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March 6, 2012

Easily Enable Authorship Information for Your Content on Google Search Results

Authorship markup is no longer supported in Google Search.

We almost know Google has been enhancing the search experience and start to show author information along with the search results to attribute the content authors / publishers. You got to know what Google Authorship is all about in that blog post. The authorship markup is very easy to implement, but yet it may tremble some users as it involves with editing the template or theme files. I know, some users don't wanna touch any technical details at all. Are you one of them?

March 5, 2012

How to Redirect Your Feed to Google FeedBurner

Most of blogs and websites are publish a feed of their content automatically. Even many other services such as photo-hosting services offer feed of their own too. The feed is a way to distribute your content beyond your visitors and others will allows to subscribe to your updates via news readers or any other possible way. However your default feed alone is just allows users to subscribe to your updates. But would you like to manage your feed in a more efficient way and make it more fruitful?

February 28, 2012

Add Google+ Profile Badge to Your Website

I hope now you are almost familiar with Google+ platform and it's features. It still growing and implement more new features in their social platform. Lately Google+ offered new features for users such as business pages, page badges and direct connect for pages. But Google+ were unable to offer social plugins for personal profiles and hence there was a high demand for 3rd party plugins among Google+ users. However at last, now Google+ offers a badge to represent personal profiles. So would you like to let other people to circle you without leaving your website?

February 21, 2012

How to Block Your Website from Pinning on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? It's an innovative social platform to discover or organize interesting stuff found online and to share with other people. And it becomes more and more popular with aggressive user engagement since it has been open for people via invitations. You can find a brief introduction about Pinterest here in Add Pinterest Pin It Button for Your Blogger Posts post. Pinterest is all about sharing and managing interesting stuff found online. You can promote your content if you need. But mostly it works for having interesting pins. Either you can pin interesting images or videos found online or upload content right from your computer. But still some publishers may see some sort of a copyright violation over there as Pinterest enables ease of access to copyrighted materials that are being pinned from their websites by other users. So Pinterest offered publishers a way to opt-out their websites from being pinned on Pinterest. Do you wanna opt-out from being pinned?

February 17, 2012

How to Display a Map on Your Website with Google Maps

Why do you need maps? Most probably you use maps to get directions to somewhere or find a location. But why do you need to use maps on your website? If you are representing a business or offering services via website, your customers or people who are interested in your business may much prefer to find out where is your company or organization located. However you can just display official address or mention location on your website. Does it make sense? Hmm... for some extent. But sometimes your address could be doubtful for some people. So you can overcome this by displaying a map with directions for someone who wanna come over to your company or organization. Else you may wanna use maps to interpret a location for your audience. However there could be lot of usages beyond what I could think of right now. I ll leave it to you. Would you like to embed a map on your blog or website too?

February 2, 2012

How to Add Pinterest Follow Button to Your Website

Pinterest is not a new social network for you anymore. For most people it was an unknown platform, until Pinterest craze begins. Nowadays it's an emerging social network on the web. Pinterest is a place where you can share and manage online images and videos find on the web with your friends and interested people. So if you have created a Pinterest account for you or for your brand, you need to spread the word about it. You can circulate message about your new Pinterest account on other social platforms, so your friends and followers will catch up you there. Also you can invite them via your blog or website too. Would you like to let your site visitors know about your Pinterest account?

January 27, 2012

How to Embed a Tweet on Your Website

How do you use Twitter to promote your content or interesting tweets? You can share your interesting stories online via Twitter. Further you can display your Twitter activity on your own website using Twitter widget too. But there may be some occasions you may wanna embed a single tweet or @reply on your site or post, just to promote or help your readers to find it interesting.

January 25, 2012

How to Display Author Information in Google Search Results

Authorship markup is no longer supported in Google Search.

Google has been working on improving the user experience and productivity for their Google Search users. As they still dominate the Web Search, it's compulsory to stay competitive and embrace more users. Anyway, now Google integrating their social platform with their products / services and Google Search has gone to a whole new level with this integration. If I cut to the chase, Google Authorship is here.

December 23, 2011

Add Snow Falling Effect to Your Website

There are few festive times per year that we really wanna engage with. But it may depend on your culture. However if I remind you about December month, you will start to imagine Santa and gifts all around you with a snowy background. That's how our imagination works. You don't wanna be a catholic to find the year end as a festive season. All people get together in this season and celebrate it with their friends and family members. So most of you may decorate and do some colorful changes to your home place. What about your blog or website? Why don't you think about adding some new look or effect to your website in the festive season or when the Winter season knocks your door?

November 24, 2011

How to Create a Facebook Application for Your Site

Nowadays Facebook is a renowned social media platform with unique set of features evolving on the Web. Facebook has given the opportunity to use their native functionality to improve user experience on websites and blogs. As it has more simplified, convenient and personalized social experience, more and more users started to integrate Facebook social platform in to their websites. Basically Facebook offers social plugins to use with their sites to embed social features on their sites. But if wish to integrate Facebook platform more deeper into your site, then you need to create a Facebook application for your site. Oops... But do you know how to create an application for your site?

November 10, 2011

Add Google+ Page Badge to Your Website

Recently we have had a article about how to enable Google+ Direct Connect for your pages by linking your Google+ page to your site. Google proclaimed you need to link your site to your Google+ page to eligible for Google+ Direct Connect which simply means searching your business or brand page via Google search. Google offered you two alternatives in linking pages, either manually or adding a badge to your site. However you have learnt how to link your site manually. And now Google has been introduced you a self-called Google+ page badge to increase user engagement and to grow more audience on Google+ platform. You might have Facebook Like Box, Twitter Follow button already on your blog. In addition as an alternative, still you may using 3rd party Google+ widget on your website. But did you implement official Google+ badge on your blog or website?

October 29, 2011

Add Twitter Follow Button to Your Website

You may have engaged in many social networks to reach more users to stay connected and share interesting updates. Are you managing a blog or website? As you engage in social media and willing reach more users, promoting your content on social media is another way to gain more exposure to your content. Your readers will be much preferable to receive updates on social networks they are on and it helps them to stay connected with your site. When we talk about social media, Twitter is a popular social network and a place where users follow interesting fellows to receive updates. So if you have Twitter profile where you share updates, you can add link back to your Twitter profile on your site. So readers can view your profile and follow you after navigating to your profile. But isn't it nice if you can let interested users to follow you on Twitter without leaving your blog or website?

October 3, 2011

Review Online Ranking for Your Site via Instant Website Report

It doesn't matter you are managing a blog or website. You would be like to offer quality and unique content for your readers. One factor to assess your site progress is analyzing your site traffic data. And yeah, you may use web analytics services to see rich insights of your site traffic and marketing effectiveness. However you would be more prefer to optimize your site and ranking on the web for more readers to reach your site easily. As you care about the progress of your site, you may follow SEO and marketing tips to optimize your site. But yeah, you would be more delightful if you can assess your online ranking or standing of your site. So what if you can review your site ranking and find areas still need to be improved?

September 28, 2011

Add Facebook Recommendations Box to Your Website

Did you integrate Facebook plugins on your blog or website? The truth is nowadays Facebook social platform is integrated with our lives. Everyone knows Facebook. Most of us had no idea about social media before this milestone in 2004 - Birth of Facebook. But now it's the place where we used to meet our friends and family to share everything in digitized format.

September 17, 2011

How to Implement Facebook JavaScript SDK on Your Website

Have you ever heard of Facebook JavaScript SDK? If you have been trying out Facebook social plugins on your blog / website, then I'm sure you are familir with that term. Facebook plugins need to communicate with Facebook servers whenever they populate information and deal with user interactions. Due to this phenomenon, Facebook uses JavaScript functionality for their plugins. But JavaScript SDK provides many features like ensuring appropriate plugin being rendered on your site, authenticating users, sharing and more.

How to Personalize Your Pages using Open Graph Protocol

The Open Graph protocol enables developers to integrate their web pages in social graph. It is created by Facebook for publishers to fetch structured information into your pages and then it can represent more information about the object itself. Further, it conveys more specific details to search engines about your web pages too. Do I sound like Mr. Technical?

September 6, 2011

How to Add Facebook Like Box to Your Website

You would be prefer to engage with social networks and broadcast your blog or website updates for your fans and follower to keep them up-to-date with your latest content. There are different kind of social channels you can think of nowadays. If we narrow down to Facebook, usually bloggers and webmasters create a Facebook fan page to send new updates of their site content and to engage with fans. The visitors can easily subscribe for new updates by just liking the Facebook page. But for that purpose, you have to redirect your blog or website visitors to your Facebook page. What if you can let your visitors easily subscribe or like your Facebook page while they are on your site?

August 29, 2011

How to Embed a YouTube Video or Playlist on Your Site

Have you thought of strategies to keep your readers engaged with your content? You could have been using attention grabbing images / photos, slideshows, audio or video content. Talking about videos, they can definitely help increase the engagement and time they spend on your site too.

How to Embed Flash Content on Your Website

You would be more prefer on adding more colors to your blog or website. Designing your site to attract more users and feel them comfortable when surfing through your site could add more plus points to your site. So you may prefer on adding flash content such as banners for your site header, flash based games or any other useful and interactive flash content including advertisements. Though you have flash files or content, still you may ignorant in embedding flash content efficiently on your site. So let's find out how to embed them on your site efficiently.

July 18, 2011

How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Search engines are always helping out blogs and websites to direct people if they are interested in content published. Being indexed by search engines matters that way as it will be another traffic source for your blog or website. However to be indexed, search engine bots or crawlers need wants to know your site is live and updating.