgets, styles and kind of design stuff on your blog. That's really good, I appreciate you. But did you ever try out Dynamic Views for your blog?

May 11, 2012

How to Enable Mobile Version of Your Blog in Blogger

How does a visitor read your content or view your blog? Mostly they will visit your blog through internet browser on their computer. Or some may have already subscribed to your blog updates via email or through your blog feed. And next one which would be most considerate is mobile. Do users view you blog via mobile devices? You can find it out via Statistics tab on Blogger Dashboard. Else you can make use of user tracking tools to find out how many of mobile users reading your blog frequently. Unlike desktop web browser, mobile devices got small screen to view your content. So you have to think about optimizing your blog for mobile users. Don't you think so?

May 9, 2012

How to Display Labels of Your Posts in Blogger

Did you categorize or label your posts? You should find a reason to categorize or label your posts. Else it won't help you and could be just a time consuming activity. Isn't it? Yeah, it could be the attitude hidden inside in your mind towards categorizing or labeling your posts. Absolutely, you don't need to categorize your posts for your visitors land on your posts via organic web search. It's a matter of Search Engine Optimization. But after landing on your posts, if readers interested in your content or topic you have written about, they will more prefer to seek out more similar content on your blog. Then, how would you offer a way to find similar content on your blog without letting them going through series of pages or using site search?

April 30, 2012

How to Customize Comment Label in Blogger

Sometimes you wanna customize your blog to be par with your expectations and requirements to improve productivity. Or just to enhance the design of your blog. Did you ever find that Blogger comment label is buggy or irritating? Oh... I must have told you before. Comment label is the text displays number of comments published in related to a particular post. Usually it appears on comment section just above comments made on a post. It's just show off the comment count. When it comes to designing or customizing your blog, you may find that there's no setting to customize comment label as you need. However you can customize this label at your template. But do you know how to customize it?

April 25, 2012

How to Add Google+ Share Button for Your Posts in Blogger

I do assume now you are much familiar with Google +1 button and it's functionality. But if you are not much into it, I'd like to elaborate. Using Google +1 button, you can recommend content on the web. We call them +1s or recommendations. The +1s made via Google +1 button acts as recommendations for your content and pages. Also those recommendations will be visible for users in Google search results too. Did you install Google +1 button for your posts in Blogger? If not you can implement +1 button by reading Add Google +1 Button for Blogger Posts. When someone clicks on a +1 button appears on your blog post, in addition to increment of recommendations, it prompts to share your post on Google+ too. But what if someone just need to share your post on Google+ without recommending it?

April 21, 2012

How to Label or Categorize Your Posts in Blogger

Are you new to blogging? May be you may have never heard of labeling or categorizing posts, but I know you already have the idea of categorization. Simply, if you get a movie as an example, you can see that it has been categorized under Action, Drama, Sci-Fi or such categories. The use of categories is productive when an user needs to find related movies. For example, if he interested in Horror movies, he would like to go through Horror category and find interesting movies that matches to his tastes. As like that, when you are writing posts or publish media on your blog, visitors would like to go through related and interested categories instead of going through each and every posts. Obviously, everyone doesn't like each of your posts. But they might prefer posts written about specific subject. That's why categorization plays a major role on your blog and need to think about. So would you like to categorize or label your posts too?